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    Hi guys, i dont no if its the good sections but I would love this repaint cyprus Airways for a319 please. thanks https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8955764
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    There is no final decision made yet. Time will tell. Fact is, that the currently available Airbus version is very strong. If at some point in time the decision might be made against an FSX update it still serves as a very good product.
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    Pfff-WHAT? We'll have to do something to bring flight simulation to the front of the pack!
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    Totally solved! As simple as install the scenery, open the sim and enjoy. Completely agree! Thanks for your lesson, Oliver. I'll go to bed with something new learned. I though that Scenery Library or third party tools were the only ways to add sceneries into the sim. Now I know that I was wrong. Thanks for your platinum-class support (fast and useful) and keep your amazing job feeding our beloved community with awesome addons. Happy rest of the weekend and safe landings!
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    The Scenery Config Editor last Updated in 09.2017 seams only FS2004/FSX compatible anyway. Malaga is registert after the install, no need for any tool. But in the case using not full P3D V4 compatible tools, it is open if your P3D Installation is anymore free of chaos.
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    Yes, you will have to pay a reasonable update price.
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    Wie schon beschrieben, den FSX einfach mit "ALT + ENTER" aus dem Vollbildmodus raus nehmen, dann oben rechts auf Maximieren. Als nächstes unten auf die Taskleiste einen Rechtsklick und auf die Taskleisteinstellungen gehen und dann bei "Taskleiste im Desktopmodus automatisch ausblenden" auf "EIN" klicken. Dann hast du auf deinem linken Monitor quasi den FSX mit wirklichen minimal erkennbaren Rändern, du kannst aber mit der Maus nach rechts auf deinen zweiten Bildschirm gehen und googlen. Dann solltest du noch in den FSX Einstellungen den Haken unter "FSX pausiert bei Anwendungswechsel" oder sowas in der Art entfernen, da dein FSX beim klicken auf ein anderes Fenster das Spiel pausiert.
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    Neat shots all! Out for some IFR in the RG myself!
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    It might be surprising but I don't mind some of the harsh comments. They might piss me off but if they are based on facts I gotta deal with them. I feel a lot of this 'conflict' is not based on the merits (or price) of the product but on how customers perceive the company behind it. We got in aircraft not the best record on on time delivery (though projects like the DC-8 were pretty much on time). The CRJ was just late, we all laughed hard about that we Hans and I eaten our fair share of shit for that. You have never seen Hans or me complain about comments there. We just slugged on and delivered. The Bus projects are a bit different. I am not going over the reasons we changed things halfway (A330 > A320 series) or how we added 10 weeks to the schedule to add things customers really wanted (like better lights and rain effects). That has been discussed so often all that could be said is said. If commenters do not want to take that into account and point to a post from early 2016, so be it. I can't force people to read. If they have read it all and do not agree, so be it. In the schedule we discussed internally late fall 2017 that resulted in the statement we would release 'early 2018' we always used a late March date. So as project manager I consider myself delivering late by 3 months. Some potential customers who do not know the complete picture will believe we are 18 months late. No serious comments will swade those people to accept my explanation and that's why on many forums and Facebook you read comments that I consider silly. As facts will not make any change to what these people want to believe I rather ignore them. I manage a team of developers who I believe are world class, who do things never done before (think about the most complete MCDU, a weather radar that actually works with ANY weather engine as it is able to read the weather from INSIDE the sim, a server based connected flight deck, a semi intelligent co-pilot etc) and who will deliver all of that in a product that contains wo aircraft types in a sub 50 euro product. I stand in front of them and will take any abuse defending them. I get paid to eat shit, they do not. What I have problems with is defending Aerosoft as a company that is not messing with customers. We believe it is normal that a paying customer should install as often as he wants on his own systems, that there is complete transparency on what is installed where, complete transparency on what is tracked (uhh nothing) and that customers should not pay twice for a file. And of course we promise not to violate laws. As a publisher we sell products that need online activation and in some markets (like bus add-ons) where piracy is rampant we do try to protect our products. But I am not only the project manager of the busses, I am also the manager of support. And I claim there is no customer who paid for his products that is not able to use them. You pay, you play. If there are people who feel that is not true, just write me at mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com. We have been doing this for 26 years, growing every single year. Our customer satisfaction rating for sales is at around 90%, in support it is about 86% (and that includes all the people who ask for serials without paying). Our average customer bought more than 5 (!) products.
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    From this moment on I will try to give a daily update on things our dev team has done. We took the plunge and moved the fonts to the simfolder. In principle this should have worked since P3d V3 but it always had issues. Now we think it is save. The big advantage is that the complete product is now in just two folder, the A318/A319 folder and a shared folder for all our bus products that has things like the company routes, nav data. Installing is now as easy as just copying the files. No more reboot to activate fonts etc. Stefan spend the day updating the VC textures so they will work with the new RealLight/TrueGlass modules. These allow compression so the extreme demands on Graphics Memory are reduced to an acceptable level. This makes 3 Gb graphics cards feasible and removes a massive headache from me. Robert, Frank and Baylan (the people working on the systems, navigation etc) kept on working the showstopper and critical bugs. A few were closed. Others discussed. In this stage making sure they all know what they are doing continuously is super important. We are planning a hackathon in the last week before release where we will focus on the simple and stupid issues, goal is to close at least 50 of them in 18 hours. One of our main advisory pilots did a test flight yesterday and made a video of the whole flights. He did not make things easy with a flight plan that had discontinuous elements he solved by going direct as is common on European airspace these days. Lot of new information to process but surprisingly no new bugs. The first stage to get to release is to make sure you get no new bugs! We added a new very experienced new pilot to our internal Skype group. This is very valuable as we need information and confirmation on issues at least 20 times a day. if we have that on hand it speeds up things a lot. I am pretty pissed off about some of the silly comments I read online since our news yesterday. I should not be, but I am. Things like that we are speeding things up to beat FSL's A319 release. Honestly I did not even know they were close to release and if I did it would have played no role. If a customer wants to buy that product at that price from that company they should. We are not in competition as the focus of the products is totally different. They do stuff we don't, we do stuff they do not do. I think a lot depends on who you want to give your money to. We got a lot of bugs fixed reports from Rolf on the checklists items I will check myself tomorrow. 18:30, our German devs are closing down after a 11 hour day, Baylan is getting breakfast and will start on tweaks to the TO, CLB, CRZ, DES pages. Some testers will check some bugs.
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    Dutch Coast Guard Do-228 over Ameland (One of the islands in The Netherlands)
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    Time for a small friday update. Detailing of the main gear has advanced pretty well, the last details are added on monday (some covers of joints). After that work will proceed into the bay itself, which has also to show remarkable detail. Stay tuned!
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    just to doublecheck, there will be no FSX version of upcoming Airbus?
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    Hallo Heinz, Der Topic sollte so natürlich nicht sein. Tut mir leid. Aber es war eine einfach Nachfrage. Trotzdem meine Nachfrage warum in den USA keine MWST oder Zollgebühren für Downloadprodukte enstehen und in Deutschland schon. Ich bin aber auch bei Aerosoft eine Kunde und bestelle auch schon gern da so ist das nicht:)
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    The product description states: This means nothing else than there are safegates modelled ("safegate" is just the name of the company which creates LED guidance system and is not related to the jetways as a whole), and these only work with AutoGate installed. Nowhere in the description we state that the scenery actually has animated jetways. You just assumed it because you read "AutoGate". Probably like: "Well, if they use AutoGate for Safegate, they must use AutoGate also for the jetways". It's not a lie. It's a misunderstanding.
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    Diese Aussage ist meines Achtens falsch auf keiner meiner X-org bestellten Produkten ist weder eine MWST noch eine Zollgebühr in den Rechnungen aufgeführt. Nach Rücksprache mit org.store ist das nur bei Paketversand (Hardware) so. Nicht bei den Downloadprodukten.
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    Hallo, Einfach mal ne Frage, warum im Aerosoft shop die Flugzeuge deutlich teurer sind als bei org.store gibts da einen Grund?. Würde ja gerne öfter bei Aerosoft bestellen aber ich bekomme die meisten Airplane´s deutlich günstiger im org.store? Als Beispiel die Flight Factor A320 Ultimate kostet 87,05 Euro bei Aerosoft. Bei org.store bekomme ich die für 71 Euro. 16 Euro unterschied finde ich schon extrem heftig. Lg
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