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    Welcome to the day before release everyone. Much anticipated and awaited on the A318/319 is being discussed everywhere on the Forums and in Live Streams like Twitch. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all Staff, Devs, testers, Forum Mods for your help, advice and generally working towards the release of the product. I know the hours have been long and gruelling and this is but one product you are involved with. From midnight tonight many of us will be awaiting release and it's only with many thanks to you guys that we are where we are now. Enjoy the plane folks and remember their are still some facets to be completed. I always find this pre-release time enjoyable and a big part of the whole experience. Buying the product a few days later is not the same as waiting for that button release and nervously completing the details. Thanks once again to one and all involved, Steve
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    No. this is a 60 euro product, not a 6 million euro product. We still focus totally on the actual task of flying the aircraft and totally ignore things that have never happened in the real aircraft. Stuff like a dual engine failure combined with a unconscious co-pilot simply does not interest us a lot.
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    “When will the A330 be released? And will it be for FSX also?” will be the next thing to read here.
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    There won't be an Aerosoft A350 in the foreseeable future because the tech info needed from Airbus to make even a halfway decent add-on isn't available. This has been asked numerous times in other threads, along with the A380, so no need to ask about that one either.
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    Hi guys, Here we have a bunch of new screenshots showing to you the new animated jetways, lights and wig wag. The project is near to the end of development, we have just to do some building around the taxiways and some minor stuff like animated vehicles and we're done.
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    If you get stuck in the semi intelligent checklist system it is because some condition is not met. Take a few steps back, check what has been done and see if you missed something. As this system interacts so deeply with your actions we have seen in previous releases that it is incredibly hard to capture every possible variation. We know from previous releases that we will find occasions where we expect something and you don't know what to do. So when you find such an point, try to explain it as clearly as possible so we can find a way to make the system understand things better.
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    I just uploaded the installer to the beta testers (the installer guys at Aerosoft are pretty busy this week because the A318/A319 release is planned for tomorrow). Depending on tester feedback, the SP1 release will be either on Friday or Monday (unless showstoppers come up).
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    Welcome to the forums. The short answer: I don't think, that they have removed features from the new Airbus (only added some...) Please correct me, if I'm wrong.
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    two more days ...and then ... what will we read instead of the requests of the release date?
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    Actually yes, I think it is! The size and complexity of this project makes it highly unpredictable. That Aerosoft is even giving a timeframe (roughly) is quite open minded and forthcoming. Please don't forget, that software development is a highly fluent process, where multiple parties have to cooperate and time their work. Of course, the project manager oversees and coordinates everything, and makes the necessary adjustments with regards to the time-line. In my view, Mathijs has done a heck-of-a-job here! Personally I don't understand, why you would think, that it wasn't a reasonable timeframe?! Also, consider, that the project has undergone some changes as to what should be developed and updated - from an P3Dv4 update for the existing busses - to an entirely new product! Besides, Aerosoft has (as one of the few - if not only one) made quite a job of making sure everyone is well informed of the process, development updates, of what's included and any logic in the decisions, behind changes in the process and product. Please don't underestimate the size of the project and workload involved.
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    11:57 Zulu. But we have been known to be late by a few seconds. (or years, he said looking at Hans Hartmann )
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    The release will be using the same standard voicesets than the previous busses and those will be the only ones for the time being. The checklist has been enhanced please see e. g. therefore a lot of additional calls have been added. We were not able to modify the previously used voicesets accordingly p. e. because those "pilots" were not available anymore. Therefore the option to change between various voicesets had to be removed. But in future there will be additional voicesets which can be downloaded from the Aerosoft Download Section or you can create your own set of call - please see Regards, Rolf
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    "This product will be released on 9 August 2018" Aerosoft Shop ?
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    I have tried searching for 'rudder' related questions in this thread but I am yet to find a direct answer to this question and if this has been answered before I sincerely apologise but will there still be an auto rudder option like in the previous versions? In the previous versions you could use the aileron controls to control the rudder under 80kts, will this feature be present in the new version? I'm also wondering if the orange shutters will be functional? (not sure of the correct terminology) I remember in the previous bus there was one directly above the window that you could put down, but the ones on the side windows lacked this functionality. Just wondering since it seems like a neat little addition.
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    of course the first request of that airplane is here
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    Tom, I salute your patience and calmness. Me, I doubt would have managed it for so long
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    Carenado PC-12 at Locher (Freeware by Vassilios Dimoulas)
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    Both Prague and Dublin exists for Prepar3D! Aerosoft have developed both of them. Although, not for Prepar3D v4...
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    Impossible at this moment because not enough information is available. Just as with the 350 and 380. A lot of the details we need are only available on locked iPad that pilots and maintenance use.
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    Rhys and Walter, I don't know what else I need to say to kindly ask you to simply read 1-2 pages back (not the first post on this topic). Decisions being made only today of course do not reflect in posts being written earlier. Please let me refresh my earlier request:
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    Version 1.0


    This ZIP - file contains repaints in the colors of Airbus A320 CFM Aigle Azur F-HBIO (clean and dirt). These textures can be used for the Airbus X and the Airbus X Extended! ... if you are looking for more or other repaints then you can also look on my homepage http://simtexture.de!
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