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    Hallo, einer unser nächsten Airports wird Tromso ENTC von Stairport Sceneries sein. Hier die geplante Feature Liste (englisch): High resolution ground image for the airport boundary Large photo scenery coverage surrounding area (121km² | 50cm/pixel) Animated Jetways (AutoGate Plugin required) Several custom buildings covering the surrounding area Highly detailed building textures with baked shadows Realistic night time effects and custom X-Plane lightning Highly detailed terminal interior Custom static aircraft included 3D grass implemented WorldTraffic3 compatible (custom files included) TerraMaxx compatible (winter season) Wir haben schon einige Betatests hinter us. Der Release wird also nicht mehr lange auf sich warten lassen Gruß Heinz
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    Selbst ist der Mann. Habe meine alte FSX Scenery EDLW_2007 konvertiert und die fehlenden Gebäude dann daraus in die neue Dortmund Scenery eingearbeitet. Das ganze mit dem overlay Editor
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    What a populated scenery in those approahc shots!
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    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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    No problem my friend... we've all been there!
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    Hi Hans, I have done some more testing with the CRJ. The FMC issue has returned and I am now unable to enter anything in the FMC. I will describe the exact steps I have taken after I loaded the CRJ. 1. I noticed the panel state (C&D) loaded incorrectly so I changed it via DAVE to Cold & Dark. This resulted in the message "Configuring aircraft. Please wait..." to show up, which would never disappear. (Could this indicate the panel state not loading in fully??) 2. I ignored the message for the time being, and placed the chocks and connected the GPU through DAVE. (Again no green AVAIL light...) 3. I powered up the aircraft, turned on the battery, DC service and GPU. 4. I did a quick overhead flow in which I checked the Fire system, turned on some lights, turned on the 3A pump, opened the isolation valve, set Man rate to min, turned the recirc on, "armed" the packs, tested my icing equipment, turned on the windshield heat, turned on the Fasten and smoking light and armed the emergency lights. (Not really sure if this is relevant but yeah) 5. I went down to the FMC and could successfully enter my Airport and Set Pos into POS INIT. 6. Switched to the FPLN page and tried to enter my Origin. This failed. I could type it in the scratchpad but when I clicked the LSK it would enter it and immediately remove it. Any entry from this point on would be deleted. If you need me to record the process/problem, I could do that. Let me know what you think of it. Vince
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    Version 1.8.2 is available! This is an important Update for all SIMstarter NG users. There has been an issue that the automatic update process does not work any more. This could cause SIMstarter NG is unable to update SIMstarter NG tells "No internet connection" after reinstall In this case please download the latest installer from Aerosoft Support Database.
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    For those, like me, that like to see the thumbnail in Livery Manager I have created them (captured from P3dv4 3D View) for defoult AS A319 Prof. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s5rcnpyagqgze05/A319DefaultThumbnails.zip?dl=0 @Mathijs Kok if this is not good for AS, don't hesitate delete my post.
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    Very nice!, what scenery is that?
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    That's from real aircraft:
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    It's boring to bright up everything each time... Simply customize variables in the following files : (open it with a text editor) - \Aerosoft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\Data\Custom1.abx - \Aerosoft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\Data\Custom2.abx - \Aerosoft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\Data\Custom3.abx - \Aerosoft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\Data\Custom4.abx 1, 2, 3, 4 corresponding to Cold and dark, Turn Around, Taxi, TO Don't forget to backup these files before running the updater.
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    Okay we'll insert these files in the next build.
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    Okay we'll insert them in a new build.
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    If people have problems that are sorted out by re-installing the simulator without changing any of the add-on files, isn't that more or proof the issue is with the sim? We now have over 55 people who reported that. Feel free to wait for the A320/A321, but if the sim is not okay exactly the same issues will pop up. We have not send out ANY updates to fix the nor working issues and we do not intend to because so far we have not identified anything we could sort out.
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    A long time to respond can be absolutely normal. Even as long as you see it in our Airbus. When I did my first flight in a real jet the left engine stabilised at the intermideate power setting we use for runup already while the other hadn't even reacted at all yet and was still at IDLE. Things like this happen, that's why you set an intermittent thrust setting first at all and don't push them directly to TOGA. We will make them a bit more responsive for you guys though, it seems that simmers love their engines freshly out of maintenance
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    Could Holgi or others who've already painted the Easyjet fleet for Airbus X possibly consider doing some Austrian-registered Easyjet Europe jets? Thanks
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    i second this request! Could only find the old one, it would be great to have the new one! Maybe one of the talented painters out there can get it done!
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    1) VH-VGF Jetstar A320 IAE 2) VH-VFU Jetstar A320 IAE 3) VH-VQS Qantas Link IAE
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    Sorry, but Marid was also announced by other defelopers. Sim-wings is doing spanish airport since more then 15 year now and the canaries are the oldes once, so they are now on the list. Ask the others, why they don't do airports witch are not in the protfolio of other teams for a long time. Dublin ist not a sim-wings Airport, was done by Padlabs. And a defeloper can make every airport, there will be always people, who want to have others airport first.
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    Ahhh descent planning. This could be a 50 page thread by itself, lol. For now I'll just hit on what you asked. Our typical decent profile is .77 to 320kts, then 250kts below 10,000. As you can imagine, going into the major airports, we rarely are able to stick with that profile because of altitude/speed restraints on the arrival, or ATC assigned altitudes and speeds. An idle descent where you don't add power until final approach would be the most efficient in any jet, however, this pretty much never happens, once again, because of the restrictions of the arrival or ATC. So the thrust settings are just whatever you need to comply with that you've been assigned. The vast majority of people descend in V/S mode, and just adjust it to maintain the speed that you want to hold. Going into places like Chicago, they typically assign you speeds to hold all the way down to the final appraoch fix (Maintain 300kts....maintain 250kts....maintain 210kts....maintain 180 kts....maintain 170kts until *Insert final approach fix here*). There are times where I don't feel like riding the V/S knob the whole way down the descent so instead I'll just slow to the assigned speed and use SPEED mode to come down. There are no specific thrust settings I use when I do this. If I want a shallow descent, I pull them back a little. The more steep of a descent I want, the more I pull the thrust levers back. As with any descent in the CRJ, make sure you get that power back in once you level off!) A little trick you can do for those times where ATC leaves you way high and dry and you need to get down quickly. 320-330kts (250kts below 10), SPEED mode, thrust idle, speedbrakes full out, then hold on tight (lol). (Again...make sure you stow the speedbrakes and get the power back in on the level off! Otherwise you will experience CRJ fun times!) I'm sure we'll get more questions about descent planning as this goes on and we'll cover more of this, but hopefully this gives you a good start.
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    Sorry, ich habe einen Eintrag in der Key-Prefs vergessen: End <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_obs1 End (Ende, die Taste über den Cursortasten) diese selektiert das OBS, danach kann mit den Cursortasten das radial gewählt werden. Also nochmals alle am Stück: Numpad-0 <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_hdg Numpad-1 <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_com2 Numpad-2 <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_nav2 Numpad-3 <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_adf2 Numpad-4 <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_com1 Numpad-5 <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_nav1 Numpad-6 <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_adf1 Numpad-7 <none> sim/autopilot/hsi_select_nav_1 Numpad-8 <none> sim/autopilot/hsi_select_nav_2 Numpad-1 CTRL sim/radios/com2_standy_flip Numpad-2 CTRL sim/radios/nav2_standy_flip Numpad-3 CTRL sim/radios/adf2_standy_flip Numpad-4 CTRL sim/radios/com1_standy_flip Numpad-5 CTRL sim/radios/nav1_standy_flip Numpad-6 CTRL sim/radios/adf1_standy_flip Left <none> FlyWithLua/radio/major_tune_down Right <none> FlyWithLua/radio/major_tune_up Right CTRL FlyWithLua/radio/minor_tune_up Left CTRL FlyWithLua/radio/minor_tune_down End <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_obs1 /Othello
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    Ich habe das ADF integriert, das neue Script ist als Anhang vorhanden. Bei der Gelegenheit habe ich für mich das Layout der Funktionen auf der Tastatur geändert. Als Vorschlag biete ich an (vorausgesetzt die Tatatur hat einen separaten Nummernblock): Für das Einstellen der Zahlen verwende ich die Pfeiltasten links/rechts in Verbindung mit der Strg Taste gleich daneben. Dabei regeln die Pfeiltasten ohne Strg den Major-Bereich (Vorkomma-Zahlen, beim ADF den Hunderter-Bereich), in Verbindung mit Crtl werden Nachkommazahlen und beim ADF der Zehner-Einer-Bereich eingestellt. Für Heading und OBS Einstellungen reichen die Pfeiltasten ohne Ctrl. Zur Auswahl des zu verstellenden Gerätes verwende ich "4" und "1" für com1/com2 "5" und "2" für nav1/nav2 "6" und "3" für adf1/adf2 "0" für den Heading Bug "ende" für OBS Mit "7" und "8" wird vor1/vor2 auf das HDI gelegt Für das Umschalten von Aktiv zu Standbay verwende ich die Ctrl Taste: Ctrl "4" und Ctrl "1" für com1/com2 Ctrl "5" und Ctrl "2" für nav1/nav2 Ctrl "6" und Ctrl "3" für adf1/adf2 Ein Auszug aus X-Plane 10\Output\preferences\X-Plane Keys.prf sieht so aus: Right <none> FlyWithLua/radio/major_tune_up Left <none> FlyWithLua/radio/major_tune_down Right CTRL FlyWithLua/radio/minor_tune_up Left CTRL FlyWithLua/radio/minor_tune_down Numpad-4 <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_com1 Numpad-4 CTRL sim/radios/com1_standy_flip Numpad-1 <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_com2 Numpad-1 CTRL sim/radios/com2_standy_flip Numpad-5 <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_nav1 Numpad-5 CTRL sim/radios/nav1_standy_flip Numpad-2 <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_nav2 Numpad-2 CTRL sim/radios/nav2_standy_flip Numpad-6 <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_adf1 Numpad-6 CTRL sim/radios/adf1_standy_flip Numpad-3 <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_adf2 Numpad-3 CTRL sim/radios/adf2_standy_flip Numpad-7 <none> sim/autopilot/hsi_select_nav_1 Numpad-8 <none> sim/autopilot/hsi_select_nav_2 Numpad-0 <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_hdg End <none> FlyWithLua/radio/select_obs1 Gruß Othello radio_nav_tuning.lua
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    Hello folks, this is my next repaint! I'm posting now some screens, in order to avoid mistakes on the final version. It's a fictional livery as Hawaiian Airlines does not operate A320's, but it will be a nice addition for those that like to fly around Hawaii Working on the back end of the fuselage now. Enjoy! Peter
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