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    Because the previous topic was old, contained a lot of nonsense etc I decided to make a new one. How many products are this? And what will be the names? Aerosoft A318/A319 Professional Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional Aerosoft A330 Professional The 'Professional' in the title indicates that the product is developed for P3d V4 and partly for the professional market (did you know we sold over 75 educational licenses?). This 64 bit platform is our main development platform and our main market. We are sorry that this might lead to some confusion. In scenery we only use the term 'Professional' for products that are designed for P3d V4 and are ONLY P3D V4 compatible. They are not the same products as the FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM, P3D V3 versions. For aircraft they basically ARE the same. One product, one buy and you can install as many times on any compatible sim (as long as it is your sim and not that of a friend). In other words, you buy the P3D v4 version and get the FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM, and P3D V3 version for free. A bit complex, sorry about that. Are these updates of the old version? No, they are fully new builds. The 32 bits versions had some code in it that was close to 7 years old and was holding us back. So we decided to redo a lot of the modules and graphics to modern standards. Around 60% of the modeling and textures are new and more then 75% of the code is new. So they probably are not free updates, right? Indeed. But as always Aerosoft will never charge you double for anything. If we replace 50 of a product the update will only cost you half the new price. I this case it's even better because we if you own the A318/A319/A320/A321 and want the newer versions you will be offered an update price of 16.95 Euro (plus VAT when applicable). If you want the A330 and have any of the older models we might be able to offer you an discount as well, not 100% sure on that. The full versions will cost just under 50 Euro. We still have to decide on the update and full prices of possible bundles. Will be okay. Of course prices can always change. When will they be released? Next week? No. The 64 bit version of the A318/A319/A320 and A321 will come first (because we got so many customers of those who want 64 bit versions). That will be for sure this year. The A330 (32 and 64 bit versions) will be next, early next year, the 32 bit A318/A319/A320/A321 after that. DRM? Online activation? Of course not. You paid for the files and can do with them (on your own systems) as you want. Wingflex? On the smaller busses not (we simply have never seen the high frequency very small movements of the wings done well, they are remarkably stiff wings) and adding it just adds a load of complexity and development cost. Of course the A330 has wingflex, it has much larger and much less stiff wings.
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    Small friday update: Basic shading is now done. Focus was oriented to complete the main panels. The other details are added later, so please not comply about missing visual features yet. Next week we re-introduce system funtionality to all VC elements and add higher resoluted displays. The pictures below show the textures as they appear in the sim (beside the missing details). Dirt is added as last and extra layer! The seat fabric is also being changed and shows currently the old state.
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    One of the main problems if developments take a long time (I did explain however why that is a decision we took after a lot of internal discussion and we feel is the only way to go, our A318,A319,A320,A321,A330 will all be fully new products and not just 'make it work in P3d V4' updates) is that names can change. And we did change the name, sorry. Aerosoft A318/A319 Professional Aerosoft A320A/321 Professional Aerosoft A330 Professional The 'Professional' in the title indicates that the product is developed for P3d V4 and partly for the professional market (did you know we sold over 75 educational licenses?). This 64 bit platform is our main development platform and our main market. We are sorry that this might lead to some confusion. In scenery we only use the term 'Professional' for products that are designed for P3d V4 and are ONLY P3D V4 compatible. They are not the same products as the FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM, P3D V3 versions. For aircraft they basically ARE the same. One product, one buy and you can install as many times on any compatible sim (as long as it is your sim and not that of a friend). In other words, you buy the P3D v4 version and get the FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM, and P3D V3 version for free. A bit complex, sorry about that. Just remember one thing, you buy the product (boxed or download) and can install it on any compatible sim you own, as many time as you want. Ignore the name, no online activation, no DRM that makes your life hard. You paid for the files and it is not correct for us to determine what you can do with them. Just do not share them with you friend, we'll come down on you like a tons of bricks. We apologize for the confusion.
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    First glimpses..... Experiments with a new level of detail by Jo Erlend Sund.
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    And a fresh place for the small friday update: Same procedure as every WIP friday: There is still left to do in texturing, especially in the rearward sector. So please not comment: "He, there is missing something...". Thats is known :-) So please enjoy the pictures for now!
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    Small friday update: Work continues, Cockpit detailing underway so there will be place which are not final yet (f.ex. slidewindows)! This is for Prepar3D HDR mode; if you turn your head down the exposure gets adapated to the darker space and lightens up that one. So you have to get used to more dynamic brightness still now.
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    Small friday update: All work in progress still, but its slowly looking like an A31x! Images taken in Prepar3D V4.... Btw: Windows may not use the full dynamic range of 0-255, but only 16-255 which eats a lot of depths and lets look the image a bit strange. Check the image on the end to tune your windows to full dynamic range....
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    Here's some more images of the ground textures, I've also included a few gifs showing the workflow for some of the assets seen in the screenshots posted by Mathijs.
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    The new Connected Flight Deck interface starts taking shape. For us this is a major part of the project(s) because the most unrealistic thing we do in simming is to do it on our own. Flying an airliner is a team sport. Doing it with one person is illegal. As we now use a server there should never be connection issues (if you can get online weather it should work). That will make it MUCH easier to work with. But not only the connection is easier, also the actual use. To set up a session: Click Connection to connect to the server Create a session (this makes that person Pilot Flying) and note down the session ID. The PF system controls the FBW systems and his system sends out the location and attitude data. Inform the others of the session ID. The other person does this: Connects to the server Inserts session ID Selects Join Session (this makes that person Pilot Monitoring) or select Observer Session. There can be as many observers as the server can handle but they can only observe and not interact with the systems. In the A330 you can have three active crew members. There is also a more advanced web interface where you can setup sessions, invite people, kick people, add passwords to sessions and also instruct the server to log the whole flight. It's pretty advanced.
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    James, it is pretty hard to compare products. The fact FSL, Blackbox and Aerosoft both cover the same aircraft type means not a whole lot because the idea behind the products is very different. They have been often discussed but it's good to mention a few we feel are important. We feel the aircraft is only part of the simulator, you got airports, a world, weather etc etc. Therefore the aircraft should never gobble up all the resources of the simulator. we gladly give up some things to allow scenery the resources it needs to show in good settings. Of course it helps because we develop tools, scenery and aircraft, lol. We feel (and our market research shows that as well) that flying a modern airliner on your own, in an ATC environment is pretty close to what a hobbyist can handle. Real aircraft are flown by two highly trained professionals. Not only for safety but also because of the workload. So while a lot of features look great on a feature list, they are actually hardly used by simmers. That's why we do not include backup systems that have NEVER been used on a real airbus (with over 200 million hours in total). Sure it is great if the product you do is able to simulate a dual engine failure but if you consider that is a once in 200.000.000+ hour event, how important is that? How badly maintained do you want your aircraft to be? We are not comfortable with add-ons that cost $99 or more. You got to produce something that is incredible and backed up by incredible service to be safe. We feel that add-ons should not be have features that need other payware to function. So no weather radar that needs a specific weather tool, we feel it should work with the sim, period. That does not need to mean reduced functionality, our weather radar is still the best around. Sure it needs a bit more resources as it reads the actual weather in the sim, but at least you know that what you see on your screen matches what you see outside! We feel that flying on your own is rather silly. An A320 is flown with two people, an A330 cockpit has often 3 people. Just as people found out that flying with 'real' ATC is a giant step forwards in realism, they see the same when they fly as a crew. It is just way more realistic. And WAY more important then almost any other feature. Looking to your right and seeing that empty seat is by far the biggest flaw in the way we simulate airliners these days. We always want to simulate the most modern versions of the aircraft, the ones flown by the big airlines. This can be painful, believe me, there is a BIG difference between an 2009 A320 and one that is fully updated by the airline. You never pay twice for the same files, we do not use online activation, we do not limit your use of the products you bought in any way. You paid, your files, install as often as you want on your own machines. That is the idea behind our Airbus product line. We sold tens of thousands and every time the competition does a release we see our sales go up, so clearly there are at least some people that agree with us on those ideas. FSL has a very different idea about their products, where we simulate the job of the pilot, they simulate the aircraft first. A subtle but significant difference. We do not enjoy system simulations a lot, we enjoy flying far more. Blackbox most likely also has solid ideas on how their products should be but I always found it hard to understand what they are aiming at. What Airbus is for you depends on what you want to do and how much time and money you are willing to invest. Our problem is that we did not recognize in time that our 32 bit products scaled up badly to 64 bits. So we had to decide not to do a quick and dirty update but to step back and build the foundation for our airbus range for the next 5 years. That is a 18 month project and we started that 6 months too late. So we are not 6 months behind the ideal curve. Far from ideal and costly. Luckily we are Aerosoft and we got 200+ products on sale, where this would have really hurt a small team it is just a painful conversation between me as project lead and my CEO, lol.
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    Some good news... We have just send a complete batch of files to our core beta testers. These are friends of ours, moderators etc. This is the first time we have send these files out so it's a big step and shows serious progress. Tomorrow we have a progress meeting and I will report if there is anything 'sharable'.
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    But you already have a well done A320 family aircraft! P3Dv4 users don't. And there you have the reason
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    Nov 2nd 12:00 Zulu. But it might be another month, day and time.
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    I always try to do a framerate test once every two weeks to see if we are still within intended parameters. And I think we are! Here you see the latest build waiting for runway clearance on Mega Airport Barcelona Professional (a pretty heavy scenery) at my standard settings (high to very high) running a proud 44 fps. Now we still need to add some code and that will lower performance but on the other hand, Stefan is still working on the VC and optimizing it using the latest insights on 64 bit modeling. So compared to the previous version we should see an framerate increase of between 15 and 25%. The people who had problems running the advanced weather radar (keep in mind ours works with ALL weather tools, even without any and has features no other has) will probably be able to run this at full settings.
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    Just to outline this here to have it said once and for all: Depends on what you mean with your "reputation". Will it have any impact on the support you get from Aerosoft? Certainly not! All customers are equal and have the same rights for support. Might it have an impact if you apply for betatesting or other tasks where we ask the community for help? Probably. Let me explain why: If you got a downvote for example for asking the same question again that was asked just 3 posts above your post, what shall we think might happen if we add you to the beta? You may not read the instructions there either and keep the developers busy explaining to you again what was explained already? That costs time and money which other customers who buy the product will have to pay. Or may you simply post the same bugreports that were already posted by other testers again and again, thus spamming the systems and making it hard to see what is actually an issue and what is just double, tripple, whatever? Did you maybe get a downvote because you posted offtopic stuff? If you do that as betatester in the betaforums your reports might be missed and it'll be harder to follow up on what is actually discussed in the particular report you posted in. And finally: Asking offtopic questions will also bring you downvotes from the community. Nobody comes to the Airbus preview to read discussions about the voting system. And everyone is free to show this by voting posts up or down. And now back to topic. If you want a follow up on this discussion you are welcome to open a thread in the general forum.
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    Don, I have the Airbus bundle. I am person friends with a real life Airbus pilot who uses the FSLabs A320. I have been lucky enough to experience his FS Labs Airbus while he has flown the AS Airbus on my PC. So, being in that situation, I can give you a very informed comparison of the two products. Both products are really high quality addons and contain near perfect features normal flight operations, 3d models, FBW code, MCDU operation, etc. Where the FSLabs plane has an advantage over the AS Airbus is in major failures like engine loss, RAT/ADG deployment etc. Also, FSLabs has a dispatch type software for flightplan import into FMS, the ability to control every individual light bulb and it illumination, a much more detailed nosewheel steering system. All of these features use a tremendous amount of resources in terms of VAS and FPS. In P3Dv3, you simply cannot fly the FSLabs A320 with the sliders at the same level as the PMDG 737, let alone the Aerosoft Airbus. Also, in FSX-Steam, the FSLabs aircraft is barely able to get over 20 FPS in a heavily detailed airport like AS EDDF or EGGL. AI usage can lead to OOM CTD. The AS Airbus has all of the normal operations plus a few minor failures built in. Because of its slim 'resource profile' you can fly the AS Airbus into any heavy airport with lots of AI and higher scenery setting while still getting good FPS. The As Airbus uses its own WXR, it works with any weather engine. FS Labs needs AS Next/2016 for WXR returns due to the pripority DLL in the ND display. Also, Aerosoft allows simultaneous installation of their aircraft into P3D and FSX. FSLabs charges considerably more for multiple licenses. At the moment, I am comparing the P3DV3 versions of both Airbuses. AS will be adding more features to the upcoming AS 2018 so the gap between the two aircraft may close further. Finally, Having flown the two, for me the AS Airbus is more than enough aircraft. Unless you are an A320 check Airman, the extra features that the FSLabs A320 gives really aren't necessary for a casual simulation pilot.
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    Right. You did hit the jackpot. The questions of EP-IJB show that he not thought about the opposite of the coin: What costs all those small things? In a pure still rendering which not costs realtime computation effort you can go for the last small details. But when there are 30, 50, 70 Frames to do per second in realistic looking graphics you exist in tight constraints, not to forget the demands for environment, airports, photo scenery, aircraft systems and on. And those you cannot easily calculate as other developers work on them with more or less technical know how. So we realtime 3d guys are constantly (at least should be) on the lookout for techniques, were we dont loose too much visual details but can ease on computational needs. The simulated aircraft get also continually complexer and with higher resoluted displays etc... All this take a certain amount of time per unit to render. And even smaller percentages of higher demand per frame can significantly down the frames per second. And i guess the simmer likes to have eyecandy, and will get it with the new busses, but at the same time wants the same frames per second at more system complexity or even better: MORE FRAMES. And it not looks bad for that even! So before any judgement done wait til you see the outcome of this! We are in moving pictures, not still photography....
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    The gear pins are a fine example. Removing them is not the job of the flight crew but of the push back dude. So while flying the aircraft is hard enough you are now also simulating the push back operator. The same with the fuel panel I seen on some aircraft, looks great but a pilot simply never sees that, the fuel truck operator sees it and prints out a paper that the captain gets. But somehow we are now also simulating the fuel truck dude. What's next? The guy who empties the waste water tanks? Not a glamorous job but while getting fuel in the aircraft, getting the pee out is just as important, no captain will take-off with full waste water tanks. I think that if you simulate fuel going in, you should simulate pee going out. Fair is fair.
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    Except for the "Pilot incapacitation checklist". But that one ends with LAND ASAP.
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    Please feel free to read the first post in this topic to get the answer to one of your questions. The second page holds the answer to another of your questions. It really seems to make no difference at all if a topic holds 256 or just 2 pages...
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    We have talked with Aerosoft and this is the intention we don't know exactly how much discount will be done we will see later or Aerosoft will tell you exactly how much. Consider we are a different developer and is a full new product but we are also simmer like you and we understand that this would be really appreciated.
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    In this case you will be happy to learn that the CFD will be completely reworked. Instead of a peer to peer connection with all its connection problems it gets a client/server architecture with zero ip/port/firewall configuration at all. It is also planned to allow a third person joining in as sort of trainer/supervisor.
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    I'll write an overview post with all prices etc tomorrow.
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    I would like to add one thing to Mathijs statement: "We feel that flying on your own is rather silly. An A320 is flown with two people, an A330 cockpit has often 3 people. Just as people found out that flying with 'real' ATC is a giant step forwards in realism, they see the same when they fly as a crew. It is just way more realistic. And WAY more important then almost any other feature. Looking to your right and seeing that empty seat is by far the biggest flaw in the way we simulate airliners these days". Those were one of the reasons why Aerosoft also added the Checklist- and Copilot (PNF)-Function to its Airbus - which is still outstanding as you will find this functionality on no other flight simulation plane. First it delivers you an oral guide what has to be done next (no paper to read/check) and if you like additionally you can "engage" the PNF who makes all necessary settings (like he does in real life). So you just can concentrate on those things a PF has to care for in a normal flight. Regards, Rolf
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    We are experimenting with the rain on the windshield.But it is very much the same effect as in FS2004, not very realistic and very heavy on resources. We'll see. We do not consider it a very important option at this moment.
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    They are nice gimmicks, but I can assure you the crew simply does not hear them with the door closed! During taxi the crew is pretty busy and most certainly not listening to instructions on how to use the whistle of yuor life jacket. I never understood why serious add-ons degraded their add-ons with these unrealistic things.
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    Indeed, there might even be a bundle of all three and one that combines the 320 with the 330.
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    The only difference now is that one can not use the 256 pages excuse.
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    Because of a typo? Really? Just to put it in context. People who beta test a product for months/years or write a manual in another language get a free copy. Spotting a typo in a thread title that changes twice every week is commendable, I will give you that.
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    Well that's the first leg complete... only two hours late leaving the Reform Club! A quick Black Cab ride (in MidTown Madness 2 no less!) from the Reform Club, through London to Tower Bridge, where we met HMNZS Canterbury. Once aboard we set sail at a very sedate 5 knots! Next update, when we hit the channel and can speed up some! SeanG
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    First flight! A lot of attendance at Duxford today as Tobias Fogg attempts to circle the globe in 80 days. Startup was quick in his shining mount, a Lockheed Constellation L-049, nicknamed "The Beauty". She was quickly adorned with the 80-days logo on both sides of her nose by @Thorsten42, fellow pilot at Andras Meridian VA. Navigation would be done via VOR's CLN-KOK-REM-TRA-CHI-VIE-BAR towards LIBD Bari, Italy. From there a quick turnaround to continue towards Port Said in Egypt. When all 4 of the mighty R3350 enginges were warmed up we took off from leaving jubilant crowd. Climbout was swift and steady over the North Sea, reaching our cruise alt of FL220 just passing the Belgian border at KOK. Hopping from VOR to VOR our flight went smooth, averaging around 300kts GS. Soon we crossed the Alps and arrived over Italian airspace, known to pilots as "Hell between the clouds". Getting bounced from ATC to ATC to ATC we started to descend towards Bari. Soon we were on ILS approach rwy7. Not that we needed it as weather was fine for a visual approach and landing. Under guidance of a follow-me vehicle and a park close to the terminal, we got unloaded, stocked up on supplies and loaded up again. We still had enough fuel for the remainder to Port Said. So off we go again! But that's a different story. Full Pirep
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    The Barcelona Evolution Version for FSX is done, Manuel and Installer should be done soon, Barcelona Professional for P3D V4 is on Final.
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    Right. Twin Otter, of course, flying my hardware home cockpit. The route currently stands at 20,258 miles but will probably change in the small details. At or below 10,000 feet and no leg longer than about 650 miles. Well one, maybe, to get to Alaska. It seems there are very few places to get fuel in Eastern Russia And I will be doing videos!
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    Please let me clarify the request that is being made here. Only the PFD,ND and engine instruments panels are required.The bezels are not required.The most important thing is to be able to re-position these screens on the users computer monitor or on a separate secondary screen. We accept the fact that your head would be in an unusual position to be able to see these screens at this angle.Please take a look at the PMDG NGX, Majestic Dash-8 et al. This is all we are asking for.How real is real?. When your aircraft is in a turn, do your desk and chair tilt to replicate banking?. Probably not. Making your own views is OK, but has a massive frame rate impact for FSX / FSX.SE users. Hope this helps. Kind regards to all.
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    That would be my biggest nightmare. 4 untrained people trying to do CRM.
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    These zits on the fuselage are so incredibly ugly.....
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    Question Regarding Down-voting: I have been recently down-voted by "not nice" people for some reason. Does that affect my reputation here? The only reason I was downvoted apparently because I did not read the information posted properly on the first page and asked the question that has been answered. Is that a crime now to ask question and as a result be down voted??? Thank you
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    This long haul thing is for a few people, I suspect. They're special people, and I respect that a lot. I've been and I'am (sometimes I'm not) a pilot. Today I'm more simmer than pilot. When my main activity was flying, I hated long journeys. But ... I always had to execute them ... LoL On the other hand, I always liked the simulators because they were used to perform the essential and most vital in the flying activity. Leveled flight on the simulator is only for emergency training... but one can fly leveled - sometimes it's good. Incidentally, I was an expert on these things, mainly in the specifications and implementation of large units for specific purposes. Usually military, so I can not speak of them: they are classified. But back to the topic, it does not matter to me the distance to fly, but the departure, the arrival, the IFR procedures, the takeoffs and the landings... And the emergency procedures, etc. SSometimes I get a route to fly at the simulator. And I do all these things: take off, execute a SID, climb to the FL and I hold that FL for a minute or two. But next moment, I speed up the simulator at warp 2, 4 and up to 8, until about 3 to 5 minutes before the descent point. LoL I like the technology embedded in these amazing machines. I like to keep myself up-to-date with this world: the world of aviation. In conclusion, I applaud commercial organizations (these that facilitate our access to this technology), which take the risk, and have the good taste of dedicating themselves to developing these products that we aspire to. Everything is a great job. Nothing can be free: they give work and produce expenses. If there is no planning and control in the execution of these undertakings ... they will fail! It's not what I, or rather, we want, isn't it? Congratulations Aerosoft for venturing and providing us with these wonders. I'm going to pay for your work and I'm very satisfied with that. I'll not be paying for what I already bought, in the strict sense of the concept: I will pay for a total retrofit. That's very fair. Cheers,
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    Here is a quick overview: Technology Simulator Platform 32bit FSX or FSX:SE or P3Dv1-3 Windows 32bit or Windows 64 bit 64bit P3Dv4 Windows 64bit only
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    Aloha! Ahhhh! Finish! Cairo's noisy arms have clutching me...after a nice sightseeing along the Canal, across the desert, around the Sphinx and Pyramids I've landed on Cairo Intl. HECA. Now it's time to look for a transport to Suez to keep on the tracks of Phileas and Passepartout. And carry on with step 2 of the journey next week. Ooops...upload limit...I think I will link some pics...sorry for the gigantic previews... but there plenty of photo motifs today. I will create some online albums later for every step on my website. take off HEMM Mersa Matruh please! no motor problems... Port Said HEPS clear to land short stop and away for the final miles Suez Canal entrance always interesting spots along the Canal...next time I have to activate ships and boats in X-Plane the Great Bitter Lake...time for a right turn to Cairo the green belt along the Canal turns into desert yeah! Cairo with HECA on the right and the Pyramids on the horizon HECA must wait...culture first more visitors via heli...no collision on the last miles, please last view ok, didn't find the GA area...but happy to finish step 1 ...but now it's time to hurry for the bus to Suez... pffff...that was close but I had to change my clothes first Now one day left to prepare step 2...this will be a hard one...and 13 days. safe landings Lem ...and the routes... hemm_heps.kml heps_heca.kml
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    Correct. The 32 bit versions of the A318>A321 are really spin-offs of the main development path. Just like we were one of the last to support FS2004, we'll keep supporting FSX for some time to come.
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    No I got side tracked.... will do it asap.
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    I won't ask about a release date, but since Thorsten had expected an end of July/mid-August release and he and his colleagues have fallen silent ever since I understand that some people here are curious about any kind of status update. So is there any information you guys can give us?
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    1. The FSL A320 is a very nice aircraft, but I'm betting you'll be even happier with the Aerosoft Airbus! 2. You'll be MUCH happier with the Aerosoft Airbus price (upgrade or even full price if you didn't own the previous version). 3. You'll be MUCH, MUCH, MUCH happier with the Aerosoft Airbus Package Price (I don't think it's been published yet). 4. We're all working very hard on the project and want it out sooner than the customers do! That said, yeah, we completely undertand, it's terrible not to have the Airbus in your hanger. 5. The wait will most certainly be worth it my friend! 6. Hang in there brother!
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    Finally..... a FSX/P3D scenery which is energy neutral
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    A hardcore simmer is a "professional"? Those dozens of "hardcore" simmers failing on VATSIM/IVAO day by day are surely not professionals. Profession, as the word implies, includes persons using it in their job. Like flightschools, event centres, universities. I know of at least one flightschool using the Aerosoft Airbus. You don't need those fancy failure stuff or systems nobody ever sees to be "professional". What is the use of those anyway in "the other Airbus"? You're sitting there simulating single pilot ops. You can't practice a single failure correctly on flightsim. Let's say you have an engine failure. You are the PF. Who will do the PM's job now, aka who will handle the failure? Nobody? Is that "professional"? If we're on it already: You can't really learn failures on a computer screen anyway, you need the 3D environment of a full blown simulator for that, else there will be close to no use in it. That flightschool I know of uses connected flight deck to learn the normal ops, MCC/CRM and general management. That's professional use and it doens't need any fancy failure or deeper systems simulation than what is provided already.