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    Good Day Mr. Kok, i ve a question concerning an upload ive done some time ago. It was before the update of the forum software. I uploaded an selfmade cabin crew announcement for the Lufthansa airline, spoken by a friend of mine a real LH flight attendend. I dont have the file on my home pc anymore and quite a bunch of people asked me about it. Would be nice if you have it on your server. If not - no problem at all. BTW. good work with the CRJ - looks amazing! Best wishes André from germany
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    Thank you sir, your repaints are so beautiful ! Please, continue your work because it's just beautiful
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    hallo zusammen ich habe mal eien frage kann einer ein repaint von der alten Hapag LIoyd machen weil die fehlt noch vom A 320-200 mfg oliover ristau