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    Btw, we have now entered out Airbus projects into our administrative systems, here is the info. Aerosoft A320/A321, Edition 2018 Aerosoft A318/A319, Edition 2018 Aerosoft A318/A319 & A320/A321, Edition 2018 (bundle) Aerosoft A330, Edition 2018 These products will sell for 40 euro (plus EU VAT when applicable). Price for the bundle still need to be set. These products will install in FSX:SP2, FSX;STEAM, P3D V3 and P3D V4. No online activation, as many installs as you want in what ever sim you want. Updates from the current Airbusses will be 16 Euro (plus EU VAT when applicable). A note on that, as you know we never charge customers for files they already paid for, so if an update contains 50% new files, you only pay for those new files and get a 50% discount. In the case of the A320 series the new product actually contains more than 60% new files, yet we decided to charge much less. This is done because we value the customers who have been using these products for such a long time. Still need to figure out the update price for the bundle but expect it to be in line with the others. All these products will release this year, (CRJ first) where the A330 follows on the A320 series. we expect these all to be released shortly after each other. Please keep in mind that these are NOT new installers to install the old product in the new sims to make them 'compatible'. They are all very much updated to the latest ideas and technologies.
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    We always have a progress meeting with the whole dev team on Tuesday afternoon and from this moment on I will report on that to let you know what the status of the project(s) is. Of course not all but there is always something to tell. For example, Stefan now spend serious time using his latest insight and techniques on optimizing the modeling and textures. It may sound strange but even a master like Stefan still learns every day and it always tempting to reopen older projects to optimize them. What was used in the A330 VC is now also implemented in the A320 series and we can compare framerates between the new and the old. We gained at least 30%, at least. Keep in mind this is for the model only, not code so even though we believe the code is also optimized (but there is more). But we still believe the new models will be remarkably easier on frame rates. In all sims, not only P3d V4. At the end of this week we should have basically all the new code running. That means that both the A320 and A330 will be flying in 32 and 64 bits using all our new modules. It's a big step because it means we can start to show it to our internal test team ((almost all pilots and engineers). Then the looooong process of perfecting, tweaking, fixing etc starts. As the MCDU has gotten such a major rewrite we decided to start on extensive MCDU manual, a bit task but we feel it will be time well spend. As explained earlier, Connected Flight Deck is completely rewritten because we wanted to make it a lot easier to use. No more firewall issues etc. if you can receive real time weather in your sim, this will work. It will also allow an observer seat, so you can jump in the cockpit of other people flying, in fact we can handle many observers. A cool feature as you will see the cockpit exactly as the crew sees it. You can look around, zoom in and out. No need for Twitch or YT that only feed you a video stream, you will be IN the cockpit. This technology is fully written with API so it can be licensed to other dev teams. For sure out Twin Otter and the CRJ are scheduled to be using it later. We still believe flying on your own is very unrealistic, it is a main element of all our plans.
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    Time for the friday update: During that week the overhead panel and small fuse panel was overhauled fully. New labels with the original font and higher resoluted textures were introduced. Below are two pictures with the pure raw textures, which need of course to be shaded for final use.
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    Time for the friday update: The VC is currently a whole construction side. Element for element pieces are now overworked and updated and are still valued and changed if need. SO PLEASE NO "BUG" REPORTS CURRENTLY, THE VC IS INCOMPLETE AT THIS STAGE. ALSO DETAILS MUST WAIT UNTIL THE LARGE AREAS ARE SATISFACTORY!!! Changed already is the windshield area, FCU units (high resolution), Mainpanel (higher resolution), Pedal housing and the storebin basic materials. There are even now details introduced like the removable flashlight and the loudspeaker system. Check how the leather changed to the old version. Current work is done on the overhead (in the images still the old variant!) to get more effictive on runtime and also the textures are updated to higher resolution. And FPS are still increasing on the 3d graphics side, due the fresh work...
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    Please do not see this as a sign of an imminent release but I was selecting images for the product page. It would be silly not to post some of them here. Fact is that the team will, again, be working the whole weekend to get this product released.
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    Small friday update: I know it was rather calm the last weeks when you awaited to see more updates on the A330 project. The reasons for this are rooted in the update tasks for the A318-A321 project. You know already from Mathijs that all is set now onto a modernized modular version of the software base, but also in the 3d department there are happening deep changes: The VC model was strongly overworked to give it a higher performance of around 30% compared to the older one. As Prepar3D V4 demands a special shadow model to cast the aircraft shadow silhuette to the ground, we had to introduce now also the wing and engine into the VC view. Ontop the average cockpit texture resolution was raised and adapted to the demand that the new HDR viewing modes bring with them. Would the textures stay at the same color and brightness levels, they would be much too bright and saturated looking up and down on the panels. I will try to get some images starting from next friday, showing you the new visual features in action. The overall schedule will not delay the A330 that much and what is done from the software side can also used (adaptivly) in large parts on the A330 later itself. So dont think of that current "sideslip" as a pure delay for the A330.
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    I say we ought to stop teasing Frank
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    I have never understood the term Study Level Aircraft. It actually assumes a very very deep level of simulation where things get incredibly complex very fast. So complex that you need a lot of hours in a accurate up to date sim to test all effects. Mix two problems and you need thousands of hours in a real sim to test if your simulations are correct. Do not expect pilots to assist because they simply would not know. Do not expect engineers to know because mixing two failures is so complex they do not know, they can only build the simulators as accurate as possible and look at real life data and see if it matches. Often it does not. The only aircraft I would consider coming close to being able to title is the PMDG 777. The 'deep' level of simulation there is bloody amazing and verified by many pilots. These days the developing of our simulated systems mimics the development of big sims a lot. We have to work with results to get to the same results while 'they' have the real code. But what a very serious developer of Boeing told me last year very much seems to be true for what we do. "If you invest $300.000 in getting the normal stuff done correct, you triple that to simulate a single source failure (we are up to close to a million now). After that you double it for any additional failure." He gave me one fine example. Most big sims simulate a bird being ingested by an engine. The sims simulate that speed of the turbine blades matters so they calculate for that. One pilot asked how much it would matter if that bird would fly into the engine in Hong Kong during a heavy downpour. Of is it would affect things if the outside temperature was -25 (again the right C kind) in Alaska, I believe the limit for most engines. Nobody knew, nobody would even dare to take a guess. Big companies do not call their sims 100% accurate. For good reasons. To think a $100 FSX add-on is a serious tool for high end training is simplifying things to such a degree it is unfair towards the pilots who train for years and years to be allowed to fly an airliner. Our Airbusses are used in schools a lot. In the US, China, France and other countries. They serve there fine, the schools and students seem to love them. The fact we have Connected Flight Deck is a seriously big deal for that. Training for a major failure series with a single person is just plain silly, that why there are two people on the flightdeck. one flies the aircraft while the other tries to solve the issue, doing both at the same time is as unrealistic as asking your dog to do it. A Study Level Aircraft that can only be used by one person works fine on the ground. The same product in the air with one engine out and all busses down might work as Study tool when you slow things down to 1/2 normal speed. Do not let marketing terms fool you. And if you really want to be stressed realistically, fly the PMDG 777 and trigger two unrelated failures. Then you know what a crew has to deal with. As you are not a highly trained crew, on top of their performance and without a beer in front of them, prepare to loose your aircraft. In a presentation for vatsim I shown it like this: And basically that is very true. We have come a long way in our hobby and the level of realism we have reached is staggering. But until you have paid for 1500 hours of very very serious (and very very expensive) education you are just as I am. A hobbyist who likes aircraft. To pretend otherwise is insulting to the people who actually fly these multimillion dollar machines with 150 passengers. And that concludes my Friday evening rant. Please note that I will not be around next week a lot, taking my yearly one week vacation. According to my wife that means I do not work after 15:00. She's probably right, she normally is.
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    Quick update to add to what Stefan wrote. We now have a good deal of the code running in 64 bits so that process is coming along nicely. Also the first good results from our new Connected Flight Deck system that does not use P2P but uses a server. That way there are no issues with firewalls etc. It should work really with one click. So all in all good progress this week. Keep in mind that for the 64 bit version of the A320 series we decided NOT to do a quick port of the current models but to implement all our new developments. From a completely rewritten electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, APU etc system to a massive enhancement of the MCDU /AP systems. Certainly the MCDU is absolute the best you will see on FSX/P3d simulations. This decision means we are not as fast as some other teams updating to 64 bits, something that was painful to decide. But it will pay of in the end.
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    Damn it, they're getting a real life! Do something about it Mathijs, some new screenshots or some cute cat videos to get 'em back to the computer!
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    Some random pics from my last flight:
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    That's actually what stopping us from releasing, the legal implications could be massive.
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    I think 'solid' is the best word for it. Just today I collected 12 video's (a few YT but most from our own advisory pilots) for the APU startup and compared to them to code. The main advantage of our 'own' video's is that we know about the temperature, pressure etc. All variables that affect the performance and startup timing. At high temperature and low air pressure (say an airport at altitude in high summer) I found a very modest difference between the model and what we saw on video. These things will most likely never be seen by any customer. Real pilots also most likely won't notice it because who should they care about the APU starting in 12 seconds and not 15. They care about it starting without bursting into flames most of all. But it does matter because the same temperature/air pressure variable affect so many systems and for our professional and educational customers this is important. In training they want the trainees to notice if the APU starts slow and they want their trainees to answer WHY it did start slow. As we always said, we do not care about abnormal procedures and even less about failures that have never happened on a real Airbus. But we DO care about how much energy the batteries loose when you are parked in Dubai for a whole day and the batteries are at 60 degrees (hint, you lose a damned lot and better not try to run major systems without an external power supply). That's not abnormal procedure, that is normal and we will try to include all that.
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    Two pics from my latest flight
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    I don't know either, but last I heard is that it could be due to it being such an advanced and beautiful aircraft... You know, it's not just one of those common airplanes that anyone can develop like the 777, 737, or 747. Maybe it's because of that. I don't know.. maybe it's just rumors. It's true, high quality Airbus aircraft are relatively new to Flight Sim, there aren't that many of them, and given how many there are real world (and how many people see and ride in them) and people want to operate what they are familiar with. Aerosoft produces these aircraft in amazing detail, fidelity, and operational capability. Most recently we've enjoyed this with the A318/A319/A320/A321, and later this year after an update takes the Aerosoft A320 Series to an all new level, Aerosoft will unveil the first high-end, wide body, long haul Airbrush (meant as a complement) in at least the same quality of the updated A320 series! Why so important? Because like their real world counter parts, the performance, payloads, flight routes and capabilities of the A330 are very different from the A318/A319/A320/A321. This is certainly important to the VATSIM/IVAO pilots and many offline pilots who strive to fly realistic routes (especially from excellent addon airports such as we get from Aerosoft and other quality developers) and they simply can't do this with the A320 Series. So from this perspective having an Airbus for long hauls is exciting! Now... drum roll please! Now start the music! If the above wasn't enough, Aerosoft has done something that I'm convinced the community doesn't fully understand and therefore can not fully appreciate -at least not to the same level as the accomplishment. Being experienced in technology program management, marketing, business finance and business overall, I can say with all confidence that Aerosoft providing the A318/A319/A320/A321, the upcoming CRJ-700/900 and the A330 at the price they will sell them to us for IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Mathijs and the managers/owners at Aerosoft demonstrate their devotion to us and our hobby time after time after time, and they get very little recognition for it. I think of this every time someone blows in here with a new account to blast Aerosoft for this or that (it happens to every single other developer too). In the end, studying and then reproducing a fidelity rich A330 with all the bells and whistles is truly an accomplishment, and I'm sure that some parts of my thought process just wants to have it because of that. Cool! Hey Mathijs? Thank you my friend!
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    At this moment all efforts are on still on converting the code to 64 bits and adding the V4 lighting system, should be able to show that soon. The fact we got the 64 bit version right when we close to finalizing some modules did not really help, lol. We are making all the code 'uniform' at this moment, meaning we can compile it into 32/64 bits, FSX/P3D, A320 series/A330 series just by selecting a different config file. That's a big investment in time right now but it will make life a lot easier later on.
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    Stefan Hoffmann does the modelling. He uses 3DS Max. I do the programming and XML animation code editing with Visual Studio 2017. It's two screens at home (2x 24", 1920x1200) and four at the office (1x 28" 4K, 2x 27" touchscreen, 1x 24" touchscreen). I had Donald Trump pay for a wall to keep Frank away. That plus some old extra-rusty barbed wire, mine fields and anti-aircraft guns. And yet he keeps sneaking bugs into the CRJ . Mathijs never yells at me... I don't know why. There's certainly reason enough, but he doesn't
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    Will the FSL bus also "get" this update?
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    I honestly believe any complex aircraft that is released should be regarded with care. There will always be bug, there will always even be serious bugs. No matter what you do in testing these things will happen, no beta test can fly every approach that's out there and we simply know that any can cause problems unless we have flown it. There are also issues that we consider minor but customers find important, or the other way around. What matters most, in my opinion at least, is how the company and developers deal with it. Don't keep any fix you got on your own server, share it with customers, don;t only solve issue but also add the things people are missing etc. The first 8 weeks after a complex release are needed to fine tune the product. That's done with the customers, no other way around it. It doesn't matter how many focus groups you have or how many videotaped test sessions you do. Customers will always come up with ideas you have not thought of. Personally, because I don't have a lot of time for simming as a hobby, I don't partake in that for other companies and always wait a few weeks. You get a more mature product with less annoyances. What matters is not so much what is released but how things look after 4 weeks. And that depends on the people behind the product.
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    Pleased to announce that EDDF Frankfurt Airport is coming to XPlane. Please note that we are still quite early in development.
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    I programmed a whole CRJ without reading any manuals *ducksandruns*
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    No, we got 26 liveries included (at this moment) and these were just the few we decided not to include in the base package. Here is list of the included models (most made by Holgi as always). There will of course not be any payware add-on packages for this project. 700 models: Lufthansa Regional D-ACSB American Eagle N508AE HOP! Air France F-GRZH Lufthansa Regional Star Alliance D-ACPT United Express N770SK Alaska Airlines N215AG American Eagle N508AE OC Brit Air F-GRZG Conviasa YV2088 Delta Airways N367CA Horizon Air N613QX SA Express ZS-NLT Styrian Spirit OE-LSF 900 models: Lufthansa Regional D-ACNN Lufthansa Regional D-ACKI US Airways Express N247LR Air Nostrum EC-JYA Delta Airways N806SK Adria Airways S5-AAK Air Canada Express C-GOJZ Air Nostrum EC-JZS Air One EI-DOT AtlasGlobal TC-ETC Binter Canarias EC-MEN PLUNA CX-CRA SAS Scandinavian Airlines OY-KFI
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    Good enough for me. Off to vacation! See you guys next year
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    Don't make assumptions please. Also, Stefan is a 3D modeller, not a programmer. Adding him to the programming part would probably delay the project by another few years. And you can't defeat Frank's power of destruction. It dwarves everything in the Universe!
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    Explains the past 7 years...
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    Emi already gave an excellent answer to this and I can only build on that. For me there are two sorts of beta testing. Testing the systems and testing a flight from A to B and diverting to C. Testing the systems is easy. You just read all the manuals, fire the bird up and check if it does what the manual says it should. Manuals are known to be rather incomplete in their explanation so RW experience comes in handy here. Something which sounds as easy as inputting a minimum or Vspeeds isn't so easy in an CRJ, as the manual says nothing about how it should/can be done. Like Emi said, we will not delay the release for small patato stuff and basically the systems are done for sometime now. Testing the normal flight is where the tough work starts. I always use the same testflight profile to check if the plane is ready for release. I take off from A, fly towards B with some heading/re-intercepts and direct to legs, join the holding there, make an ILS approach with go around and fly to C to land with a non precision approach. During such flights all kind of problems/bugs can arise and it is my goal to identify them and write up a bugreport with which the dev can work. Before I write the report I must check again if it was not an one off problem and I need to take pics/videos and notes. Writing the bug report is the most difficult thing as there is an huge disconnect between how Devs think and pilot/testers report. Back to where to draw the line. For me that testflight should go without an hick up. I am not asking for the moon but the flight should be possible to complete without serious problems. I am not trying to trick the software into a problem, I just fly it like I would IRL. By doing it that way we can find almost all the problems you guys will possibly face after release. Ofcourse there will be bugs left that are known and unkown upon release. The project manager and dev decide with which bugs remaining we will release the aircraft and you can be sure there will be SP's along the way with every product. Hans is making it more and more difficult to break his CRJ and that standard flight I make is now almost without hick ups. Ps, this is just written from my perspective. I am part of a team of beta testers and it is not just me that does the testing and breaking of Hans's CRJ. We are all looking forward to releasing the CRJ as soon as possible and giving you guys the chance to fly her!
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    Would like to share with you guys a shot by me of Cathay A333 taken at VHHH! Cheers
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    Let me explain. We will NOT just release a recompiled version of the current A320 series. We considered that for a long time but decided it just did not make sense. We got a lot of far better code on our disks that can be used, from a better MCDU to completely newly written code for electrics, hydraulics etc etc. This is all written for the A330 but was always intended to be retrofitted to the older products so they all share the same code. Basically we will now use the same files for all Airbusses and only use different CFG files when compiling. Now this means that we don't have P3d v4 version right now. That's painful. But to get the 'platform' ready is more important in the long run. So it will not be updates but new products. As always we only charge for the new files, you will never pay double for the files you already have. And as we do not fully know what will be used we can't say how much will be charged. But it will be reasonable and defendable. The release schedule is still (CRJ first), A320 series and then A330.
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    And real pilots have no problems when the systems are drawing fountains.... The funny thing is that when simmers see something like this (and yes it DOES happen in real aircraft all the time) they come to our forums and complain while real pilots whip out a paper chart and simply fly the procedure. As you see Hans still has to work out some issues. Personally I love it when the nav systems get creative. I always print the charts I need for a flight. I am prepared.
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    As a professional Apple hater who's still suffering from working as a Mac programmer for ten years, I can guarantee you that there's going to be NO similarity to an iPad! What it does: - Checklists - Payload and fuel settings (including filling the PERF INIT page for the extra lazy) - V-Speed calculation and setting - Ground services control - Door control - Aircraft state selection (cold & dark, ready for engine startup, engines running) - A lot of options. For example temperature and weights units, flight director appearance and MCDU options And I think, Mathijs is going to hate me now, because I didn't just tell you to check the manuals which are available for download. Done....
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    I had a date last Friday, actually. It went pretty well, she wants a second date, her choice of place this time.
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    Damn.... I need to add this as well. Sorry guys, that's another 3-4 years delay. By the way, for those who can read German: I found the perfect job for me. Check here!
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    Yes, honestly. There are a handful of issue that simply need to be fixed and some small stuff that can be fixed later.
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    Can you imagine how the feeling would be for me? To sit in front of the PC but no CRJ to work on? I think I'm going to need a shrink to adapt to normal life again.
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    By now we do not use the term 'bugs' anymore, we call them 'franks'. Somebody let me know today that he found it strange we joke around in this topic, he felt there was not a lot to laugh about. Though we take the development very serious and I can honestly say there is good progress every day, the best way to keep a development going is to keep the people involved happy. And we seriously believe that the readers here belong to that group. We feel there is no harm if some of the banter and joking that flows 24/7 over our Development Skype group spills over to this forum.
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    Another flight from LGAV to LICJ this time. Thopat PTA preset, I am still searching for the best one.
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    Right now most of the staff is on vacation, when they are all back second half of August we will set an internal date.
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    And it is thousands of time more likely that a flight is aborted due to 'smells' . An amazing number of flights are cut short because the crew smells something, a toilet is blocked and the smell is horrible etc. I would not consider Lufthansa a 'smelly' airline but this is another slide from my presentation (I really should fine the time to share it fully) that shown aborted Lufthansa flights in one single year because or smells. So it is one of the most common reasons to abort a flight. And no add-on simulates that. Another is of course medical issues, people get sick and need medical help urgently. The A330 will simulate that btw! You can get a call from the cabin that you need to find an airport stat because a passenger had a heart attack.
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    As said, we are not fans of just making things compatible to a new sim, we always try to modernize the product to the latest ideas and technology. The sales department does not like that as it means a lack of sales for a period but in the long run it pays off.
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    Utter nonsense. As I can see who voted you down (and up) in this case, I suggest the simple reason is that people get annoyed as it has been said a hundred times that those external pages are no valid source for dates and prices of still not released products.
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    The fog has been there all the time. My machine just brings it down from CAT3A (allowed for the RW CRJ) to CAT3B NODH. At the moment we are still facing some LNAV issues that pop up when you do a bit of "free playing" with the FMS. Standard DIR INTC and FPLN following work. Throw in non FPLN WP's, strong winds/high GS and STAR changes enroute for example and things need to be finetuned. We are doing a lot of flying to iron out these issues as they do not occur on every flight. For now my fog machine is still running but I hear it stutter once in an while. Maybe it will be u/s soon and the WX will be CAT3A or better again.
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    No, we were one of the last to create FS2004 add-ons for the simple reason that we had customers for that platform. We really do not feel the need to tell customers what they should use, we rather have them tell us what they want. I find the decision of some competitors (and friends) to leave the 32 bit platform behind surprising. Our market research (also for what we sell for THEIR products) show that FSX still has at least a 50% market share. We love P3d V4 and have great hopes for FSW and can't wait for it to be released out of Early Access with an SDK (before that we won't touch it). but to leave half your customers behind is a big step. A very big step.
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    Big steps? Weekend release maybe?!?!?! Seriously, I wish more devs were as active and open with their community as you guys. It's not just making a great product that makes a company great.
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    The user interface of the CRJ cockpit keeps on surprising us because it just sucks. Just look at the internal light controls that are spread all over the panels. The black ones work in P3D V4, they grey ones do not have a function that can be used. We hope that Lockheed soon allows brightness control of course. Right now the brightness is set with help of our real pilots to a level that mostly resembles what they use. In day to day use there is hardly any use for brightness controls and it is used more or less always as a on/off.
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    No, ours is a lot more complete and also not an outdated version that almost no airlines uses anymore. Keep in mind we do not really care about systems that the pilot normally never interacts with and failures that have never happened on an real Airbus, but the MCDU is the heart of the machine so we spend a lot of effort on that. FSLabs has a different focus then we have. They want to simulate the aircraft while we want to focus on the actual work the crew has to do.
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    Systemwise no but our FMS is more modern and not 2006 material, from an FMS trainer, and has way more features. You also will not have to wait an year for an SP1 with basic fixes and stuff like SEC FPLN and fix info, wind etc. ps, and our 3D models and textures are 2017 tech. Each his own.
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    Is that the company that fixed all bugs internally but refuse to release an SP after 10 months? Or is that the company that have an almost release ready A319 with zero development updates? Or is that the company that waits on our A330 VC before they start their A330 VC modeling?
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    The Collins Proline 4 avionics package found in all CRJs is a very old design - developed in the late 1980s. It is actually quite reliable in terms of its basic functions, but it shows its age in many ways. The real FMS CDU is quite slow when entering a route. When adding a new waypoint, there is a lonngggg pause while the FMS "thinks" before it appears on the LEGS page. When the Proline 4 was developed, GPS was just becoming available. There were almost no RNAV SIDS or STARS or RNAV approaches. The real FMS can indeed become confused and draw some rather unusual patterns on the MFD when confronted with a modern STAR with multiple legs for different runways. The BIG problem I encounter as an avionics tech with older FMS systems is the size of the available hardware NVRAM for holding the current NAV database. Originally the Proline 4 could hold NAV data for the entire world, but those days are long gone. There are so many new RNAV approach procedures (and more and more coming out all the time) that the FMS has nowhere near enough memory to hold them all. Database vendors like Jeppesen or Lufthansa have had to scale back the geographic coverage areas of their Proline 4 databases many times, as well as eliminating airports entirely with runway lengths below certain criteria. Newer systems like the Proline21 have the option to upgrade FMS hardware to add more NVRAM, but the older FMS systems do not. At least FSX or P3D does not have any database size restrictions!
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    I fly the A320Fam at the moment. My type rating course in August for the A330/340/350 got cancelled two weeks ago because somebody decided A380's should fly to the destinations that the A346 has now. Maybe AS will now do an A380 after all.
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    A short hop from LIML to LIRA with the new Holgi paint: