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    Keep in mind the A330 was originally supposed to come out in 2016. And as I always say, instead of demanding a release date go fly and learn something else. It'll be out when it's done and the devs better take their time to make sure it's stable and has no major bugs.
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    This will be the last product from Aerosoft I ever buy. I'm not sure which is worse, the plane not being able to follow a NAV path after years of development or the handling of the whole situation. Not too pleased with being left standing with my Airbus purchase either. Most other planes that I bought have been upgraded at no cost to P3Dv4.
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    I have just spoken with Dave. He will publish the video next Tuesday evening (Florida time). You might want to subscribe to his YouTube channel to get a notification once it's available: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYYh3CJn7W9I6NiKZCDMVmQ
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    Nope, I am talking about the A320. The A320 shares a lot of the code with the A330. Therefore the A330 beta will be fairly short, but at the moment testing wise we are only looking at the A320Fam.
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    That was a live stream of the OVPA 2017 Flight Sim Web Conference. As I said, once the recording of it becomes available I will link it here.
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    You might have upset some fanboys, I woulnd't worry too much about it. Back to topic though.
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    Mountain Ranges...Three in a Row of Upcoming Pictorials Southern Rockies Southern Sierras between Independence and the Owens Valley Italian Alps I appreciate you looking at this pictorial, please feel free to comment...Darryl
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    Almost! You'd need to shave about 20 mins off the flight time, which might be tricky as the winds will generally be against you going from right to left. An interesting challenge for another day though!
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    I decided to do the flight from San Francisco to New York in one go, in the Lightning. A very nice morning in California: looking south, just after takeoff Did I just come from there? A nice one of the Bay from ca. 20,000ft There's snow in the mountains.... I passed just to the south of Lake Tahoe I was going for a compromise between speed and air-to-air refuelling breaks; I ended up going for M1.3-1.4 and refuelling about every 30 minutes. If you're quick you can catch yourself going through M1.0. Somewhere over the Midwest I think. Saw this nice one with the moon Landed at La Guardia, flight time approximately 3 hours 20 minutes. That might well be the last I'll see of the Lightning on this trip, as I've just heard of a Vickers VC-10 that might be available which would be a perfect choice for the transatlantic flight.
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    10.12.2017: Fort Collins Loveland Muni KFNL - Omaha KOMA, Distanz 432 nm, Flugdauer 02:16 h, Start 18:56 z, Landung 21:12 z, Douglas DC3 Das war nur ein kurzer Aufenthalt in Fort Collins, so wirklich viel gibts ja auch nicht zu sehen. Man könnte sich allenfalls mit etwas Geschichte befassen, aber auch die reicht nur bis ins 19. Jh. Der Flug nach Omaha, der nächsten Station von Phileas Fogg, ging recht zügig, das Wetter war gut bis 80 nm vor Omaha. Dann zogen mächtig tief hängende Wolken auf, die Landung in Omaha war schon ein Kunststück. Jetzt werd ich wohl eine kurze Pause einlegen, bevor es dann weiter nach Chicago geht...
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    Also prinzipiell sind fps Vergleiche immer ausgesprochen problematisch, weil in den meisten Fällen nicht gleiches mit gleichen verglichen wird (Gleiche Wetterbingungen, gleiche Add-Ons, gleiche Plug-ins, gleiche Grafiktreiber?). Wenn man das wirklich vergleichen will enthält X-Plane eine Kommandozeilen Option "--fps_test=1" Vor allem Restbestände in den Ressourcen sind ein ständiges Ärgernis, das sich nie ganz vermeiden läßt. In solchen fällen sollte man die keyboard und joystick Preferenzen aus dem preferences Ordner retten und anschließend den Ordner löschen. Außerdem ist es meiner Meinung nach von Zeit zu Zeit nötig die eigenen Einstellungen noch einmal durch zu probieren. Eine Einstellung bleibt eben nicht eine Einstellung. Es kommen neue >Features dazu, die die Kosten einer Einstellung erhöhen können (Ein Grund warum Linux häufig genug bei Performancetests scheinbar recht gut dasteht. Der Treiber kennt einige der Einstellungen nicht und lässt sie einfach weg und hat bessere Ergebnisse. Genau aus dem Grund gibt es solche Standardtests und diese werden auch laufend während der Entwicklung durchgeführt. Auch wenn das Testfeature auf dringenden Wunsch von NVidia noch einmal überarbeitet wurde, da NVidia einer der größten Leistungsfresser für OpenGL-Treiber ist. Mir erging es beim Übergang auf die Final anders: Ich änderte etwas am System (HD Mesh v4) und die FPS Werte blieben gleich, obwohl der Rechner mehr tat.
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    Who says the release is close? As Mathijs stated it will not be released this year. That certainly does not mean it will be released on the 1st of January. I would say we are in early beta at the moment and it won’t be a short beta. Cheers
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    Hi, The only thing we can say is that we will complete and renew all airports we did in former times, so we are working on GCLP. Best regards, Manfred
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    Hi Again: I got the brakes and rudder working by using the "A" setting, and assigning the throttle, pedals, and yoke axes through P3D Ver. 4, rather than through FSUIPC. Mike Gutierrez
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    RTW80 Leg 22. Omaha to Chicago. KOMA-KMDW. 2017-12-07 After an abbreviated stay, we took off for Chicago. Snow-covered fields of central Iowa Crossing the Mississippi over the Quad Cities The Chicago Skyline frames our approach into Rwy 31C Over the fence of the urban airport We landed at Chicago Midway Airport, named after the decisive 1942 carrier battle. All through the 1950s, Midway topped New York's La Guardia Airport as the busiest airport in the United States. Chicago Midway in 1958 With the rise of jets and the opening of O'Hare in the 1960s, Midway fell on hard times. Then in the 1980s it was resuscitated and in the 1990s and 2000s it was redeveloped for dense jet traffic. Despite the fact that the airport is completely surrounded by urban structures and that the longest runway is only 6,500 feet, the airport's location near downtown has made it a success. While the main airline customers have changed over the years, it is now sustained as a major hub for Southwest Airlines. In 2016, Midway ranked as the 25th busiest airport in the U.S. Taxi to Gate Passengers deplaned When Jules Verne had Fogg and his party pass through Chicago in 1872, they remarked on how the city was "already risen from its ruins and standing prouder than ever on the splendid banks of Lake Michigan." He referred to the Great Chicago Fire that occurred October 8-10, 1871. After a long hot and dry summer, a fire started that turned into a conflagration. The city structures, streets, and sidewalks were built of wood and the roofs were flammable asphalt. As the fire started a strong southwest wind fanned the flames and the fire jumped the river several times. Its blazing heat rose up into the dry air and created vortices which funneled in oxygen to create a firestorm. The hundreds of professional firemen were overwhelmed but continued to fight. Then the flames leapt onto and incinerated the city waterworks, the water pressure vanished, and the city was defenseless. On the third day, the fire burned itself out but in the end it left four square miles of ruins – having destroyed the heart of the city. Chicago in flames by Currier and Ives (Harpers Weekly 1871). "The whole earth, or all we saw of it, was a lurid yellowish red," wrote one survivor. "Everywhere dust, smoke, flames, heat, thunder of falling walls, crackle of fire, hissing of water, panting of engines, shouts, braying of trumpets, roar of wind, confusion, and uproar." (The cause remains unknown. The popular lore – that it was "Mrs. O'Leary's cow that kicked over a lantern" – had the advantage that it blamed the disaster on the Irish, the poor foreign immigrants of the day. As it happens, the young newspaperman who broke the story admitted twenty years later that he had invented the narrative as it would make for "colorful copy.") Chicago did recover and began a period of dynamic growth. Part of the fire's legacy is Chicago's special role in architecture. As the city was built anew, it attracted young ambitious architects who focused on modern visions and techniques...fulfilled in the construction of high rising skyscrapers of twenty stories and more. The architects employed steel-frame construction and the use of large areas of plate glass. Perhaps the most innovative of the distinguished group, the legendary Louis Sullivan tossed aside historical precedent and designed buildings that emphasized their vertical nature. This philosophy was originally termed the "Commercial Style" but now is referred to as the "Chicago School." Throughout the last 130 years, Chicago and New York have developed and practiced the art form of building up rather than building out. The two city centers were then, and are today, characteristically skyscrapers rising toward the heavens. The Chicago Skyline in 2017 Chicago is a big city, the third largest in the United States. (At mid-century, it was the second city.) The dynamic urban center has plenty of fine dining and entertainment scattered through the Loop and the Near North Side as well as interesting local restaurants in neighborhoods such as Lincoln Park. But for those who prefer the finer things in life, you might enjoy the Art Institute of Chicago. Braniff will do our proper poster work. Since 1894, Edward Kemmeys' Lions have stood guard at the Art Institute and symbolized the museum to its thousands of visitors. One lion is on the prowl and the other stands in proud defiance. Of course, a "Windy City" zephyr can alter expressions. Begun in 1879, the Art Institute almost immediately became a world class museum. The main building stems from the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. And with the 21st century expansion of the "Modern Wing", the Art Institute is now the second-largest art museum in the U.S., after the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Over the years it has been a public favorite, with "consumer ratings" marking it as among the most popular art museums in the world. Go to the Art Institute. Head over to Gallery 201, full of sensational Impressionists, and take in the achingly beautiful 1875 oil on canvas by Renoir, "Lunch at the Restaurant Fournaise (The Rowers' Lunch)". It's as if you are there, part of that memorable meal along the Seine. ... Pierre Auguste Renoir Lunch at the Restaurant Fournaise, 1875 Edward Hopper's iconic Nighthawks, 1942, perhaps the most striking item in the collection. We shall stay at the historic Palmer House at State and Monroe – two blocks from the Institute of Art. This is The Loop (named after a loop in the elevated railway system) which marks the central business, government, and commercial district of the city. Potter Palmer, a successful department store owner and real estate developer, opened the Palmer House in 1871 but only 13 days later it burned down in the Great Chicago Fire. Chicago architect John Mills Van Osdel saved his architectural plans by digging a hole in the basement of the Palmer House and burying his papers under sand and damp clay. Using those recovered plans, Palmer rebuilt the second version – a seven floor luxury hotel with lavish decorations and a barber shop tiled with silver dollars. Being constructed of iron and brick and clay tile, it was billed as "The World's Only Fire Proof Hotel." It was not, however, size proof. In 1925 it was replaced by the third Palmer House which was much larger – encompassing 23 stories. The architects used a Classical Revival style with French Neoclassical influences. The Palmer House was bedecked with garnet-draped chandeliers, Louis Comfort Tiffany masterpieces, and a "breathtaking "ceiling fresco by French painter Louis Pierre Rigal. The fresco was described by columnist George Will as “a wonderful protest of romance against the everydayness of life.” Since 1945, the Palmer House has been a key part of the Hilton hotel chain. (For $170 million, it was completely renovated between 2007-2009. Your author has visited the hotel almost annually since the mid-1970s and much appreciates the renovations.) The lobby and its soaring ceiling fresco In 1893 Bertha Palmer, Chicago socialite and spouse of Potter Palmer, asked a pastry chef to design a dessert suitable for ladies attending the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition. The result was the Palmer House Brownie. The dessert became popular and started appearing in national cookbooks after the turn of the century. Unlike other brownie recipes, which specified that butter and sugar be creamed before being combined with a small amount of melted chocolate, the Palmer House brownie is made with more than a pound of melted chocolate and a pound of melted butter. The finished brownie is then glazed with apricot jelly. Bertha Palmer is also responsible for acquiring and donating much of the acclaimed Impressionist collection at the Art Institute of Chicago. Which legacy is more important? Summary: Date: 2017-12-07 Route: KOMA-KMDW Aircraft: DC-6B [PMDG] Leg Distance: 367nm Flight Time: 1:39 Total Distance: 17,793nm Total Flight Time: 77:42
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    This plane is still too buggy for me to fly. The plane struggles to fly the LNAV profile, I get a right wing dip of 15-20 degrees when approaching a waypoint, and I get other strange wing tips when changing some settings in the FMC.
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    RTW80 Diary Entry 16 - Omaha to Milwaukee North Central Airlines North Central Airlines was one of the largest and most profitable of the local service air carriers operating in the United States during the late 1940s through the 1970s. On February 24,1948, one of the coldest and most miserable days of the year, Wisconsin Central inaugurated scheduled service with three Lockheed 10A nine-passenger airplanes. Only one of the flights over the 19 city, 15 airport route could be flown that day due to the extreme conditions. From this humble beginning, the airline grew on a "shoestring" to become a safe and reliable carrier. Increased demand soon outweighed the abilities of the small Lockheeds, resulting in the purchase of 6 DC-3s from TWA with inauguration of service in early 1951. By 1952, with the help of 10 DC-3s, Wisconsin Central had grown to become the third largest of the 18 local service carriers behind Frontier and Ozark. North Central celebrated a milestone in a big way on February 24, 1968 when all five of the different aircraft types ever used in service for the airline flew together in formation, exactly twenty years from the date of inaugural service for the midwest carrier. Pictured above on a cold, Minnesota day are (from right to left) the Lockheed 10A, Douglas DC-3, Convair 440, Convair 580, and the Douglas DC-9. North Central purchased Atlanta-based Southern Airways and the two airlines formed Republic Airlines in July 1979, the first merger following airline deregulation. Republic soon targeted San Francisco-based Hughes Airwest for acquisition, and the deal was finalized in October 1980. Saddled with debt from two acquisitions and new aircraft, the airline struggled in the early 1980s. In 1986, Republic merged with Northwest Orient Airlines, which was Minneapolis and had a large operation at Detroit, which ended the legacy of Wisconsin Central and North Central. Following the merger, the new airline became Northwest Airlines (dropping the "Orient"), which merged into Delta Air Lines in 2008, finalized in early 2010. Pictures from today's flight to from Omaha to Milwaukee Leaving Omaha Cold Winter Day over Iowa North Central - 728 Herman the Duck over Wisconsin Descending near Lake Michigan North Central - On Final North Central - "Cleared to Land"
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    In case you are interested in a live preview of the upcoming A330 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6qfqT7f-3Q If you missed it, I will share the link to the taped session here once it becomes available.
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    I've had all sorts of planes in the last 17-20 years. I never liked Airbusses to be honest, until I tried Aerosoft. Now when it comes to waiting or using alternatives I will wait as long as it takes. Nothing compares with the feeling I get from the Aerosoft range. I've recently moved on to P3D V4 and am having to upgrade it to the same or better level than FSX. I will miss my PMDG products but no way can I or even would I pay those ludicrous prices. But if it came to a choice between PMDG or Aerosoft I'd go down the Aerosoft route no matter what. I'll wait, don't care how long it is, I'm going nowhere else.
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    Well we see the same in sales, so while these statistics are always to be looked at with some caution, they do not surprise us a lot.
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    Never considered the FSLabs Airbus because i really dont like the way it looks in comparison to the Aerosoft Airbus. There is just one thing i noticed in my quick research of the FSLabs Airbus which i prefer over the Aerosoft Airbus - it's the sound. Nevertheless i will wait patiently although i wish i'd find a copy of the Airbus under the christmas tree. Have a nice weekend, guys!
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    Fellow CRJ pilots, Great news, the “Linda Team” took some of their personal time to release a beta crj module for linda (I use this to make my vrinsight mcp combo panel to work with my complex aircraft). It is already extreemly useful as a beta already for the crj. See the avsim linda forum.
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    Diary Entry #112: Casper, (KHAD), to Sioux Falls South Dakota, Foss Airport, (KFSD) Lambert's intention was to hit the airways by 9 am & get a good start for Sioux Falls. Traversing vast amounts of mid west plains & prairie,it would be a flight of around 470 miles, with a bit of mountain dodging early on. Manwell hoped to see some Buffalo. "May well do!", Lambert advised him. But later that night in Casper, Lambert took his crew to Dinner at Dirty Dan's Steak & Sushi Bar. Upon seeing the menu, Roger demurred & ordered a Garden Salad. Manwell selected a 12 oz steak with mushrooms & onion rings, & Lambert chose the Sea Bass & Wild Salmon sushi platter. "Monsieur!", Roger ventured, "How will the fish be fresh when we are nearly as far from the sea as you can get in America?", Lambert laughed heartily. "I'm sure it will be ok. They fly the stuff in!" About 3 am there was an eruption in the back of Babushka & Roger woke to find Lambert gargling loudly into a bucket. "G-d, I feel terrible!", he complained. "Sushi?", Roger inquired unkindly. "Don't think so!", Lambert managed between barps. "I think it was the bread roll!" Manwell & Lambert exchanged glances. Lambert continued to throw up for another 2 hours, & at dawn there was nothing left, but he continued to heave, sounding like a wounded bull elk trapped in a thicket. Roger & Manwell decided to take him to hospital. Boris was pulled out, the sidecar attached & Roger drove Lambert to the local hospital. They returned at midday with Lambert hooked up to 2 saline drips, a potassium drip & a pink Pepto-Bismal drip. He was carried into Babushka & laid out on a camp stretcher, the drips tied to the ceiling. "He discharged himself!", Roger told Manwell when Manwell asked why they had come back. Lambert raised himself on an elbow & instructed them to fly to Sioux Falls. "Follow the road!", he advised, then he fell asleep. Manwell took the left seat, Roger the right & they left at 2 pm. After an hour Roger did some calculations & deduced they would get to Sioux Falls after dark. He began to frantically drink the emergency carrot juice supply. "Another night with my nose pressed on vibrating glass! What a life!", he muttered. & so it came to be that they journeyed on over sparsely inhabited prairie that stretched on & on. They took turns flying as the monotony of the landscape was putting the pilot to sleep. They needed to be alert as a 46 kt crosswind was pushing them off track, but Babushka had the knack of crabbing unaided. She seemed to know where to point her nose to offset the wind & they did not have to wrestle the rudder against it. On into a radiant dusk, then some cloud, & then at Sioux Falls, thick fog. As they descended Manwell began to pray & Roger pressed himself flat against the windscreen, searching for landing lights. He caught a glimpse, told Manwell to swing left, & then as they headed towards them, the fog stopped about 100' above the ground & Manwell managed to get then down, again in a bit of a crosswind. As the engine turned over for the last time Lambert suddenly awoke & announced he had never been to Burma before & would enjoy looking around. He sat up & collapsed back down onto the stretcher. Roger found Lambert's handcuffs & cuffed him to the fuselage. Heading out of Casper, Wyoming Prairie as far as the eye can see South Dakota dusk colors Sunset silhouette Sunset & clouds The lights that Roger saw that led them to safety Manwell makes it to the Foss airfield at Sioux Falls To be continued Windswept
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    Today flight with the (old) PAA livery will take us to KIXD (near Kansas City). Early take off. Nothing special,just admire the PAA livery : Approaching KIXD in the winter lanscape; Final Tomorow we should reach KDAY (OH). New York is approaching Cheers
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    The new Helwin tranformer platform north of Helgoland, which is used to channel all power from the offshore wind turbines to the mainland. After more than 10 years in the industry this was probably the most complex single model I ever created.
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    After a nice week or so in San Francisco, it's off to cross the continent to New York. First stop, Salt Lake City. Setting off into the clear southern California skies in early morning, it is looking like a great day to fly Approaching the great salt lake. Who knew deserts could look so hauntingly beautiful. Happy to be flying over them, rather than tracking a ox drawn cart across them like the settlers did. And there we are, Salt Lake City. Next stop, Omaha Nebraska.
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    It's using the work that has been done at least for a part.
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    At precisely 11:26am we rolled out of the Fairmont, with our aim to be in Jacksons by night... Despite being 2 hours late departing (did I mention the sensational breakfast at the Fairmont?) we were fairly confident of making it in time, assuming no drastic problems! Ready to roll! Negotiating the midday traffic was a lot less of a drama than expected, and with our parties navigator Christina beside me things went smoothly. A last look back at the Golden Gate We left San Francisco traffic behind, and were soon making excellent progress towards Sacramento. Out in open country at last Heading towards Sacramento Manuel in the support vehicle called up and suggested that they should have Christina help navigate for them, since they would not be making such fine progress as we were in the Mustang..... So, in Sacramento we stopped and, while admiring the architecture of the Capitol building, we swapped Christina for our wireless operator Marc, who claimed to have never been lost in his entire life. Little did we know that this was a bold claim that we would later find to be less than entirely accurate! A quick petrol stop on the way out of Sacramento, and the weather was on the turn. Passing Folsom Prison, which should have been on our right, not our left........ (and this turned out to just be the beginning of our navigation woes!) The head of Lake Folsom Finally, after finding our way back to the main road, we made our way up through the mountains to Lake Tahoe, where the sun was out, and despite the chill, there were boats out on the lake. Brief stop at Lake Tahoe Now, this should have been a warning as to the navigational prowess of you Marc.... Backtracking down a dirt road after a wrong turn Back out on the main road, down the Eastern side of the mountains, back on to open land. We were slipping behind schedule, but Marc insisted that he knew a shortcut to make up the time we had lost. At least it kept us close to the original route of the Transcontinental railway The road deteriorated.... and seemed to be going nowhere! At least there was some "Aviation" in this leg! I can only use the "Boys will be boys" excuse to explain this...... Back on the black-top, past Bonneville Heading up into the hills, headed for Salt Lake City... the sun is already low in the West, which doesn't bode well for making Jackson's! Salt Lake City! At least it's still light... just! Climbing, and getting darker... and the snow started just after leaving Salt Lake City Lovely clear night Jackson's! Now to find our Hotel... and await the support team. Parked up for the night, and we have retired to the bar.. still no sign of the rest of the team.. 12 hours on the road, should have been less, if it hadn't been for out diversions and 'short cuts'...... Next leg should take us through to Chicago! 23:50 and time for bed. Good night! SeanG
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    Is this what you were asking for all these years (lol)?
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    Thursday 30th November - KSLC (Salt Lake City, Utah) Today will be a flight over many states: Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado. Departure Salt Lake City (X-Plane Default Scenery) Leaving KSLC Approaching Ogden Hinkley airfield Downtown Ogden Ogden Valley Steep climb over the mountains to Fort Bridger Fort Bridger - population 345 Mountains surrounding Medicine Bow South Medicine Bow peak Julesburg Airstrip in sight Landed Julesburg (7V8) Julesburg water supply Main street Julesburg, Colorado They have the right idea here... Today's Flight: KSLC (Salt Lake City, Utah) to 7V8 (Julesburg, Colorado) via KOGD (Ogden, Utah); over KFBR (Fort Bridger, Wyoming); over 80V (Medicine Bow, Wyoming)
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    Any news? Will it have wingflex?
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    Hallo, die Key Verwaltung liegt bei den FlightFactor Addons leider nicht in unserer Hand. Der Hersteller (FlightFactor) möchte das selbst durchführen. Eröffne bitte für die Rücksetzung des Keys hier ein FlightFactor Ticket. http://flightfactor.aero/ticket/ Hinweis: Du hast mir mit dem gleichen Thema eine PM geschrieben. Bitte nicht ein Thema an mehreren Stellen Posten. Das macht die Sache nur unübersichtlich. Schneller geht es dadurch nicht. Danke
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    This folder contains a repaint for the Aerosoft CRJ-700. Repaint by Stephan Faessler. SkyWest 2017 house livery. Repaint by: Stephan Faessler Aerosoft paintkit (and base textures) by: Stefan Hoffmann Installation (CRJ Livery Manager): Start the Aerosoft/Digital Aviation CRJ Livery Manager and drag the ZIP-File into the list - or click "Add Livery" and select the desired file. You get a preview of the new livery - and install it with just one click. (You can read all Livery Manager functions by clicking the "?" button!) The entry for the aircraft.cfg: [FLTSIM.XX] title=CRJ700ER SkyWest Airlines N752SK sim=CRJ700_AMM model= panel= sound= texture=SKW_N752SK kb_checklists=BombardierCRJ700_check kb_reference=BombardierCRJ700_ref atc_id=N752SK atc_airline=SkyWest atc_callsign=Skywest atc_parking_types=GATE ATC_PARKING_CODES=OO,SKW ui_manufacturer="Bombardier" ui_type="CRJ700ER" ui_variation="SkyWest Airlines N752SK" ui_typerole="Regional Jet" ui_createdby="Aerosoft/Digital Aviation" description="Repaint by Stephan Faessler." category=airplane Legal Stuff: This repaint is released as FREEWARE. You may use and modify it in any way you wish, but you may NOT use it in any kind of money-making endeavor, and you may NOT publicly distribute any copies of it, whether modified or not, without my permission. Cheers Stephan
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    Version 1.0.0


    Thanks to Aerosoft for allowing me to modify the livery supplied with the 900 paint kit. I've made a number of changes to her. - Adjusted the fuselage base white - Adjusted the blue tones - Changed the registration to N800SK - Added WiFi logo - Added blue to front edge of the wing between landing light and fuselage - Added new registration decal including serial number in the VC - Added new blurred engine fan texture - Added some detail to the main wheels.
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    Thank you sir, your repaints are so beautiful ! Please, continue your work because it's just beautiful
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    Version 1.0.0


    The package include 3 paint variants of the Aerosoft F-14X, AG100 BuNo. 163220 AG102 BuNo. 162921 AG111 BuNo. 162701 and 2 types of pilot flight suit (default green, and desert tan). Thank you for your help dfw, for your great helmets. This is my first paint job, my first try. If you can help me with your advice, or there is a mistake, what I didn't realised yet, just leave me your comment to my e-mail address. Thank you! ...and... Enyoj! Krisz ssirhcster@gmail.com
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    Version 1.0.0


    Two liveries for the A320 in new LATAM colours! PR-TYA (sharklet version) and PR-MHG (wingtip version), both CFM engines! Finishing now my pack of LATAM repaints for the Airbuses, check it out my user to download the A319 and the A321, and also my blog for the Chile, Peru, Argentina and Colombia regs: http://bravozulustudio.blogspot.com.br/
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    UK2000 EGLL + PMDG 747 + Aerosoft FAOR=One awesome BA experience!!!!!
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    Will buy for sure. We needed an airport in that region.
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    Hello guys, i dont know where can i find or download this program "Aerosoft Airbus X Fuel Planner" someone can help me? Someone c
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    Version 1.0


    This ZIP - file contains repaints in the colors of Airbus A320 CFM Nouvelair TS-INA (clean and dirt). These textures can be used for the Airbus X and the Airbus X Extended! ... if you are looking for more or other repaints then you can also look on my homepage http://simtexture.de!
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    My repaint shows the MAN Lion's City BVG Hydrogen Bus used by BVG. Pictures of the actual bus were used for my repaint. Special thanks to the designers and authors of the Man Lion's City 1DTF for a great bus! The authors gave special consideration for the repainters. They made it easy to paint on glass and photoshop templates are given. They use .dds textures and a channels that can be used and opened with the DXTBMP program. So many thanks for finally making a great workable bus! And thanks for downloading my repaint. Capt. Ralph... Meine Repaint zeigt MAN Lion City BVG Wasserstoff-Bus der BVG verwendet. Bilder von der eigentlichen Bus waren für meine Repaint benutzt. Besonderer Dank gilt den Designern und Autoren des MAN Lion City 1DTF für einen großen Bus! Die Autoren gaben besonderer Berücksichtigung der repainters. Sie machte es leicht, auf Glas und Photoshop-Vorlagen malen gegeben. Sie nutzen .dds Texturen und ein Kanäle, die verwendet und mit dem DXTBmp Programm geöffnet werden kann. Also vielen Dank für schließlich macht eine große praktikabel Bus! Und vielen Dank für das Herunterladen meiner repaint. Capt. Ralph ... MAN Lion's City 1DTF Edition V1.2' for OMSI by MR-Software Model by Gozek and Kamaz Conversion: Kamaz and Redgunn Engine Sound by Morphi Repaints and Templates by Kamaz
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    Version 1.0.0


    Air France Airbus A320-214SL livery painted on A320 CFM neo To install this aircraft manually, Copy the following text into your 'aircraft.cfg', inside the folder 'SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus X A320 Extended CFM NEO'. Replace the Xx in [FLTSIM.XX] by the following number in your Aircrafts List [fltsim.xx] <<-- Replace 'xx' with the following Number title = Airbus A320 NEO Air France F-HEPF sim = A320S model = panel = sound = texture = AirFrance_F-HEPF kb_checklists = AirbusA321_check kb_reference = AirbusA321_ref atc_id = F-HEPF atc_airline = AIR FRANCE atc_flight_number = ui_manufacturer = Airbus ui_type = A320-214 CFM Sharklets ui_variation = Air France ui_typerole = Commercial Airliner ui_createdby = Aerosoft atc_parking_types = GATE description = Airbus X Extended - A320 CFM NEO Air France F-HEPF New Livery by Air France for Airbus X To install this aircraft manually, Copy the following text into your 'aircraft.cfg', inside the folder 'SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus X A320 CFM'. Replace the XX in [FLTSIM.XX] by the following number in your Aircrafts List [fltsim.xx] <<-- Replace 'xx' with the following Number title = Airbus A320 NEO Air France F-HEPF sim = A320 model = SHARKLET panel = sound = texture = AirFrance_F-HEPF kb_checklists = AirbusA321_check kb_reference = AirbusA321_ref atc_id = F-HEPF atc_airline = AIR FRANCE atc_flight_number = ui_manufacturer = Airbus ui_type = A320-214 CFM Sharklets ui_variation = Air France ui_typerole = Commercial Airliner ui_createdby = Aerosoft atc_parking_types = GATE description = Airbus X Extended - A320 CFM NEO Air France F-HEPF New Livery by Air France for Airbus X users not the EXTENDED Model Replace the texture.cfg file in this texture with the following Lines [fltsim] fallback.1=..\..\Aerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base\Texture_Fallback_VC fallback.2=..\..\Aerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base\Texture_FallBack_A320 //fallback.2=..\..\Aerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base\Texture_FallBack_A321 fallback.3=..\..\..\..\Scenery\Global\texture fallback.4=..\..\..\..\..\..\Scenery\Global\texture and its done.
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    It will be installed along with your Airbus. You will find it either via your Windows Start menu START -> Programs -> aerosoft - Airbus A320-A321 - PREPAR3D V3.x -> AirbusX-FuelPlanner or directly on your hard drive Sim Base Folder\Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback\Aerosoft.AirbusX.FuelPlanner.exe
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    Great one gets downvoted for posting his OWN OPINION. toxic forum.
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    Ja, seit august ist schon lang...sehe ich auch so. zumal AS ja im august viel versprochen hat das p3dv4 die zukunft ist und alles möglichst schnell geupdated wird und jetzt so gar nix mehr zu dortmund und nebenbei auch bremen sagt...von düsseldorf wollen wir ja gar nicht erst anfangen...
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    That is an open-ended promise. I’d be happier if you gave a closed one such as “we will complete GCLP by 31 March 2018”.
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    The technology from TFDi Design trueglass and the Real Light will be support with A330 ??? I purchased the Airbus Bundle so Will I need to pay only ONE Time 16.95 Euro for the A320/1 and the A318/9 or I need to pay 16.95 Euro for A320/1 and 16.95 Euro for A318/9 so the total is 33.9 Euro ??? Thanks