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    Dont make any false suggestions as long as you have no clue what you are talking about. You have zero insight what is happening in the background and how the development progresses. If the preview thread annoys you we can make it invisible to you.
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    Unforeseen developments, problems, and definitely some scope creep as compared to the original thread. All part of any field of engineering. Nor did Aerosoft sign a contract with you, the "client", binding to a certain completion date. Nobody is forcing you to view the forum. I would sooner prefer a year of "hysteria" over a year of hearing nothing.
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    A320 and A330. Hence the title of this thread.
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    One feature we have not yet discusses is the printing. Pilots do an amazing amount of printing in the cockpit and when you see an cockpit after a flight you might see a dozen or more bits of paper lying around or clipped to something. In line with making our Airbus as much as the real Airbus (remember the coffee etc) we wanted to have this simulated. Here you see one print in a 2d window but it is intended to be become a 3d part of the VC. Very useful I must say.
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    Aerosoft uses the preview topics to inform the interested users about the current ongoing of the development of their products. If you want to know about something it is not enough to just pick one post but to follow the topic over the time. This is because as new information comes up they will be published here. And AS doesn't differ between good or bad news being published here. That's a huge difference to many other developers! So what you claim that happens here, that AS promises something to you, doesn't keep their promises and leave you in the unknown, simply doesn't happen. At least not in the preview topics (taken you follow them!). So before claiming that you as a customer have all rights to criticise the communication of Aerosoft you should better make yourself known to everything that is stated here. Again, the key in knowing about the status of an ongoing development is to follow the preview topics.
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    As others already said: it´s ready when it´s ready. And I like it when I get information about the progress, so that I can look even more forward.
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    And one final word about the suggestion of "not coming to the forums": there are people around who simply do not understand the principles of software development in a niche market like flightsim. They refuse to follow topics and insist on "statements" being given months ago, although being already updated. For such people it is in fact better not to visit the preview topics as Otto suggested.
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    Seems that somebody does not like i tell aerosoft rocks!
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    Beside the fact that this of course does not happen (you have to download yourself from the shop account you bought the AS Airbus from), why should anyone send an update to an email address not even related to your forum account here?
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    No, you didn't seem to be angry. I understand where your question goes and we all want certain addons being released as soon as possible. But there is and will never be a topic giving the status of each product about what has been done, what needs to bedone..... So simply lean back and wait and be happy when it is suddenly released.
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    Well... the people who cant grasp this who are fluent english speakers "since this is all english" are just plain simple minded people... Its an easy concept to grasp. that a lot of work is being put into these planes and AS wants the best product for us to enjoy with out a ton of problems... Problems appear randomly... it really irks me when people just come on here and rant useless nonsense because "it was stated about this but its not coming and i want it now" .. It is almost like i am in the active duty marine corps again with a bunch of turds.... anyway i love you AS team. keep up the good work and i am ready to pull the trigger on purchasing all of your planes when they roll out lol Oh, if this hurt some of you ranters feelings.. then good, you probably need to re evaluate your self.
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    I have never used SPAD.next and I would like that you test without. Just assign your stick or yoke via normal axis and see again. Do you use pedals too?
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    Just check the option for Cockpit Tooltips in whatever sim (FSX, P3D) you're using. Those numbers are somewhere on the displays (PFD or MFD) but its a lot easier using the tooltips "cheat". Ilya
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    Version 1.0


    This ZIP - file contains repaints in the colors of Airbus A320 IAE eurofly I-EEZP (clean and dirt). These textures can be used for the Airbus X and the Airbus X Extended! ... if you are looking for more or other repaints then you can also look on my homepage http://simtexture.de!
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    Hello, now Dublin XP V2 for X-Plane 11 is available with our shop. Productpage Thre is an Upgrade price available for customers of the older Dublin version for X-Plane 10. See Shop Page "Upgrade Service". Greets Heinz
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    Moin. Gerade erst entdeckt aber ist schon von 2014, aber es ist nicht nur was für Heliflieger. Wer einen größeren See oder sogar eine Küste vor der Haustür hat, sollte darauf nicht verzichten: Animierte Kitesurfer und mehr, leider wieder ohne meine Reshade-Einstellungen. Das die Kitesurfer richtig "abheben" kann man ja erwarten, aber wie schön Segelbott und Bojen sich dabei in den Wellen bewegen ist schon beachtenswert. Zum downloden ist das hier: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/23156-fort-boyard_2014/ Gruß Dieter
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    Hey, currently there is no real support for it, but the developer still have it on there todo
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    I just understood what you meant right now. Thank you so much! I didn't understand at first because I felt awfully tired, but now I understand. Thank you : )
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    Well, since I've recently found myself out of work I seem to have a bit more time on my hands. I've made some slow process on the front section.
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    Just my 2 cents, but in looking at all these screenshots (and in my experience) the aircraft NAV seems to have a problem when the 2 waypoints are separated by a good distance. While Dave CT mentions no problems on his flight from Boston to Charlotte, I wonder how much distance was between those waypoints and were you using any airways (J thingys) between long distance waypoints. Might I suggest one of the beta testers or support folks try replicating one of these flights where we have posted these issues, and see if they have the same problem? When I updated from to 1.0.1, the instructions for the hotfix that Mathijs posted made no mention of uninstalling the previous version and said the new installer would overwrite those files. Maybe this is not correct? Would we be better off doing an uninstall and reinstall, including deleting the ecosystem and sim objects folders for the CRJ?
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    You should explicitly install Visual C++ 2015!
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    Weather such as meta mr and taf or messages from the airline or atc
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    No second MCDU but virtual printer paper? LOL Aerosoft.
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    Of course it is some funny combination of my machine and CRJ which causes problem here. I just wanted to emphasize that previous version worked well and I see no problems anywhere else with my sim. It thus must be caused by some change in CRJ when updated from -> I flew with a day before the update, no changes in my system whatsoever. With kind regards, K.V.
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    Looks great! Would love to see an Endeavor, Expressjet, and GoJet version as well
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    Winfried, thanks so much for your reply – first time someone is trying to find a solution after weeks. I do understand that this is not only a button you have to push. I have not activated the licence. I already own the FSX Version from an earlier purchase at PMDG before switching to P3D. I own the 777 FSX twice now. Please let me know if you need further information from my end. If it is easier for you to set up a gift card for any Aerosoft made product – I’ll be fine with that. Yes I have missed the info on the Platform. But, and please don’t get me wrong here, the usability of the shop in this case can be improved: Many Products have the Platform in the title: PMDG 777-300ER Expansion Pack for P3D PMDG 777-300ER Expansion Pack for FSX The CRJ which I bought some time before has it not, it is for all Platforms: CRJ 700/900 X However the 777 with no info in the title is not for all Platforms, its FSX only – missing in the title. PMDG 777-200LR/F I miss a clear line here. I did focus on the product title. If it’s not in the title it is also not in the cart, checkout, email, download section. Also I can only filter the shop for “FSX/P3D” and not explicit for “P3D”. Coming from google on the product page the small hint for the platform is also quickly missed. Gabriel
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    File is up for those who want her.
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    Ah, I don't know about that my friend, I believe I said that it's in your FSX Steam folder. I think I gave you the full path to SimConnect... there are three there, just install all three. Respectfully, I provided this information in the lengthy and time consuming post I wrote just for you my friend! That's at least two things in my post that you didn't read... That's okay, you don't actually have to read it, but I did write it all just for you brother, an dit will help you if you read the entire post. My very best wishes to you my friend.
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    SkyWest on approach... The rear fuselage section did not come out well due to the model wrapping on the top and trying to fix it as well as the undercarriage wing intersection. hope its still satisfactory at the end. As always, 99% accurate :-) cheers
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    Unfortunate but hey...do what you guys feel is best for your business. I recently bought an airport from another developer who gave me the option for SODE. There was a folder with the needed instructions and files needed to add SODE jetways to their product. I thought it was a very clever way of doing things. Not saying Aerosoft should do this but I have become fond of SODE jetways.
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    @Mathijs I understand, that Jeffrey (developer of SODE) isn't available 24/7 when he is in employed as an airline pilot. However, I'm not asking to implement SODE to to every single scenery in your port folio, but at least the bigg(est) airports in Europe like EDDF or EGLL woulnd't be that hard to realize, on top of that, SODE is nothing new on the market, many developer meanwhile have experience with that (including developers who have produced Scenerys for Aerosoft like Oslo or Rome), and if I take a look at LFPG from T********, I can't see countless supportissues, the jetways are working just fine. Don't get me wrong, but with EGLL and EDDF you already have excellent products and SODE-Jetways would increase the value of those furthermore, thats the reason why I'm pushing so hard. Producing these scenerys (with P3D V4 full features) but leaving SODE is like building a highly uo-to-date vehicle, but without any paint at the outside because it causes too much support issues.
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    But will this Mega Airport Include Mega Airport Dublin?,As that Airport could do with getting an update as such as sode or working jetways optimisation ,3D Grass etc and it isnt wokring in V4
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    Have to agree with a couple of people here that SODE is a major point I look at when buying scenery.
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    Control-J jetways was available on EDDF with the current version for P3Dv3. This is nothing new. It would be extremely disappointing if SODE isn't implemented in EDDF given the multiple delays in getting this addon into P3Dv4 and the upgrade fee. This airport has many dual jetways that don't function correctly with Control-J jetways.
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    Hello, It was so clear that Aerosoft does not update the V4 Airports for free. It was so clear. Please check the answer from your staff two days ago. I opened a german discussion about my fear that AS will charge for V4 updates. And unfortunately it is true. The name is now "Professionall" instead of "Evolution" But Tom wrote me that ALL!! Updates to V4 will be free of charge in the future. Seems that the statements are not alligned. Honestly your post was so forseenable. How much does we have to pay extra for "EDDF Professional "if we bought this Airport 2 months ago? Regards J "Hallo Joldi, mir scheint, hast Du nicht alles gelesen, was zu dem Airbus Update gesagt wurde, den Du hast nicht komplette Neuentwicklung der internen Systeme, die Erweiterungen der MCDU, das komplett neue VC, etc. erwähnt. Der Plan war ursprünglich den Bus P3Dv4 kompatibel zu machen und dieses Update kostenlos zur Verfügung zu stellen. Anschliessend sollte alle System wie oben aufgelistet überholt werden. Dies ist aus Gründen der Praktikabilität verworfen worden. Du hast in Deinem Post auch nicht erwähnt, dass bisher alle anderen P3Dv4 Update die AS zur Verfügung gestellt hat kostenlos waren, und auch die weiteren noch folgenden Updates weiterer Add-Ons kostenlos bleiben werden. Ich sehe im Augenblick nicht wirklich, wo Du da einen "Goldesel" siehst. "
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    Same here it is not capable of maintaining the route extremly enoying i know it is a manual aircraft but having to track my flightplan in hdg mode goes a step to far time to go back to the ngx for the time being
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    Super comments here. I'll contact the most helpful posters here and offer them some freebies. But as reader you can also do something. Click those up arrows to show your appreciation.
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    Last update October 24, new items shown like this. This is NOT a complete list but we'll try to keep it up to date. Keep in mind that the order of conversion depends on many things. Please note that these are plans, not promises. Aerosoft A320/A321 Edition 2018 tbd Full P3D V4 features Aerosoft A318/A319 Edition 2018 tbd Full P3D V4 features Aerosoft A330 Edition 2018 tbd Full P3D V4 features Airport Avatars Available Added specific model with flashlight Aspen Extended Available Straight port Balearen X Evolution Available Straight port Bergen X Available Partly P3D V4 features Berlin Tegel Pro Available Full P3D V4 features Bronco X Available Straight port (uses P3d V4 installer options) Ciampino X Available Partly P3D V4 features (P3D V4 compiler) CRJ X Available Full P3D V4 features Discus K Available Straight port FS Commander Available ** GAP Bremen Pro November Full P3D V4 features GAP Dortmund Pro November Full P3D V4 features GAP Friedrichshafen Pro Available Full P3D V4 features GAP Mega Airport Frankfurt Pro Available Full P3D V4 features German Airports - Stuttgart Pro Available Full P3D V4 features Genoa X Available Straight port (P3D V4 compiler) Sim-wings Gibraltar Pro Available Full P3D V4 features Ibiza X Evolution Available Straight port Ju 52 tbd Full P3D V4 features Kilimanjaro X Available Straight port Lukla X Mount Everest Available Straight port Madeira X Evolution Available Full P3D V4 features Malaga X Available Straight port Mallorca X Evolution Available Straight port Menorca X Evolution Available Straight port Mega Airport Barcelona Pro Available Full P3D V4 features Mega Airport Heathrow Pro Available Full P3D V4 features Mega Airport Rome Available Partly P3D V4 features Mega Airport Oslo Available Straight Port Mega Airport Zurich Pro Available Full P3D V4 features Milan Malpensa X Available Partly P3D V4 features Napoli X Available Full P3D V4 features PBY Catalina Available Straight port Sim-wings La Palma Pro Avialable Full P3D V4 features SimStarter NG Available Many new features Spanish Airfields: Requena X Available Straight port Spanish Airfields: Soria X Available Straight port Tromso X Available Partly P3D V4 features Trondheim X-Vaernes V2 Available Full P3d V4 features Twin Otter Extended Available Straight port Valencia X Available Straight port Wilga X Available Straight port ** FlightSim Commander Version 9.6 Revision 9 is, under certain conditions, compatible with Prepar3D V4. Requirement: The new and up-to-date FSUIPC5 5.1x from Pete Dowson is required for error-free connection and function of FlightSim Commander with Prepar3D V4. Limitations: FlightSim Commander Version 9.6 Revision 9 currently only identifies Add-On sceneries whose installation path was correctly entered in the file scenery.cfg located in the C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 folder. The F-16 Fighting Falcon has moved to the default simulator and will not be provided as a P3d V4 add-ons from us. We will provide the liveries and models that do not make it into the simulator. In the release candidate the manual for the F-16 is missing. You will find it as an attachment to this post. manual.pdf
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    Version 1.0


    Air Canada Airbus A319-112 Repaint for the Aerosoft Airbus A319 To install this repaint, simply run the Aerosoft Livery Manager (located at: FSX\Aerosoft\Airbus A318_A319\Livery Manager), click "Add Livery..." and select this zip file. Enjoy, - Derek Mayer - mayerd@vacanada.org
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    pfff make me co.......! wow metar and taffort in the addon? you really roooooooooooooooooock!!!!!!!!!! but i still mantaine 2d option i think is easy to read!
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    The German Airports Development team feels that for a professional product (keep in mind this is very much aimed not only at our regular customers but also the professional customers we have) SODE is not the right answer. We like Jeffrey and his amazing development, but he's a pilot and has limited time to support a professional product. It's also freeware, he can't be under any contract to keep the product exactly as it is. We need stability above anything else. Add to that the fact that SODE is a very heavy burden on our support team (see for example Madeira, since SODE was dropped for that support demand plummeted by 75%) and the decision from the development team is not very strange. Let me give you another consideration. As this a professional product we have to guarantee it, for example for the lifespan of P3d V4. But we can't guarantee it for P3d V4.1 because SODE might be impossible for that platform. Or Jeffrey might be unable to find the time to release it. Unlikely to happen, but we have to deal with certainties. Contracts etc. And it is not so unlikely after all. We invested a lot in the Airport Controller software that was intended to be much wider and feature rich then SODE is. It would solve all our problems. But due to unforeseen events the developer is unable to work on it right now. It was clear from the start this would be a very unfavorable decision and would cause controversy. But it was discussed long and hard and this was the result. And it will not be changed. It is not impossible that a SODE implementation will be offered later, but that will be unsupported and never part of the product we sell. For sure this is not a way to boost AES, there is no AES for this platform and it not planned at this moment. As said, we understand this is controversial. But I also said it is not something that is still being discussed. That's why I also ask not to make this a big issue here. It simply serves no purpose.
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    Wirklich schade, dass in diesem Forum anscheinend keine kompetenten Leute da sind, die meine Frage beantworten können.
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    No. Checking the list is still the best way to learn of updates.
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    I said it before and say it again - not before christmas. :-)
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    First of all, sorry for the three time posting, I was having issues w\ my internet and i somehow posted three times; it was not on purpose. Secondly, I'm a customer and when I criticize something on your organisation, you should take it as an advice: I had no intend of making a destructive comment of your work - wich I respect. Apparently, when someone makes a sugestion/critics, you (members of organisation) react in a very ofensive way. No, Aerosoft didn't sign any contract w\ me, but they make public announcements for a reason: and that reason is that if they don't do it, people loose interest (Now, bring the "so, go away your infidel!" comments). I know that there's a lot of issues when doing a work w\ so much complexity but, hey, "shit happens" and when it happens it's not good to have people waiting w\out knowing the holding time; and telling them not to visit the forum it's also not a "comercial" alternative. Two things I've learn as an airline engineer and as a pilot-trainee: don't leave your customers waiting w\out and explanation; do not feel deeply toutched when people complaint, it happens to all good suppliers, Best regards