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    Attached to this post is a free copy of the Aerosoft Flight Calculator. It is an ideal small tool to help you navigate your route and perform all the calculations a pilot of a small aircraft will have to do. It is based on the Jeppesen flight calculator that has been used by tens of thousand of pilots. It is NOT freeware and you are NOT allowed to share this with any other person. It is a gift from Aerosoft to the registered users of this forum. TIME / SPEED / DISTANCE Calculate Speed Calculate Distance Calculate Time Enroute Calculate Fuel Endurance Calculate Fuel Flow Calculate Fuel Needed ALTITUDE / AISRPEED Calculate Calibrated Airspeed Calculate True Airspeed Calculate Density Altitude Calculate Mach WIND Calculate Wind Direction, Wind Speed Calculate Ground Speed and Heading Calculate Wind Correction, Cross Wind Component, Tail Wind Component Calculate Runway Crosswind Calculate Magnetic Variation WEIGHT & BALANCE Calculate Center of Gravity Calculate Weight Shift Calculate Percentage Mean Cord CONVERSIONS TIMER, STOPWATCH Volume: LTR, GAL, IPG Weight: KG, LB Weather: °C, °F, MB, HP, IHG, MHG Distance: MTR, YRD, KM, FT, IN, NM, SM Local time / GMT time shown Calculate time enroute Calculate departure time Calculate arrival time Count up timer Count down timer Runway / Descent Landing Runway Length Needed Takeoff Runway Length Needed Tailwind Landing Runway Descent Profile Descent Rate Begin Descent Point Connection with FS Aerosoft Flight Calculator can be linked to FS to retrieve data that you would otherwise have to enter manually. Doing it automatically saves you time and ensures the data is accurate. To connect to FS FSUIPC is used, this means that the Flight Calculator can be run on a separate computer if WideFS is used. A license for FSUIPC is included in the product so you will not have to buy a separate license for FSUIPC. Please note that FSUIPC is NOT installed with this product. We choose to do so as most users will already have it installed. Features: Stand alone application, NOT a gauge to be installed in aircrafts (this also holds the limitation that the calculator can not be started from within FS and on most systems will not run on top of a full screen (FSX / FS2004). Works with all aircraft, from ultralights to Airliners. Eight memory locations, stored between sessions. Gets all data from FS via FSUIPC, saving you entering the data manually. Extreme low system requirements. Skinnable (6 skins provided). Runs on top of FS in semi transparent mode. CalculatorTutorial.pdf Flight Calculator_201.zip
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    Dear forum user, 2011 was a good year for Aerosoft. We think, no let me correct that, we KNOW, this is because of the customers we got. You see, we never try to sell one product; we try to get a customer who likes us and wants to buy more than one product. And to do so we got to sell good products for a good price and above all support them as good as possible. We also need to communicate with customers and our forums are a very important medium for that. Our forums have grown fast, right now we have around 1,5 million page views every month. They are lively, friendly and informative. And that’s because of the people who participate. As a way of thanking them we will offer all registered users a free copy of the Aerosoft Flight Calculator. Every pilot knows that flying means doing a lot of calculations, wind angles, ground speed etc. And most pilots will use a special calculator for that. The Aerosoft Flight Calculator is a detailed simulator of such a device. It will connect to FS (FS2004 and FSX) to make it easier to input the required information. It’s a true gift, no strings attached. Just a way to show we appreciate the people who make our forum what it is. We wish you a superb 2012. Liebe Forum-User, 2011 war ein sehr positives Jahr für Aerosoft. Wir denken - nein lasst es mich so sagen - wir wissen dies ist nur durch euch möglich. Wir versuchen nicht unsere Produkte zu verkaufen, wir möchten eine Bindung zu unseren Kunden aufbauen um Sie in Ihrem Hobby zu unterstützen. Diese Strategie erlaubt es uns unsere Produkte an euch zu einem fairen Preis und ausgezeichneten Support weiterzugeben. Auch ist es für uns wichtig mit unseren Kunden in Kontakt zu bleiben, hierfür nutzen wir unter anderem unser Forum, unsere Support Hotline und auch den direkten Kontakt auf Messen und in unserem Shop. In letzter Zeit können wir ein großes Interesse an unserem Forum feststellen, derzeit haben wir über 1,5 Millionen „Page views“ im Monat, auch hierfür danken wir euch. Natürlich sind unsere Dankenden Worte nicht alles, wir möchten uns bedanken indem wir jedem Mitglied des Forums die Vollversion von „Flight Calculator“ bereitstellen. Jeder Pilot weiß, dass vor dem Start viele Dinge erledigt werden müssen, so auch Berechnungen. Genau hierbei hilft der „Flight Calculator“, dieser wird mit dem FS2004 oder FSX verbunden und hilft bei wichtigen Berechnungen in allen Flugphasen. Hiermit möchten wir, das Team von Aerosoft uns noch einmal bedanken und wir wünschen Ihnen ein gutes neues Jahr 2012
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    Because the previous topic was merged with something else I open a new one with two new images. To be clear about a few issues: Release is expected in 2016 (but hey, shit happens) We start with the A333 with RR engines but we might expand, nothing decided yet though, a full coverage of all possible models is not our goal As with the current busses we focus on the task of the pilots as this allows us to make an realistic product for a reasonable price. We do not include anything that does not occur at least once every 5000 hours of flight As with the current busses we will try to include many features that are normally only added with other add-ons And yes it will have wingflex.
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    Hi! After switching from the VC modeling work (addition of functionalities brings me from time to time back there) to the external model again, there is something fresh to show. Engine and slat modeling is completed now and the rest of the wing follows, mostly interior details.
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    Small friday update: Work on the galley detailing advances nicely. Galley1 almost complete (Still needs trolleys and casing of the kitches painted). Other galleys follow detailing...
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    BBS posted yesterday on Facebook that we have only shown renders of our Virtual Cockpit so far. That, of course, is simply not true, we have show the first in game shots many many months ago, we even shown images from inflight. They did so as response to a comment that their VC might even look better than ours. Perhaps it is, perhaps not. We'll gladly leave that decision to the viewer. But let me show some highlights from our product. It's all work in progress and please note that I use rather low color P3D settings (if you got it on your screen for 12 hours a day you tend to avoid it popping, lol). But in any case, to set the record straight, we are far beyond the stage were can only show renders. Do watch these in full size if your monitor can handle it.
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    Don't look for mistakes (there are plenty) but here are some shots of the thousands of test flights that are needed. You see the bus is in the air at this moment.
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    To keep it politically correct, it is simply a definition that planes are gramatically female. Planes have one advantage over woman though: If you do something wrong a plane will kill you quickly. A woman will take her time.
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    Weekly modeling update: Wings have now been modeled and they are so ready for animation tests with WINGFLEX added. The visible interior of the wing also is very near the original thing featuring the spoiler mounts and also the flap drive axis (the long pipeline like stuff and the bottom of the trailing edge opening). This transports the mechanical force from the root drive in the belly of the aircraft to the single flap beams, where a special geardrive then adapts the power. How you can see that is a rather large piece of aviation hardware. Will be surely also a nice thing to walk around it with the Avator in Prepar3D later!
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    Another test flight finished. This time I made a short hop from EDDF to EDDM to test the new step climb feature and holding entries that the A330 will have. Be aware that this is early alpha and there is still room for improvement.
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    Small friday update: Gearbay have now been integrated into the fuselage with a basic coloring, details come later. Next task is to create the final cargo hold geometry...
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    Small friday update: FlapTrack Fairings are now completed too. Details on the trailing wing edge + spoiler details have been also added. Last part in that section are the hydraulic pipelines for the spoiler system. Then the closing touch will be the rivets/screws on the trail edge top access panel. Last thing to do then is here the slatsystem in detail, which will follow hopefully next week.
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    To save you all from depression, here is the friday update: Work this week was busied with detailing that nose landing gear with labels, screws etc...tubulars section details like servicing panels, drainage holes, labels, antenna details and the rims for nose and maingear. The work now moves to the tailsection of the plane including the stabilizers, which is again a lot of detail to create! Even the horizontal stabilizers fairing to the fuselage skin is half and artwork on the A330, as at the A320 it was a flat plan coverage. But that is for the coming week... ;-)
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    Small friday update: After a small sidestep task, work continues well on the A330 texturing preparations. Thats really another caliber than to texture a smaller airliner. But most stuff has been done and hopefully the painting fun can start mid to end of next week to bring out the final looks. But i wont let you go without an image today: It was very hot in my office the last weeks, maybe that inspired me to the combination of those themes and colors...
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    Time for a friday update: Texturing on the tube section progresses (please not complain about missing parts; there are indeed some yet still...)
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    Some friday update: Exterior painting continues. For the quick hit here directly pictures from the 3dsoftware. Latest "finish" was the engine. Any feature of the real engine should be there too on the virtual representation. Of course it gets later a dirt pass and the metal surfaces more metal look, but thats different work passes. Next stop will be the pylon, that carries the engine....
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    Last bits of the VC inserted, the shades (we decided not to do the side shades as they are the roll up kind and would affect memory and FPS a lot). Stefen is extremely careful of FPS in this project. Even though this VC is state of the art, it uses 25% less polygons than any of the top end aircraft on sale right now.
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    As Mathijs already stated the AS A330 is in early alpha. I just did my first testflight from EDDM with it and I really like it sofar. The VC has a lot of 2048 textures now and all the text on the panels is so much sharper than with the AS A320Fam. The displays are also hires but Mathijs just told me that they will get an even higher resolution soon. Here are 3 quick shots from the cockpit flying the BIBAG1S SID: Do note this is early alpha.
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    Time for a small friday update: Work resides now on the detailing of the lower wing sections. Current focus is on the flap track fairings; the innermost got already some detail. Any rivet or drain hole also exists on the real plane. The wing was photographed meter for meter to cover any feature. Number and place of the details represents the real thing.
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    Time for a small update! This weeks work focused on the mid to rear section. Numerous panels had to be implanted, drain openings, radar altimeters... ; also the bulk cargo door (the smaller one behind the aft cargo door) will be openable. One single stabilizer already got the wingspan of an C172! Also the flexible horizontal stabilizer fuselage fairing was modeled after the real thing. Next week´s focus sits on APU section details and the large vertical tail. The first three images are taken from within FSX, the fourth image shows the pure 3d software look outside of the sim...
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    Ah! It is also friday....so here is our current development shot...we got airborne! But how you can see still A LOT to do on the bird.
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    Yes. But that's nothing more than a target. In an ideal world we'll end up with a suitable product early December that we can perfect to a release condition before the end of the year. In a more realistic world we have to deal with other things though. For example we 'lost' a full week because we needed to adapt the A320 to be able to sell via Dovetails on Steam. The fact it needs to run from the DLC folder caused issues that needed to be solved. We also had to make a few special versions for professional use. Next to these things we also decided to redo things that were not planned originally. For example advanced functions in the FMC like Constant Mach segments, Time Markers etc. but also redo the PFD in more modern code and higher resolution. All in all, and in all honesty, I hardly think about dates. My goal is to get to a solid product, sellable at a sub $50 price that is better than any other A330 (okay, that's not too hard, lol). If that is 2016, great, if it is 2017, fine. We got to look at the big picture. This is the new code base for all our Airbusses, something that we intend to use for many many years. We always looked at this as a long term project where we make new versions and only charge for the new code (that's why we offer fine update prices) that will work on all sims for one price and without limitations on how often you install or how many times you download. You know, like things used to be in 2014, lol. Aerosoft does not need to cash in to keep running. we have been doing this for 25 years (we just had our massive party). The A330 project is a big one for Aerosoft for sure, but it is just one of the 20+ projects we got running. That means I am in the luxury position to make choices based on code and not on economics. That also means I can say 2016 would be perfect but 2017 will be fine! What I do promise is to keep you informed.
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    Time for a small update: Tail detailes beside wear and tear have been finalized now for the A333. Note that the rudder construction is not perfectly symmetrical by basic design, as there is a different maint access opening on the left of the rudder hinge. On checking many images i also could witness how different the A330-200s vertical tail construction is. Like on the A318 it was heigthened and deepened to encounter the different aerodynamical situation that comes with the shortened total length of the aircraft. Work now moves to the last large exterior: The wings. The slats are rather detailed by rivets and inward structures, but that will be displayed. Of course such a huge thing is not completed within 5 work days (also there has to be done research for every meter to put the panels, weldlines and rivets on the right places), but i will keep you all informed on how things go. For now enjoy this weeks images; even the rivet works should be rather near the real thing on the APU and vertical tail section. On Dudley´s post: There will be a detailed paintkit manual and of course people can reach me via the messaging function in this forum!
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    Time for a little friday update! You have already seen some images from a sidepath i had to take this week (coffeepot, napkins, cellphone etc...). Those geometry/textures are encapsulated. If you dont want them to show, you loose no system performance/texture memory. And for those who want to see them: They are very optimized. As i told last week the slat arms were finally to make and they are finished new. Examine the little rasterlike track on the back arc of the arms: There the slat geardrive buries in its teeths, to get grip pulling and pushing on the arms. Over a system of cylindrical rolls on each arms base, the whole thing is kept in balance during movement. Left to work on is only some riveting for the stringers/flaps. The stringers are the connections between the main ribs of the wing. They are thin bands of metal below the outer surface, which keep the structure of the wing body stable, while at the same moment being flexible for up- and downward flex. However the flex on the A330 wing is gradual. The most you will see starting at the end of the spoiler section to the wingtip; logically at the thinnest parts without special enforced sections. Still doing the stringer rivets now (which cover the most part of the lower wing center between the main spars). Next week cleanup of the wing texture pages and again some pictures from within the sim. Was simply faster to shoot the images from within the 3dsoftware (but that creates some blurries when you look at narrow angles at the geometry - that is for fast drawing during work on that piece; dont worry - it will be still sharp when we see it in the sim itself).
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    Ok! Two related shots from the other side this time. Fuselage is currently waiting for the exterior version of the cockpit, which i am currently on.
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    My fellow pilots, Time to state something here. I am about and will proceed to finalize Innsbruck somewhere in autumn this year. We are trying to deliver a high-performing scenery with an adequate coverage of the sourroundings which perfectly fits to the upcoming ATPX (photoreal) scenery issued by "flugwerk-design". I saw the two products and at least one them is impressing. But as stated in other posts: the market is free and I as a developer have to accept from time to time that the business has it's own rules. So I do not blame anybody for anything from a pure fact-based point of view. It is another story that the current design-industry is changing since a couple of years and that 'old-fashined' approaches for design come under pressure (saying this I mean that developers who are working more or less 'for fun' in parallel to their main-job increasingly are getting into troubles). When I did LOWK and LOWS in the FS2004 times and then LOWI for FSX I did it because I loved it. Personally speaking this is my main motivation. And I see no reason to change this approach to scenery design. Time is too precious and life is too short to waist these resources by fighting and moaning.
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    And here we go with the updates for this week Dudley! You did saw some post from Mathijs already of the "paperwork" which was to do for the throttle levers. Beside the wings are finished now (sigh) and the focus moved over to the thrust reverser section on the engines. It´s progressed rather far already, only the details on the outer sides of the doors have to be added next week. There is some more complex paneling located. After that work will focus on the maingearbays. Two pictures come from FSX, the rest (for my convinience) directly from within the 3dsoftware.
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    Time for a small update again: This works week concentrated on the detailing of slats and its direct surroundings. Only the connection arms of the outer slat and de-icing scopes need still work, which is just yet happen after the post is sent. So the clean works on the wing are nearing its end (diryting comes how already told later) and the work moves then forward to the "interiors" of the external model: First thing is the reverser section which is a much smaller place luckyly and then the main gearbay in all its glory. After that only the cargo holds and galleys are left to do...
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    Time for a little friday update on the visuals: Primary detail is now on the fuselage; next sweep will go into the smaller stuff and finalize on the tail stabilizers. After that the wings are left on the exterior model + dirtying up the whole stuff so it looks more lifelike ( and yes, not too much, not too less) This time an alternate livery; the windowlayout also fits 1:1 the original B-LAB....
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    Some actual development shots for this friday afternoon...(think on the fact is still WIP)
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    Time for the friday update! This week was focused on creating the geometry for the cargo hold and the corresponding door interiors. Also all the guides and clamps for the containers you can witness on the entries. Also all three doors are available, including the bulk cargo section. Texturing has to wait again here like with the gearbay, as primarily now all the final geometry has to be done. The last large part will be the galleys and pax doors, which have been already started today. Once this is in place, all the final painting begins...
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    Time for a small update out of the regular intervalls! Today we have thursday not friday, but from tomorrow on i say goodbye and go onto my holiday vacation. No, we not have more holidays than average here starting so early into XMAS, but i moved my days at the end of the year. Summer is also nice at home, why then move many ours into more hot sun even? To the pictures: How stated the wing detailing started. As the wise artist fixes at first the rough scheme, little things like rivets and lines/rubber seals on the fairing is still to do. Also the spoiler not got his fully detail yet. Enjoy the pictures and happy XMAS / good new year...
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    Time for a small update: Pylons for the Trent700 are now also fabricated, after a short sidestep to N1 Fan stages its time for the long tubular section!
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    This week was for night lighting. Stefan kept it rather dark, I really like that, but as always it depends a LOT on your monitor and viewing conditions. In the end we need to test and tweak always.
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    Friday evening update: This weeks work was mainly done on the aft cabin details. Some is still to do one the seats, side windows (dirts, scratches etc...) + ceiling (the large vertical cover)..and yes: The sidewindows can be opened like in the real thing. Here you get some visual impressions...
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    Somebody on Facebook asked me if all the MCDU will now be separate. Yes they will, we'll use the third MCDU for the 'non-realistic stuff' like loading, connected flight deck, automated checklists, doors/hatches, sound scape, viewing setting etc etc. Interesting also is that we are now serious considering adding a Electronic Flight Bag for charts etc. Can't say anything more on that at this moment though. But as before we intend to deliver a very complete product.
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    For your information.... serious beta testing will start on Monday as all major work has been completed. From now on it's tweaking, additional software, manuals etc. Does not mean release is imminent but it does mean there is light at the end of a very long tunnel!
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    Time for a small update: The wing top surfaces was covered with details this week, from wingtip to wingroot several thousands of them... Current place of work is the wing leading edge and after that the slats, which will be shown next week.
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    Time for a friday update! The wings have been prepared for texturing and the skinning for the wingflex effects has been added. Works continue now to the pylons, engines and belly section which are finalized and added to the realtime model into fsx. Versus the A320 the A330 is truly a giant.
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    A quick overview of what we are planning at this moment. Now I will mention dates, but they should be read in the loosest possible way. October 16: Airbus A318/A319 Service Pack 1 (1.10) AVAILABLE NOW That will combine all the hotfixes, some more changes and additions we are now testing. This will also include options to disable the tiller for people who do not have Throttle 3 channel free and options to reduce the WX scanning demands. Mainly it is intended to get everybody back on the same platform. October 23: Delivery of A318/A319 SP1 for boxed distribution (Airbus A318/A319 1.1?) We'll need a few days to make sure there are no horrible new bugs and then we'll start pressing thousands of DVD's October 30: Airbus A320/A321 release (1.00) November: Airbus A318/A319 Service Pack 2 (1.20); Airbus A320/A321 Service Pack 1 (1.10) We expect that this will close the 'active' development of the projects, meaning that no new features will be added. When needed we'll do a SP2 for the A320/A321. Beginning of November I will also slow down the complete team as they have been working way too much. We'll also have to attend the Lelystad show etc. What is still in store: A fantastic new sound set for all models/engine types from Turbine Sound Studio's. This soundset is aimed at realism so none of the sounds you 'expect' but are not heard in real life will not be there. Call it 'hardcore' if you want. This set will be available (free of charge of course) for all users. Goodies like st. Elmos fire (it'll blow your mind when you see it the first time). Should arrive also in November, December 16: Delivery of A321/A321 SP1 for boxed distribution (Airbus A320/A321 1.1?) 2015: A330 (and the DHC2 Beaver Extended)
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    Friday update: Basic painting of the belly is now finished (dirt comes later). I now learned that the belly panels are held by over 5.500 screws alone in this section ;-) Next stop is the landing gears....
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    As the A330 is ongoing, we will do a last SP before the A330 release. This SP aims to bring the A32X/A31X series to the same base code that the A330 will use. However, do not expect anything "game changing" like CFD from SP3. SP4 is mainly about stability and minor bug fixes. The current list of fixes: - A new FBW and AP system to allow for future expansion into more advanced vertical and lateral navigation items. - Fixed ECAM stuck on F/CTL page even during engine start. - Fixed negative engine readings. - Various small fixes to COND/PRESS/BLEED. - Small fixes/changes to FMGS (FUEL PRED/CO RTE/PERF)
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    Time for a small firday update: ThrustReverser Section is now done and work is moving over to the maingearbay.
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    Lol, I never had so many negative votes on a post on this forum! Must mean our small April fools joke had an impact. To be clear, we'll release for FSX SP2, P3D V2, and FSX:SE at the same time and at the same price. One installer, you can install in all three sims. Now tell me you like the updated look of the night cockpit!
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    Time for a small update: The fuselage also needs an inner life (Who wants to look at screenshots with holes in the aircraft?) which you can witness in this case with the cockpit. The visual data from the virtual cockpit was transported to a very optimized variant for the external model incl. day and night lighting. Even members of the virtual crew had their first date to test the seats! PS: The sidewindows of course open too, when you activate them from within the hires pit
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    Small Update: Main landing gear has been prepared for texturing adding some detail for the hydraulic hoses. Those are introduced when we finally tweaked our boogie code. FSX not supports double axes by default, so we have to write our own code for this behaviour.
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    Time for a friday update. Work is now transitioning into the texture painting sector. Still some little stuff to add like pitots, sensors and the outflow valve panels (so please not complain about such findings); such works happen parallely to painting...
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    This thread will show for the next weeks the steps for the actual development of AES. This are only the first parts done now, which are need as base for future additational features. I could not say, when it will be released, so you don't need to add such questions. The planning is to have AES all time in a functional state, not redesign the complete code in one time, which need several month or years to come to a stayable state. All you see here is already in the daily testing, but not ready for release yet. 1. Step: Enhancement and redesign of the configuration tool AESConfig For the most of the new features on the wishlist we need more available parameters of the aircraft to get them integrated. So I had first to redesign the AESConfig Tool to get this parameter included and to be prepared for more. AESConfig is still a separat running tool, but gets a new Look and Feel, here you see the startmenu: The points for Timer and Settings could be done without a running FS beside. The Timersetting lets it now easier to configure the timeframe for the random Service interval, but it is also planned to have an autometic procress in future, based on Aircraft, passenger count and Cargo load. Below the point Settings the main configuration for some of the AES parts can be done. So it is now also possible to disable the wet/snow Runway overlay and the Runway Centerlight sounds, if you don't like it. For the sound and aircraft setting, the FS must run first, but now AESConfig will place a overlay Menu into the screen of the running FS in Windowmode (Fullscreen is still not possible). The FS will be the Window with the focus, so while the settings are done, sounds of the FS are still active and you can adjust the sounds very easy by runing a Demo of each type of sounds, while you set the volume for the inside Cockpit and Outside view. The primary new part is the Aircraft setting menu. Here you first get the overview window, where you can see the configurable services and doors. As you see on the screen, the left and right doors are now configurable seperat, so that also non symetric aircraft can be set correctly: When a Door or Service is selected, a controll window opens in the top left corner of the screen. Here you can controll the position, height und angle of the service. Beside the old symboles for the doors, now you can also toggle between the models just for this service, like Stairs, Jetways or Vehicles. That makes it easier to adjust the service to the correct position. For each service, you can also select options, which give more flexibility to select the service. So it will be possible to remove the stair on apron, but keep the jetway if available. Also the type of the used pushback trucks can be selected now. The fuel and Water truck can get his correct position too. One new implemented useful setting is the Rampagent position after pushback for left and right side, so that you can place im in the view of the cockpit, so you don't need to move the viewpoint anymore: So, that was it for today, will be continued from time to time, when the next step's are done. Once again the note: The development is ongoing, no need to ask for release dates, I don't know them yet.
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    Hi jay4412! Your approach bases on a static mindset arriving a dynamic problem. Matter in itself has no color. It is the interaction with the incoming light. In detail with the so called PHOTONS. In case of our planet they are emitted by the sun as the result of the fusion process that happens over there. When two hydgren atoms melt together inside the sun, they form a new atom, called Helium. But a little percentage in this process (the H2´s binding energy) is not anymore needed and so emitted outward in form of electro-magnetic radiation. A part of that energy is visible light, which is almost white in color. After leaving the surface of the sun it travels around 8,5 Minutes to reach planet earth, our home. When the photons then enter our gaseous atmosphere some of them interact with the molecules of air, build mainly from Nitrogen and Hydrogen. The molecules are able to scatter light because the electromagnetic field of the light waves induces electric dipole moments in the molecules. When you stand at a clear midday in the shades and hold a piece of "white" paper in front of you, it will appear blue because of this scattering. So all things get a slight tint of BLUE. To make it even more complicated, photographic media cannot project absolute correct colores and must be calibrated to a certain base to display colors as a common mean. So from the same subject you will find endless variants of colors if you enter it in google. Try for example "CRJ Cockpit". You will get plenties of blueish of more yellowish ones, all not correctly calibrated. So to prove empiric that we are empiric wrong with the colouring of our cockpit you should deliver empiric facts. I could also select this image link here to underline my work fashion standpoint: But that also displays, if correctly color corrected, only the correct situation in facing the sun and the moment at the time of day it was recorded. Do that in the afternoon and it will have more yellows in it. Do that with the aircraft facing north and getting only ambient light by the sky and it will have much more blue in it. Also the flight simulator has currently still a suboptimal ambient distribution over the day. While it is really good in the morning and afternoon, it is much too dark around midday and even more when you near the equatorial region. So we must make the compromise to make it not too dark during the day. Compare it some addons which are even much brighter and begin to lack on contrast and so stark to look rather flat. You see it is just not that easy to judge, when not a large number of parameters is taken into consideration. And as a last thing: Never think you understand nature or humans fully at any time of your life. We are simple creatures who can merely make MODELS of reality, not understand it, to its last little pieces. Maybe our follow up evolutionary comrades, the machines, can do that at a distant future day...
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    Shots fired via Imgflip Meme Maker 20 dislikes comming in 3..2..1