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    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 1806 for best results. Changelog Update: AltCap, RAD and Directs Update: extend Free Route Airspace in Italy and Malta from above FL335 down to FL305 Update: adjustments in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing - e.g.: Thessaloniki LGTS arrivals via Skopje FIR/UIR Kraków EPKK and Katowice EPKT departures via Bratislava UIR Frankfurt/Hahn EDFH and Luxembourg ELLX arrivals via Praha UIR and then Rhine UIR Luxembourg ELLX departures via Rhine UIR Barcelona LEBL departures via Marseille UIR Regards David
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    only if i sent you clean wings without any registration then it could be used on the A321 of your choice.
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    Version zip


    Scandinavian Airbus A320 NEO. To be delivered to SAS from 2016 all in all 30 airplanes based in Copenhagen.
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    IDS, I don't believe I have been disrespectful to any other organisation so I'd appreciate you telling me. Either here (so I can defend myself if necessary) or via a PM. I don't have any bone to pick with you as individuals despite what you may think. I'm just pleased you are supporting your product on a forum and hopefully we can resolve this problem to everyone's benefit.
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    Here are my settings in FSX:SP2. I also loaded the Trike 18nm out from 32 and slewed towards the airport. Free VAS started at 3206136 but once inside 15nm it dropped quickly and on reaching the runway was 1709080. That's 1497.056Mb used.
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    I have spent the last 2 hours flying the approach from 18nm out to rwy 32. I started by turning off all the options in the config manager. It didn't make any substantial difference to VAS consumed. At 18nm I had 2216Mb VAS available. At 15nm the scenery is loaded. This can be seen by areas of the sea changing to blocks of blue before reverting to textured water. Is that what you would expect? A few seconds later the VAS drops from 2216 to 1161. That's 1055Mb. Again, is that what you would expect with all options turned off? The aircraft chosen shouldn't make any difference to the amount of VAS used by the airport. A less demanding aircraft will have more VAS available but over 1Gb will still be used loading Nassau. I only have that amount of available memory because I'm loading a saved flight. Under normal circumstances I have around 1300Mb free so you can appreciate that when that is reduced by over 1Gb I'm going to have memory problems. I've just turned off the PC but will give you my FSX (SP2) settings later. Here are my PC specs:- Intel i7 4770k 3.2GHz overclocked to 4.4Ghz (professionally by the company that build the PC). 8Gb RAM Nvidia 780 GTX 3Gb card Windows 7 SP1 FS Labs ConcordeX I don't believe I have been disrespectful to either you or your company. I say it as I see it and use stats to make my case. The news that you will try to separate the airport from the city sounds encouraging.
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    I do get it thank you. I did see a small improvement in VAS. Around 140Mb. FSX is loading parts of the world in sectors. So if one sector is damaged it' doesn't mean all sectors have to. I don't understand what you mean by that statement. If I had a 'damaged' sector (whatever that means!) don't you think it would manifest itself when I fly other routes? BSOD or FSX crashing perhaps? I was able to fly KJFK to Pointe-à-Pitre International which is further south than Nassau. That scenery is by T2G and memory is fine. Wouldn't a 'damaged sector' also cause problems with that airport? It doesn't. Neither does St Maartens TNCM also in the same part of the world. People have also complained about large amounts of VAS being used with Sacramento. There's a common theme here. Do YOU get it?
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    Someone has marked down my report above where I ran out of VAS. Why?
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    Flight from FSDreamTeam JFK to Nassau-X using FS Labs Concorde. I'm sorry to report that despite the small increase in VAS it wasn't enough to prevent an OOM when taxiing to my gate at MYYN. For the last 3 miles on approach to Rwy 14 the FSUIPC Low VAS warning gong repeatedly sounded and as I turned into the terminal area to park I got the dreaded OOM and FSX shut down. I have left enabled all the options with the exception of static aircraft and vehicles. I have many other airport that have 3D grass and don't have OOM issues with those. I imagine anyone flying into MYYN in a complex aircraft such as Concorde or the PMDG777 will encounter similar issues to me. I need to recover around 400Mb of VAS to make this airport usable. I'd appreciate some advice from the developer on how this can be achieved. I have no need for the photorealistic textures or detailed coastline as those are provided to me by UTX TAC and FTX Global. I honestly thought I was buying a detailed airport, not textures for the whole island that would be so VAS hungry. Hopefully the developer (I.G.S) can recommend a course of action to reduce memory consumption. Otherwise I will not be able to use this product and will approach my vendor requesting a refund. But let's see what they can suggest first.
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    Indeed, I did like the effort and detail with what the developers did in Nassau, but it is incredibly frustrating to pay for a product you highly anticipated but which you cannot use. The last post from the developer was April 18th, it is now 1 1/2 months later, frankly we who paid for this product deserve to know of any progress or lack of it. BTW, on an unrelated matter, I just happened to notice that I have a negative 1 rating, and frankly I am highly curious as to how that is done. Does anyone here know how that "rating" is given or who gives it? Certainly having paid for or been given as a gift a few Aerosoft products, one wonders if we are appreciated as customers for voicing our opinions.
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    I am sure glad that an update is coming soon, I have created a photoreal area covering the whole exuma chain and Nassau, and almost done with Eleuthera and cat island. Every attempt made to land in Nassau resulted in OOM, with any aircraft, hopefully now I will be able to enjoy the photoreal scenery. BT
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    I was just about to purchase MYNN; not anymore. I was fortunate to have decided to check the forum before purchasing scenery, the negative comments on the scenery especially the OOM, and the not very supportive support has caused me to change my mind. Maybe I'll wait for the corrected update. Maybe. I not too happy about the poor customer support on the forum either, another reason to hold off. Hope you guys get your problems sorted out; soon! Seems they have a VAS problem with EDDT as well.
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    It's now 25 days since I posted my complaint about Nassau airport and the developers - I.G.S - promised to provide an update. No news here and none on their Facebook page regarding that update. I see there are also complaints about VAS usage with their other product, Sacramento. There is clearly an underlying problem here with how they design their scenery. The problem of excessive memory consumption is well documented on this thread and goes back to early December 2015. That's over five months ago. If there is no update in the next two weeks or at least some evidence an update is being tested then I'm going to take the unprecedented step of requesting a refund from the site I bought Nassau from. I believe I have good reasons for doing this.
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    Hey guys, especially Ray, we are in the process of locating the issue of MYNN. If you look closely and compare our scenery to default scenery, you will notice that we've reshaped the entire island and there's almost nothing default anymore. There is even an update, ready to be released but after some reports we've decided to hold with release until we've finished further investigations. One of you ( Ray ) commented via FB to one of our posts yesterday. It was very unfriendly and did not even allow the developers to react. All of you need to understand that we're not a company working fulltime scenery development. Almost no company does it. We all have jobs and familys and do this because of our hobby ( aviation ). Some of you should be ashamed on how they speak with people about people. We're not 12. We offer updates ( unlike other developers who are relatively new). We care of the community. We could have had said also: We don't care. But we do. And that's why there'll be an update. No one should not enjoy our scenery. And that's why we're working on a fix and will release it soon. You either like our quality or not. That's how we develop and we get better with every release ( like all major developers did ). Keep your foots still guys. And until then, Cya
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    We will deffinetly release an update. You're a customer and we're a community. There's no place to hate eachother. Thanks, but we've got our testers. Cheers
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    Gentleman, we've sent Nassau update on 19th May 2016 to Aerosoft. As far as I know it's supposed to come out this week or beginning of next ( don't take my word 100% but that's what we were told that it's expected ). Following things were adressed in this upcoming update: MYNN Update List: 1) Sode V1.3.2 update 2) Sode V1.3.2 Jetway Update 3) Dirt effect on apron fixed in P3D/FSX 4) Approach Lights Aligned 5) Traffic AFCAD fixed (Aircraft taking wrong taxiways, Taxing Down RWY 9 and takes off center of runway) 6) Some perfomance tweaks Configurator Update List: 1) Corrected Spelling 2) Added Option for On/Off Baggage Carts 3) Added Option for Auto-gen Houses On/Off We're relatively new developers and do our best to update and release scenerys that will not lead into a disappoitnment. Some words said here and in other posts are very disrespectful towards developers work. We're currently in development of scenerys such as Liverpool and Newcastle which deffinetly wont have the issues you as the community reported here. Every project is a lesson learned and we do our best to fix it and make the next one better! If you encounter any more issues after this update you're more then welcome to let us know. We care of you, same as we want to be cared of as customers from other companys. Cheers
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    We have tweaked some things and hope to achieve a reduction. We saw a decrease in VAS and now it's your turn to let us know. If not, well continue investigation and corrections.
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    To lower VAS more you need to uncheck things in the Add-On Manager. The custom Autogen city for instance adds lots of details but isn't meant for Route flyers. Some features are just for VFR flyers. We all add them to add the realism factor. Make sure as well that you are not running ANY terrain or Phototexture Add-On in the same area. Cheers
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    That's true Amos. And we ( speaking in the name of all developers out there ) do this for a simple reason -> Realism. Nassaus island is not correctly shaped by default so we've basicly redid lots of parts and added the city. It's good to see that your perfomance is better now.
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    You sir should learn scenery development before making such statements. There is deffinetly something wrong with your flight sim causing OOM's. We've got loads of people with FSX, FSX:SE and P3D not complaining about OOM'S like you do. Instead of entirely blaming the developers you should check your stuff as well. You might have corrupted files installed which can cause a memory leak.
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    If there is still an issue after you have checked your files, we are more then happy to investigate into issues and help you. By the way,,, Comparing scenerys with each other is useless as every scenery got different details/requirements. Nassau got 3D interior, animated people, a realistic island and much more. A big airport such as Orlando or JFK got other features.
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    You still don't get it. After the update there are people reporting better VAS and perfomance. FSX is loading parts of the world in sectors. So if one sector is damaged it' doesn't mean all sectors have to. If you would have watched the promotional Video of Nassau and check the ads you would have seen what is included in the Nassau Scenery pack. You're actually the first one complaining that a scenery is supplying too much. But that's something else now.
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    Yes, but thats what UPDATES are for. We've repeated ourself thousands of times that we're relatively new and do our best to ensure that whatever is released will be fixed. Not sure if you have realised it already but we're talking here with you to actually find a solution. We could have had ignored you as well. But it seems you don't get it and are very disrespectful towards us and other developers in the past ( won't state names because of privacy ). So once again, please stay friendly and supportive. Otherwise WE can't HELP YOU. A good start would be to tell us your specs and settings inside FS.
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    Hi Joe, we'll take a look at the sourcefiles and see if we can separate city from airport. No promise yet , but we'll see what we can do and will share news within next days ( what can be done and what not )
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    Hello Ray, you may haven't got the impression but for us and others it sounded very disrespectful. Anyways. Thanks for sending over your specs and settings and we will look into other possible solutions.
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