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    Please accept that the wingflex topic has been discussed to death in here. We do not intend to reopen it every other day or week. Please use the forum search to get a full picture of this line of discussion. Follow ups to this post will be removed.
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    Hi everyone. I've been keeping a close eye on this topic, eagerly awaiting news of the release of the new Professional version of the Airbus. And I have to admit that I'm getting a bit anxious, but something I learned a long time ago is that, All good things come to those who wait! So, with all this waiting that is going on, I think that when the Pro Airbus is finally released that it will be, GOOOOOOOOD! Just my 2 cents worth. George
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    Ok, no, please stop right there... that is *not* the recommended method from Lockheed... I believe we talked about this in this thread or its previous incarnation, where Mathjis agreed and understood. This topic was explained by several people in the past, more elegantly by Umberto from FSDT. It is *not* recommended to install your files in our documents folder (filling up our precious OS drive space in the process) The recommended method is to place *the XML file* of your add-on there, which inside lists the actual location of the files. Since all is still in development, I ask that you please revisit this and have then installers work in the appropriate way. Edit: it was in this thread, around page 201: and this is the link I shared that Mathjis asked for: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=124845
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    The people who voted this post down will lose some privileges on this forum. The reply from Tom was accurate and there was nothing wrong with it. I wrote that post and made sure it shows at the top of every single page in this thread. If we have to reply to every time somebody asks the things that have been replied to dozens of times this forum would look pretty silly. That has NOTHING to do with being impolite, it is just efficient and it favors the majority. If you have a question on a not yet released product, spend a few minutes checking if your question has not been replied to many many times.
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    If there is anything you want to share with us about the forum moderation, please do so here. To be totally clear, we use up and downvotes because we believe the community has a self cleaning capacity. A forum is only as useful as the content and when it becomes easy to find the content that is actually helpful and constructive and to avoid having to read content that is simply not very useful a forum works a lot better. And those are the ONLY conditions voting should be used. They should never be used to make a point, punish somebody etc. That behavior is not accepted. Every downvote is listed and checked and when the moderation team does not agree with it we'll let the voter know and will correct the situation. If a person keeps on misusing the system we'll remove his voting rights. The system is also very useful for us in another way, it allows us to find the users who are more helpful so we can invite them to beta's and show them with some free stuff that we care. The people with the highest scores might even be asked to join our moderation team that has free access to all beta's and all our software. So it does pay to assist other people. That's part of the hobby, what I don't know you might know.
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    http://avherald.com/h?article=4b4386ce&opt=0 A Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing 737-800, registration LN-DYE performing flight DY-1156 from Oslo (Norway) to Munich (Germany), was climbing through FL330 out of Oslo when the crew decided to stop the climb and return to Oslo due to the toilets on board not working. The aircraft landed safely back in Oslo about 62 minutes after departure.The aircraft was carrying 84 plumbers amongst the passengers, of those plumbers 65 were employees of one Norwegian company. The chairman of that company told Norwegian media, his staff would have loved to fix the toilets in flight, however, this would have required to access the lavatories from the outside of the aircraft and they didn't take the opportunity to send somebody outside the aircraft at 10,000 meters of altitude.The aircraft was serviced after landing back in Oslo, departed again as flight DY-8406 and reached Munich with a delay of 3.5 hours.
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    You shouldn't rip that statement out of its context as it was given as an answer to a provocative post as far as I remember.
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    Please post your livery requests into the dedicated topic:
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    Please read the first post which is shown on every single page of this topic. It will answer your question. Thank you.
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    Naja.... Ähmm... also das ist so... Ich habe ja alle Objekte innerhalb meiner Szenerie, daher läuft diese auch unter XP10. Das einzige was ich extern referenziere sind die Wälder (wegen den Seasons) und die haben sich mit XP11 nicht geändert. Darfst dich also noch mehr freuen! Ich habe es eben nochmal hochgeladen, da heute Morgen immer noch verarbeitet wurde, hier der neue Link:
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    82.77% I think that answer does not really help you right? But is as good as possibly any other answer. What we can say is that our MCDU always was the best for our sims and it only got a lot better. There is no other Airbus MCDU that offers the same functionality no matter the price of the add-on. It's the single most used bit of equipment in the cockpit so that's why we have a single developer on that for the last 6 years. Our idea is always to simulate the things the pilots use in day to day flights. We do not care about things that happen once every few million hours (like full engine failure) or things that happen every tens of millions of hours (like dual engine failures). That means we do not care a lot about pages that have to do with these extremely unlikely failures. We simulate the flying of the aircraft and we do not simulate the simulators of the aircraft pilots use to train on. And we believe that those pages are 95% accurate. Please keep in mind we simulate what a very current version of the MCDU. What pilots flying for a rated airlines now use. We do not simplify things by using older versions. In short, it's not perfect, but for sure it is and will be the most complete MCDU available for our sims.
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    So it takes a year for them to add it....:(
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    Because the previous topic was old, contained a lot of nonsense etc I decided to make a new one. How many products are this? And what will be the names? Aerosoft A318/A319 Professional Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional Aerosoft A330 Professional The 'Professional' in the title indicates that the product is developed for P3d V4 and partly for the professional market (did you know we sold over 75 educational licenses?). This 64 bit platform is our main development platform and our main market. We are sorry that this might lead to some confusion. In scenery we only use the term 'Professional' for products that are designed for P3d V4 and are ONLY P3D V4 compatible. They are not the same products as the FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM, P3D V3 versions. For aircraft they basically ARE the same. One product, one buy and you can install as many times on any compatible sim (as long as it is your sim and not that of a friend). In other words, you buy the P3D v4 version and get the FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM, and P3D V3 version for free. A bit complex, sorry about that. Are these updates of the old version? No, they are fully new builds. The 32 bits versions had some code in it that was close to 7 years old and was holding us back. So we decided to redo a lot of the modules and graphics to modern standards. Around 60% of the modeling and textures are new and more then 75% of the code is new. So they probably are not free updates, right? Indeed. But as always Aerosoft will never charge you double for anything. If we replace 50 of a product the update will only cost you half the new price. I this case it's even better because we if you own the A318/A319/A320/A321 and want the newer versions you will be offered an update price of 16.95 Euro (plus VAT when applicable). If you want the A330 and have any of the older models we might be able to offer you an discount as well, not 100% sure on that. The full versions will cost just under 50 Euro. We still have to decide on the update and full prices of possible bundles. Will be okay. Of course prices can always change. When will they be released? Next week? No. The 64 bit version of the A318/A319/A320 and A321 will come first (because we got so many customers of those who want 64 bit versions). That will probably this year very early 2018 as we wanted to include the fully dimmable lighting. The A330 (32 and 64 bit versions) will be next, early next year, the 32 bit A318/A319/A320/A321 after that. DRM? Online activation? Of course not. You paid for the files and can do with them (on your own systems) as you want. Wingflex? On the smaller busses not (we simply have never seen the high frequency very small movements of the wings done well, they are remarkably stiff wings) and adding it just adds a load of complexity and development cost. Of course the A330 has wingflex, it has much larger and much less stiff wings.
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    So we move on to San Francisco. Take off out of Vancouver from runway 26R Coming toward our top of climb Cruising at 31,000 feet Descending through 27,000 feet At 8,000 feet Bit of a long landing on 28R Parked at gate F87
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    SteamVR auch installiert? VR Hardware im X-Plane Einstellungsmenü aktiviert? Detaillierte Anweisungen zum Setup gibts hier (englisch): http://www.x-plane.com/kb/x-plane-11-20-vr-beta-instructions/
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    Alright, here some shots from a test flight I have done this morning. Cheers, Ruud
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    Is it possible that the developer make the new livery of lufthansa? 07 Feb Lufthansa will release the new layout.
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    Es war ein erlebnisreicher Tag, der sicher seine Nachwirkungen haben wird. Mein Dank gilt allen Beteiligten, besonders den aktiv mitwirkenden und ganz besonders Armin, der dieses Treffen initiiert hat! Für Karin war es auch ein besonderer Tag, sie durfte zum ersten mal in ihrem Leben ein Flugzeug in den Händen halten :-) Ich hoffe nur, es hat ihr nicht all zu sehr gefallen ... Ihr Kommentar: Dieses Hobby ist anscheinend eine reine Männerdomain. Für mich waren die Highlights: Der gar nicht endend wollende und gar nicht endend sollende Vortrag von Andras über die Hintergründe der Meshdatengenerierung. Dass hier abstraktes Denken und das entsprechende Knowhow eines Informatikers gefordert sind, konnte ich mir schon vorher denken, aber welche Kreativität man braucht, um aus der Vielzahl, für sich alleine oft unzulänglichen Datenquellen, eine aussagekräftige Basis für Landmarken zu erhalten, das konnte ich mir beim besten Willen nicht vorstellen. Nur zwei einfache Beispiele, Infrarot Bilder können als Indiz für dichte Belaubung (Wälder) herangezogen werden, oder, Bergflanken, welche steiler als 60° sind, werden wohl eher keine Wälder mehr tragen, sind also als Fels darzustellen. Faszinierend, oder? Armins beinahe fertiges Projekt der neuen X-Europa Szenerie. Man kann wirklich vergessen, dass dies "nur" generierte Landschaften sind. Besonders freue ich mich dabei auf die noch kommenden Bibliotheken, welche eine landestypische Bebauung (Aussehen der Gebäude) ermöglichen. Italien, Spanien, Dänemark, Norwegen, wenn ich daran denke, wie unterschiedlich hier Häuser in Form und Farbe sind, kann ich die Fertigstellung dieses Projektes kaum erwarten Mein Tipp an Armin: In Griechenland nicht die typischen Gebäude mit deutlich sichtbarer Aufstockoption vergessen :-) Was mir Marcel von seinen beiden Flugsimulatorprojekten (die deutsche Sprache und ihre Substantive) gezeigt hat, hat meine Vorstellung von möglichst realen Simulatoren total umgekrempelt. Das kann jeder sehen wie er will, aber das wäre auch eher meine Welt, statt VR und "nichts" in den Händen. Demnächst werde ich VATSIM unsicher machen, dank Mikes Hilfe traue ich mich da jetzt ran. Karins Begeisterung für die Fliegerei Da ich kein Buch schreiben möchte, höre ich hier jetzt einfach auf, auch wenn jeder einzelne Teilnehmer es für mich Wert war, diesem Treffen beizuwohnen! Meine Bilder: Zum Auftakt ein kleiner Rundgang Dieser freundliche Herr ist, wenn ich es richtig verstanden habe, der Chef in der Montage- Wartungshalle. Zu Zeit wird dort eine Messerschmitt Ello restauriert, man schätzt, dass sie in 2 Wochen ihren erneuten Jungfernflug absolvieren kann. http://modellbau.venohr-home.de/flugzeug/motorflugzeug/messerschmitt-m17/messerschmitt-m17/ Hier, aus meiner Sicht, die beiden Helden, denen wir so viel zu Verdanken haben, von rechts nach links Armin und Andras Gebannt wird den Ausführungen von Andras gelauscht. Mike im Einsatz (V8Mike, er mag es gerne groß) Armin bei der "offiziellen" Eröffnungsrede. Er plaudert etwas über seinen Piloten Werdegang. Begonnen hat er, wie viele andere der Anwesenden ebenfalls, mit Commodore X64 und dem Strichlesflugsimulator, bei dem auch ich damals den Versuch aufgab den Freunden zu erklären, daß das Liniengewirr Meigs Airfield in Chicago sein soll (wieso konnten die das nicht sehen?). Diesem netten Herrn habe ich mein mir Heiligstes anvertraut. Aber ehrlich, genau so sehen wirklich gute Piloten und Fluglehrer aus, oder? Gelassen, erfahren, Hektik oder gar Panik im Cockpit kann ich mir da gar nicht vorstellen. Wenn wir schon dabei sind, jetzt kommt Karins große (halbe) Stunde :-) Es ging gleich gut zur Sache: Landeanflug mit stehendem Motor ;-) Keiner von Beiden bleich, dann scheint ja alles geklappt zu haben. Zum Schluss noch der hier, mit geschwollenem Kamm. Er weiß halt, dass er es am Besten kann ! Gruß Günther
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    VOR means "very high frequency omnidirectional radio range" It is a beacon that sends a signal out on every radial. The needle VOR1 is pointing towards that beacon. So, if you were to fly on a heading of 215 degrees, you would fly directly towards that beacon. You tuned that beacon in on your nav 1 radio. Same with VOR2 it is pointing towards the beacon you tuned in on the NAV 2 radio.
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    @LyAvain Danke schön! Hab noch zwei schöne Videos gemacht, einmal nochmal das Rheintal in 4k (EDIT: Video siehe weiter unten) von Mainz bis Koblenz (ist grad Rushhour bei Juhdjuhb, verarbeitet noch) und dann die Côte d'Azur in 4k von Cannes über Nizza, Monaco und Landung in Nizza, auch schön
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    Hi Richard, A licence (including a commercial one) for TOPCAT is still on sale here. http://www.flightsimsoft.com/pricing/ But no support forum after it was hacked and so far, no response from its author @FlightSimSoft.com. Some form of statement might be in order. How can you sell something when there's no support? The PC12 is not exactly a complicated aircraft. I wonder if there is a freeware utility that can load payload and fuel?
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    Hello all, I really like the Twin Otter. I flew it in RL. To be frank I did not notice any annoying pitch behavior but maybe I wasn't paying attention. But the thing that keeps me off flying it all the time is the engine behavior while taxing. It's so unrealistic. As for the third party GPS integration I managed to get integrated the RXP530 in a separate window and that is good enough for me So to get me to buy I would need to see the engine/taxi sorted out and that's it. I mean I would buy it for sure if that was fixed. And this would be nice to have but not mandatory (most of Branech remarks): Instrument panel off with battery off 3rd party gps integration Retractible yoke all else is OK with me
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    Without any investigation? Dear AlonsoJin, how would you know what market research we do? I have explained this decision several times, and though I am sorry you do not agree with the result, your comment is simply factually incorrect.
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    A great way to show people that these days making an objects is a lot more thAn a simple model and slapping a texture on it. To make sure it behaves correctly in the modern lighting options we now have there is a massive amount of steps that have to be done.
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    Well the logfiles mentions a lot of missing files so I suggest you do a good re-install. Keep in mind that SODE jetways are not started with [control]-[J].
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    Will there be any previews or update on the busses today ?
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    Starting up with Air Hauler 2 and Twin Otter DHC-6 tankin fuel to max in ah2, when it starts up i have zero fuel an need to refill via P3D v3.49 fuel and payload??? to even start it up.
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    Version 1.0


    This ZIP - file contains repaints in the "fictional" colors of Airbus A320 CFM air transat C-GKTT (clean and dirt). These textures can be used for the Airbus X and the Airbus X Extended! ... if you are looking for more or other repaints then you can also look on my homepage http://simtexture.de!
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    Do you think they one airbus will be out by the end of next month
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    Das ist doch einfach umsetzbar, indem man den Haken unter Options->Add-Ons-> bei Approaching Dormund wegnimmt, der Airport hat ja eine eigene Registierung und bleibt weiter aktiv. Wenn Orbx genutzt wird, dann im EDLWConfig Tool des Airport die entsprechenden Hacken setzen, bzw entfernen.
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    I'm sorry to disappoint you here Ray, but this is the Aerosoft forum and not the TOPCAT forum. We are not related to TOPCAT, nor we will ever be. We do not feel it to be appropriate to discuss a matter between you and FlightSimSoft publicly in our forums. I will close this topic here. If the developers wish to make a statement they will find their way to contact you and discuss it with you.
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    Hello everybody I am follow your discussions for a while know and I like to say I can not understand this strategy of Aerosoft ! Let us easily know what you will launch in Feb. March and April !! I don't like if Aerosoft tells us that one A320 for P3D V4 is on the Market and we can buy it if we like to spend 145 Euro. best regards Christian
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