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    Been a long while since I wrote a friday evening update mail but it's time to explain a few things. It's 18:20 and I got my glass of wine so let's get going. It will be about the CRJ, A320 series and the A330, they are all highly interlinked at this moment. As you know the magic word of the last two weeks was '64 bits' (okay, two words). And most of my time was focusses on getting 'my' products converted. My products as in the series of Aerosoft products I am responsible for. We had some issues but at least some scenery and aircraft like the Twin Otter etc are released in 64 bit versions. Of course the big projects like the old and new Airbusses are not that easy. Not only because they are more complex but also because they get more attention and we do not want to do straight ports but real P3D V4 versions with all the lights etc. The plan was to 'quickly' do the A318/A319 and A320/A321 and release them in 64 bit versions with (apart from all new lights) the same features as the current versions. But reality quickly raised its dirty head and we had to change the plans. See, because of some unfinished parts in P3d V4 the lights have to be done partly in code and not in effects. Lockheed is working on these issues but we think that doing the in code will be a better solution anyway. To give you an idea, if you do the in effects you have to change the model and recompile it for every test (often dozens to get something right), if you do it in code you just need to recompile the gauge and that's done in seconds and not 15 minutes as with the model. That means that if you feel the lights are too yellow or something it's an easy fix. But of course that means opening major parts of the source files. And that means the developers had to get re-acquainted with code they left two years ago. And of course they felt the new code that replaced it by now (for the A330) was way better then that old 'junk'. So after a lot of teeth grinding I (as project manager) decided to replace a lot of the old code that served us well for close to 6 years now (!) and use the newer codebase for the A320 series update. Project Managers always want it 'cheap, fast and stable' and we mostly settle for two of the three. This time we choose only 'stable'. It made no sense to release an update for the A320 series now and to overhaul it end of this year again. We have to move these projects to our new shared code base that handles all the Airbusses with one set of files, only with different config files. Just as Airbus does it actually. Now don't worry, this does NOT really delay the A330. The code still needs to be done for all models and as you have seen today the modeling is progressing nicely. The release and the massive demand for compatible add-ons for Prepar3D does affect all our schedules. I honestly told everybody in Aerosoft it would be big but even I am seriously surprised. Never a dull moment.... Damn, it seems these glasses of wine keep getting smaller every year, be right back. Where was I? Ahh right... As said the A330 is not really delayed, but the release order is. We were planning to do a new A320 series after the A330 but demand for the 64 bit version is so strong that we simply have to get things out as soon as possible. And that path is shorter for the A320 series then for the A330. So you will see updates for the A18/A319 and A320/A321 in the next few weeks first. Those will be full blown P3d V4 products. With all the lights (every single light can be controlled individually), installer that install in the documents folder etc (very cool btw, you can re-install the sim without re-installing the add-ons). The works. You will also get almost all of the aircraft systems in the new versions. As explained we dropped all the old code and rewrote most of it to the latest standards. It's faster, slicker, has far deeper sense of the systems behind what you see. You will get an MCDU that is, beyond any doubt, the most complete ever done for our sims (and yes that includes all our competitors). We spend a lot of time on that because as you know we focus on what pilots use and not on systems that have been only oned a few times (or never) in real life. The MCDU is the heart of the Airbus and no effort spend on that is too much. What it also means is that our idea to release this as a free update is out of the windows. You know that we would never ask you to pay twice for the same files but we had the idea that just new lights and a new installer did not justify an update fee. But now we are talking rather serious stuff. There is around 2 men year of work between what you have no on your disk and the new files. So we'll do what we always do, make the files, see what's new and what's old and come up with a update fee that's reasonable. My CEO will disagree, he will take my advice, lol. The A330 will follow pretty fast after those aircraft. And of course if you have the one (or all) of the A320 series you will get an discount because it shares some of the files. Again, we never ask you to pay twice for the same files. And of course it will come in FSX/P3d V3 versions that are similar and P3d V4 version that will have all the additional features. As we see it now the price will be the same for those versions. Of course the CRJ is still planned to be released before the busses. Please note we have NO plans to drop support for 32 bit sims at this moment. All the while Flight Sim World is very slowly getting some updates in it's Early Access stage but we still do not have an SDK and no good idea about the stability of that platform. As there seems to be zero demand from customers at this moment, we are more or less leaving that simulator where it is now. 19:10 now, been working since 08:20. Time for some food and then finish watching House of Cards Season 5. If you got any questions feel free to ask them here. I promise to answer them as honest and open as possible.
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    I gave you exactly as much information as I intended. Asking for more won't get you anywhere. because we're currently discussing A320 series high altitude takeoffs in the CRJ forum. If you want to talk A330, please use the Pilatus PC-6 preview forum
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    Oh yes... try flying these procedures... As I recently said in a presentation, when our customers see these issues they close the sim and start to write an angry post on the forum. A real pilot digs up a paper chart, disables the AP and starts to fly the aircraft. Probably enjoying himself and feeling smug.
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    Some small addition i maybe have: In shorter moments i had time to add the floor detail to the FWD Cargo. Any detail should be in there, that exists also in real world: Ball rollers, Cylindrical drive rollers, Clamps.... Still needs to be done for the AftCargo, but many single assets can be overtaken, while the basic layout is different back there.
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    Dome Light's looking somewhat acceptable too.
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    Really friday again? The time did flow by fast the last two weeks. Sadly i had not much time at all at the A330 as we tested all the new Prepar3D V4 features and to what way we can use them. For the A330 this is a huge favour too, as you can switch now the floodlights, domelights and the other lighting stuff fully independent from the panel backlighting, which so much of you dreamed of. This will be of course, part of the Prepar3D V4 package. We also talked with the sim makers of chances to get an efficient workout for dimmable stuff which is currently not implemented, and they reacted very open and i press thumbs we get that too in one of the later updates. So together with going 64bit and getting rid of that terrible small memory range of the past and all the other nice new features, the sim future looks technologically promising in that sector.
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    And yes, will do internal as well. And yes, taxil ights need to be dimmed for sure.
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    Here we go for today. This is not (!) completely finalized (Stefan needs to fine tune the effects in terms of color, saturation and range) but looks good enough to show, I guess. All spot lights in the cockpit are now separetely switchable as in the real cockpit. This means you have: Captain side flood lights First officer flood lights Panel flood lights (under the glareshield) Captain side floor light First officer side floor light Captain side map light First officer side map light Captain side dome light First officer side dome light Flight deck door dome light Each of these can be switched separately. These lights are currently not dimmable but we filed a feature request with Lockheed Martin and hope that they are willing to implement this. Currently missing are the two chart holder lights. These would be at the top of the chart holders where the DAVE units are located. We're not sure if it's a good idea to put lights there. The dome lights are off in this picture btw.
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    The CRJ can also be found in Africa ...
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    I (personally) have always been very cautious advising our customers about a sim platform. If you like FS2004 even if it is 14 years old, by all means use it. If you like FSX:SP2 even though FSX:STEAM was a bit better and P3d V3 really better, by all means use it. I know the availability of add-ons makes the big difference. But there is a new big boy on the block and it is Prepar3D V4. It's fast (between 10% and 50% faster in all our tests), it is 64 bits so no more memory issues, there is very good backwards compatibility even though you need new files (but things like SODE, FSUIPC etc are all close to being done). And no, Lockheed does not mind that you as a hobbiest use P3D. In fact they love it. We pay (at least for a good deal) for the development of their rather serious simulator platform. If it was really a super professional platform it would not have aircraft like the P-38 etc and they would block you (and me) from buying it. Most importantly, all the add-on devs seem to be on-board. And in the end that is all that counts. The sim is the Operating System. The add-ons are the applications. You do not use the OS, you use the applications. But to do so you need the OS. So get P3D V4. It's $59 and it will be the best investment you did in your hobby for a long time. And yes, I do own some Lockheed stock, but do you REALLY think that P3D even makes a blip on the statistics?
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    Last update Wednesday June 28 13:33 This is NOT a complete list but we'll try to keep it up to date. Keep in mind that the order of conversion depends on many things. We understand you like Frankfurt more than Kilimanjaro, but it is also a far more complex conversion. Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 August Partly P3D V4 features Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319 August Partly P3D V4 features Aerosoft Airbus A330 tbd Full P3D V4 features Airport Avatars Available Added specific model with flashlight Aspen Extended Available Straight port Balearen X Evolution Available Straight port Bergen X Available Partly P3D V4 features Bremen X June Straight port Bronco X Imminent Straight port Ciampino X Available Partly P3D V4 features (P3D V4 compiler) CRJ X tbd Full P3D V4 features Discus K Available Straight port Dortmund X June Straight port Ibiza X Evolution Available Straight port Ju 52 tbd Full P3D V4 features Genoa X Available Straight port (P3D V4 compiler) Kilimanjaro X Available Straight port Malaga X Available Straight port Mallorca X Evolution Available Straight port Menorca X Evolution Available Straight port Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 June Straight port Mega Airport Heathrow June Straight port Mega Airport Oslo Available Partly P3D V4 features Aerosoft PBY Catalina Available Straight port Robin DR400 June Straight Port SimStarter Imminent Straight port Spanish Airfields: Requena X Available Straight port Spanish Airfields: Soria X Available Straight port Stuttgart X June Straight Port Tromso X Available Partly P3D V4 features Trondheim X-Vaernes V2 Available Full P3d V4 features Twin Otter Extended Available Straight port Valencia X Available Straight port The PadLabs products are currently being converted but they need a bit more time. The F-16 Fighting Falcon has moved to the default simulator and will not be provided as a P3d V4 add-ons from us. We will provide the liveries and models that do not make it into the simulator. In the release candidate the manual for the F-16 is missing. You will find it as an attachment to this post. manual.pdf
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    Well, I do share your feelings about this to a great degree. I have however seen projects take this long and it almost always ended in a project that was never released. As the project manager I have to take responsibility for this and I have tried to explain several times in some detail what went 'wrong'. In essence it boils down to falling behind early in the project in a field that is moving at breakneck speed. We have seen an almost 50% increase in lines of code (and polygons) per year for the last 5 years. Add to that some bad luck and developers who need to make a living while being behind on a project and you are in deep brown stuff. I think that the people who supported us understood that only enthusiasm and perseverance could safe this project. And please believe me, it does make a world of difference. It brought us to where we are now, pretty darned close to a release.
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    I do not think that is accurate. In fact we have taken great effort the last few years to move from hobby developers to professionals just because it makes planning a lot simpler. For example on the Airbus projects we got 5 people working full time and fully employed by us. Now the CRJ is a bit special, because as I explained it got behind the curve and we were catching up for the last 18 months (just the release of P3D V4 threw a massive spanner in our development), but the Airbus projects are fully on schedule. My schedule that is, and that changes with conditions. For example we 'lost' 6 full weeks to make the Bus ready for release on Steam (not a FS:Steam compatible version but one that is installed by Steam). Well worth the effort because sales are excellent but still we expected that to be done in a day or two, little did we know Dovetails made things as complex as that. Then you get professional projects that also got to have priority. Not only for us, but also got Hans who is doing the systems. Our modeler had to take time to prepare the CRJ for some video work (you have seen our modeling in several movies most likely without realizing it). Overall we are rather happy with our project management at this moment, it's just that we need to find a way to communicate that in a way that serves customers better. That's hard. But I assure you the we have four rather professional project managers (it is part of my job as well) and we use professional methods and tools. But what you have to understand is that Aerosoft is NOT like most other FS add-on publishers/developers. We have always 30+ projects running, we have a professional department, we do stand-alone sims, we do add-ons for 6 different sims. The CRJ is would be the main project for even a larger company like PMDG, but for us it is just one of the many projects we handle. And it's not even the biggest I am handling. In the end, it is Saturday evening 21:21 right now. I am typing this, Hans is working on a LNAV issue and we got three testers who are checking out a new build right now. It's all pretty sad actually, we need a life
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    While we keep delaying this product to implement new P3D v4 features on the model.... the first pic shows the ground reflections of the wing inspection lights (new), nav lights and beacons. It took me about 20 attempts to capture a screen where the lower beacon was on. The second picture shows the landing lights with P3Ds new dynamic lighting. P.S.: the overall scenery settings are not maxed. It's my normal development setting (fast loading > everything else) with the lighting quality set to maximum.
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    ... I did some vacation, but I'm back again
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    It certainly helps to bake the shadows to the textures and then use the dynamic lights on top of that, at Trondheim it looked a little bit "flat" with just the dynamic lights and no shadows. Here's a couple more screenshots during winter season in P3Dv4.
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    Now it is clear why this project was delayed all of those years. The CRJ was just waiting for a sim worthy of this excellence in modeling and coding! Looks fantastic!
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    We do indeed. But do note we do NOT use photorealistic textures as some other do, we find they look horrible in most lighting conditions and totally horrible when you use real lights or shadows. Just take a photograph of your living room and try to use a small flashlight to make it look like it is night. We are in a modern age where we model the object, put a texture on it that is neutral, add bumpmaps to make the surface more or less uneven, add a certain amount of reflectiveness and let the graphics card do it's work. To explain this better. Just recently I seen an aircraft where I could see 'my own' feet while cruising at FL355 around noon. So the most light as possible in the pit. Believe me, a pilot only sees a dark hole beyond his knees. The incredible high light level in the cockpit at that altitude (they wear those cool shades for a reason) and the way human eyes handle contrast make the cockpit a very strange environment regarding light. Have you EVER a cockpit in full light well represented in a photograph? I have not. It's impossible.
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    Ok, I know it's a 600, but I like it also as a 700!
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    Thank you to Mathijs and developers for bringing so many existing airports over to P3D V4 and even adding some nice Dynamic Lighting support. So far all this work has been provided for "free" upgrades, very much appreciated! I'd be more than willing to pay for upgrade costs relative to the work investment required for those upgrades as I know moving from V3 to V4 can bring some challenges that need to be overcome. Keep up the great work/support for P3D V4. Cheers, Rob.
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    I don't have a life! Yes, it is.
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    I really think it's done now and will be released next monday.
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    See that is what I mean when I write that we do not simulate the real aircraft but what customers think it is. That's why in many add-ons you hear flaps even though the crew simply will never be able to hear them. Totally unrealistic but most customers expect it. So we add it. Reluctantly. It's a fine balance and there will always be people unhappy about the choices. The simple fact is that most pilots fly with noise cancelling headphones these days for long durations. They do NOT hear wind noise, cooling fans, flaps, gears, engines. Just the slight white noise these systems always produce. But even though that would be realistic, customers would simply never accept it. If you want it though it is easy to simulate, just set the volume of the engine and system noise to a level where you can just hear it.
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    No, we got 26 liveries included (at this moment) and these were just the few we decided not to include in the base package. Here is list of the included models (most made by Holgi as always). There will of course not be any payware add-on packages for this project. 700 models: Lufthansa Regional D-ACSB American Eagle N508AE HOP! Air France F-GRZH Lufthansa Regional Star Alliance D-ACPT United Express N770SK Alaska Airlines N215AG American Eagle N508AE OC Brit Air F-GRZG Conviasa YV2088 Delta Airways N367CA Horizon Air N613QX SA Express ZS-NLT Styrian Spirit OE-LSF 900 models: Lufthansa Regional D-ACNN Lufthansa Regional D-ACKI US Airways Express N247LR Air Nostrum EC-JYA Delta Airways N806SK Adria Airways S5-AAK Air Canada Express C-GOJZ Air Nostrum EC-JZS Air One EI-DOT AtlasGlobal TC-ETC Binter Canarias EC-MEN PLUNA CX-CRA SAS Scandinavian Airlines OY-KFI
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    I have a couple of jokes to pass the time: Q: What does a pilot say halfway through a first date? A: "Enough about flying, let's talk about me" Q: How do you find out if someone is a pilot? A: Don't worry, they'll tell you Q: What's the difference between a pilot and god? A: God doesn't think he's a pilot
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    Everything you know from the A31x/A32x series will also be part of the A330.
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    All the work this week was spend on getting the A320 series ready for 64 bits (but of course that is the same for the A330), Also progress has been very good on our new Connected Flight Deck system that will be seamless and not require any peer to peer connection with firewall problems etc.
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    Well looks like the current state of our CRJ Ah no, we are a bit further.
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    Q: What does a First Officer and Jesus have in common? A: Both are god's right hand.
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    Mathjis not gonna believe this, I just checked our VA out on Skytrax.... Yep our airline is now officially 0 stars at skytrax because FS Bombardier (Aerosoft) failed to deliver our fleet. Every flight has been delayed for 7 years we still have a CRJ waiting to take off on runway 5 at Saginaw International, they have been holding short for 6 years. Not sure if the plane disintegrated or if they gave up and just opened the doors and walked back to the terminal on foot from the taxiway. We were even on the news the first airline to be holding short 6 years, the plane is still sitting there and it's rusting. Now the passengers want a refund & there yelling at me where's the plane? I told them it's getting cleaned. If Bombardier doesn't deliver the fleet in the next coming weeks I don't know what to do, our pilots & engineers are now on strike because they are fed up of waiting! But I guess the saying is true: good things come to people who wait! Hans stated the CRJ is "close" I don't know how close like a week, month, or even year we can't speculate due to the lack of evidence but it's getting there.
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    Here's the video while everyone waits
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    Bring out the champagne. 3 million views!!!
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    I don't see any fps difference between lights on and off.
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    The new CRJ VC lights will even get the best system down to it knees. We think 5 FPS is totally exceptable and smooth to fly, even with TIR. But in other words, don't worry. Hans knows where to draw the limit.
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    Excuse me, but honestly why do we need to fill a little performance gain with new stuff (just to bring performance down or worsen it...). The next thing will probably be asking for a full 3D cabin, because there's a performance gain in Prepar3D V4? One of the many reasons I love Aerosoft's airplanes is the amazing performance. Besides, VC rain effect (which has been asked and answered multiple times) is a huge performance killer. Adding or simulating proper (and believable) VC rain effects would turn the whole thing into a slide-show...
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    Current situation: WIP Relese date: 42
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    When? I have been following this thread for 9 minutes and did not see anything yet.
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    The price will remain in the 42 euro (plus vat when applicable) range. We are still not fans of 100 dollar add-ons. Sorry, forgot to include that. The CRJ is still very much planned to be released before any of the busses. We had a two weeks delay to experiment with 64 bits but the final round of testing has begun this week.
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    @douh : Thanx for the input. For all I attached a new screenshot showing the city of Barcelona we have been working at. A release is expected for end of July/mid August (Not much left but we ran into vacation season, sorry). Thorsten
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    It contains questions about the SDK, so it's fine. At least for me. No idea about the moderators... we all know they're extremely evil people EDIT: Post #8000 in this thread
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    this "bug" is present even in PMDG and (afaik) FSL jets. Even the real (Bpeing and Airbus) ones can't cope with some route combinations - call it "some kind of reality level"
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    Aerosofts market approach and pricing for their Airbuses surely is not based on preventing piracy, but to maximise sales numbers by reaching customers who wouldn't want to spend more money or also don't want to spend time to learn how to fly a study level aircraft. I for example liked it quite a lot that even when I started flying the AS busses I was able to got to bed after having already a long day in the office and where able to finish my flights successfully. Surely at the beginning totally relying on the FO's helpful hand. The last seven years have proven Aerosoft being on the totally right track with their approach. Other companies are doing things differently, but that shouldn't be the topic here. Also we shouldn't try to read something from posts which isn't in it. I for myself for example haven't read from tomtom_9's post that he is using pirated software. So, let's just close this pricing topic here. Aerosoft have explained their market and pricing approach many times here in the forums. Everyone being interested in more details will find the forum search to be a really helpful tool to find all those statements
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    Mathijs, Thank for your answer. I had prepared myself to be blasted for my comments, instead I was pleased to read your response and feel much more at ease based on your honesty and choice of words. I am still feeling inpatient, however I will do my best to keep it in check. Call it misguided excitement if you will. I am very much looking forward to release, and have a somewhat renewed sense of optimism. Here's to hoping "pretty darned" is in-fact soon
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    Hi Mathijs, Is it possible to add a "sound switch" into the aircraft settings so that customers can select what they want to hear, the real aircraft cockpit sound vs the unreal ? This way there'll be no longer discussions about it and both groups of customers will be happy, . Greets.
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    Check this out.... Never in the history of flight simulation has bump mapping been used so much!
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    I seriously doubt there is ANY fuel planner that takes take-off speed into account. Manually calculating that also seems utterly impossible and useless. If the wind is 0.1 knots different from what you used in planning it would have a much bigger effects. An additional minute of holding at that runways would make a bigger difference. Cost Index is of course more important and we'll consider it. But it is a VERY complex calculation that will require hundreds of hours of testing. You understand we are reluctant. I have seen it in other add-ons but never found it accurate.
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    I don't see any problems with people trying to think aloud on what we should or might do. This is 2017 and customers are not just people that buy but also people to speak their minds. Besides, it's also fun reading.
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    It probably has to do with your last sentence. The one about delay. The A330 is not delayed at all.