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    AES is currently in complete re-developed to overcome severe compatibility issues (for any other platform than FSX) with a used but no longer supported module. The development is going on smoothly, but there is still a long way to go. No time frame has been given at all at this moment.
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    First of all I would like to make it perfectly clear that NOWHERE in any of my last posts did I state that I wished to or was removing ALL of my uploads here . I also see no reason to contact any Aerosoft staff via email ( behind closed doors ) as I personally have nothing to hide or have any ulterior motives for any decisions that I may have to make , now or in the future . I do NOT have a " hidden agenda " and have been nothing but open and honest in the 7 years that I have been active here . That I now discover that several uploads have been removed ( not ALL as stated ) without being told exactly what has been removed is something that I just cannot understand , having just spent several days uploading , why would i now be removing them ? What does bother me though is the petty behaviour of some forum members regarding " reputation points " as witnessed by myself in the Screenshots forum . On the competition page someone decide for whatever reason to downvote a screenshot , that I chose to comment on that ( and upvoted so the total was 0 ) can hardly be a bad thing , that I have now been downvoted at least twice ( at the time of posting ) just proves what I posted earlier ... " The whole reputation points system is open to abuse as staff here know , this happens everywhere , not just here . Why do you think that AVSIM disabled the downvote button ? I never asked for a reputation , that is down to other forum members and certainly not the reason I upload and post here . " If someone has a problem with anything I post at least have the courtesy to explain why to me personally instead of hiding behind your keyboard .
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    Mega Airport Singapore X (by Antti Haka), It's still some way off but we thought it would be nice to share some first images!
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    We have changed our policy regarding the orders of Aerosoft products that were bought at the now closed Simplanet shop. This change is only for products were Aerosoft is the publisher (or of course the developer). This is the procedure to move that order to our shop: Contact us at support@aerosoft.com and provide us proof of purchase, we need to be 100% sure you did indeed bought the product We will reply with instructions on how to create an order in our shop that will not be charged (a so called 'press order'). Do not forget to make a comment with the order referring to the ticket created at support@aerosoft.com! Orders without comments are deleted. We will then manually release that order so you can download it. Please allow us some time to handle it, it is a rather time consuming process and we can only do a certain amount a day.
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    To further make the point, 2018 model year cars have already been released on the market, and it's barely September.
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    With the greatest of respect, I suffer from short term memory problems and confusion due to pain meds affecting the brain and I still find things without too much effort in these posts. With respect to the 2016 date in the first post that should remain, and IMHO as I am not a Mod or owner, so should any posts mentioning it. The current dates, if any become available, are in the current posts. Whilst I do not necessarily agree with the mix of A320 and A330 in the same thread it has happened and it is still possible to work my way through and both find what I want, and separate one plane type from the other. Their are often valid reasons to do these things, the Mods and/or Staff decide them and we have to just learn to adapt. It really isn't that difficult once you try.
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    Thanks Tom, I moved from FSX to P3Dv3 6 months ago and to v4 roughly 2 weeks ago. The only thing I really miss from FSX is AES. GSX works, but I will always prefer AES. I really look forward to the day where AES will work in P3Dv4
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    What you asked for in the post that Otto replied to with the picture might not require something this massive, but his point is, the computational power and storage needed to fulfill your request is well in excess of pretty much anyone's desktop computer these days or even several years from now. In short, utterly impractical for quite some time in the future.
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    In my opinion it's extremely hard to find information in this huge thread. I would like to suggest to make it more user friendly maybe splitting the thread in one for the A330 and one for the A320 Family with some updated info on the first page.
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    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." A Google/Bing search is an essential skill these days.
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    To say simply "yes" or "no" would have required me to do the research myself - for you. Instead of waiting for an answer here in the forum it would have been actually quicker if you would have just looked it up yourself. THAT is the fasted way, nothing else is. You are welcome.
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    I eventually discovered that only my American liveries were removed from the server , not ALL liveries as stated in my " intellectual property " topic . As I wrote in the first post above , NOWHERE in any of my other posts did I ask for any liveries to be removed at all and I had no intention ( at the time ) to do so . However , receiving 5 downvotes in my original post for stating this is proof enough of the toxic atmosphere here , also no-one apparently disagreed with the downvotes either and THAT is the reason that I reversed my original decision . Having recently made a list so that I was able to keep track of which airlines ( and registrations ) I had painted , I can only say thank you to the 21000+ people who have downloaded these liveries . That Aerosoft are planning to no longer include the N911UY livery in the next A3XX upgrade is understandable but why also include a disclaimer that the livery was created by ... when it is no longer there ? I fail to see the logic in that . My " mistake " was simply expecting my name ( and Detcord's ) to be included in the manual as the " creators " of N911UY without any further expectations . For those who seem to think that I only painted Airbusses to receive " free " products , I can only say that I obviously wasn't very good at doing that in the 7 years that I have been active here , nor have I ever asked for anything . In all openness , I did receive 2 products in October 2014 after the complaints that were made that the Painters Forum was closed ( and later re-opened ) . I EXPECT that ALL of my uploads will be removed within the next 24 hours as I am unable to do so myself . I find it ridiculous that uploads have been removed without asking but when I DO ask , that it does not happen .
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    It is now abundantly clear that anything I do or say here is going to be downvoted by a small group of faceless " keyboard warriors " who have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the comment I made above . As I have no idea who these " keyboard warriors " are I have no way to thank them personally for helping me with the following decision . With this in mind I am now asking ( demanding ) that ALL of my uploads here on the server be removed with immediate effect ( or be allowed to do so myself ) . Sorry to other members but I would not tolerate this from a work colleague , so have no reason to do so here . So CONGRATULATIONS !! You win . I have no intention of closing my account here as I have several Aerosoft products in my possession that will ( possibly ) require updates in the future .
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    I'm certainly not the only one, Mathijs. John, Airmax and I'm sure a few others. Of course you'd have to judge said work on an individual basis. I simply find it rather disconcerting that you feel I was over due yet I had to point it out publicly to garner a response. Seems rather disingenuous, no offense. However, that's your and Aerosoft's prerogative. It's your company, you're free to do things as you wish. No ill will. I'm past the point disconcertment, anger and the feeling of being unappreciated while helping to sell and extend your products via likes of liveries and other content. People that do things like this are the backbone of your community, and to toss them aside, to not show a semblance of gratitude is just the epitome of little, a nonchalant attitude of who cares. With all due respect, please don't contact me. I'll pull my content as soon as a secondary option becomes available.
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    Really? That's news to me. Guess all the free content I and others have contributed to your products over the years isn't worth much. At least I know there's a distinction now.
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    Only up to 290 in the climb? Never done a CDO I see Disclaimer: 900 only here. I would add that while SPD mode can be smooth, it's seems to work better at lower speeds. I generally use it up to 250kts, then will use VS afterwards. Some random numbers I'll throw out there. When climbing through 10,000 and wanting to accelerate to 290, put the airplane into VS and dial in 1000FPM. If you're light, once you reach 290, 16-1700FPM should hold it. If you're heavy, 1500FPM might work. By the time you need to transition to .74 Mach, you'll probably be 1000FPM or less. Add 300FPM to whatever your climb rate was holding 290kts and it should hold .74. Ballpark numbers all around there and you'll need to monitor them. Obviously affected by ISA too. Fun tidbit worth adding, the CRJ wing likes to go fast. You'll climb far quicker doing 290kts than 250. Somedays 320kts/.77mach seems like it gets you altitude even quicker also. While descending, remember to the 11 at 11 rule. Basically hit 11,000ft at idle power, 290kts, at 1100FPM, and you'll be 250kts at 10,000 nearly every time. We never use SPD mode above 10,000. Idle thrust Mach .77 descent out of FL340 is quite violent. We just use VS and the DIR INTC page of the FMS for our descents. If people are curious I'll write up exactly how we do that. It's kind of a weird guess and check combo done in unison with the snowflake. Descend via arrivals are fun
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    That is a very weird resolution. I did not know there were even screens that did not have 1024 in height. I doubt we would be willing to change the whole layout just for you. If you contact us on support@aerosoft.com I could arrange a refund for you because we did not exclude that resolution. You have to promise me though not to buy any of our other add-ons because we will never guarantee we'll support that res.
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    ICAO: EDDL NAME: Dusseldorf Airport (DUS) TYPE: PAYWARE DESIGNER: Justsim FS: FSX LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/justsim-duesseldorf-airport_eddl-fsx-p3d-(de_10990).phtml
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    That's a shame. We need good quality vintage aircraft for X-Plane 11! Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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    ICAO: LEBL NAME: BARCELONA EL PRAT TYPE: PAYWARE FS: FSX/P3D DESIGNER: LATINVFR LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/latinvfr-barcelona-el-prat-lebl-fsx-p3d-(fr_10909).phtml
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    ICAO: EDDH NAME: Hamburg Airport - Helmut Schmidt TYPE: Payware FS: FSX/P3D DESIGNER: JustSim LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/justsim-hamburg-airport-helmut-schmidt-eddh-fsx-p3d-(de_10748).phtml
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    In this section you will find all the files that we updated since the original release. We are putting them here so it is easier for people who bought the CRJ at external shops to get the files, it is also easier and smaller. We also think there is a problem with the release and that it contains the wrong files (sorry for that, it's August and we are running a skeleton staff). Please note these are not just bug fixes but also often additions requested by customers. To install, download these files and then copy the unpacked content to the locations indicated. If you are asked if older files can be overwritten, confirm that, if you are not asked you are probably dropping the files in the wrong folder! These files should fit ALL released version of the CRJ. Of course every few days, when needed a new installer will be build, you should only use these files if you always want to use the latest or if you have reported something that we told you was being fixed.
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    I'm having this issue as well. There should be a fix for this by now
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    This full new build adds some features that were requested and also should solve most of the open issues; HISTORY Release Rev 248 - [Fixed] FMS: Added additional valdity checks for any fuel and time output to avoid potential CTDs due to buffer overflows* - [Fixed] AP: APPR mode not capturing glideslope when NAV mode was active before - [Fixed] FMS: Fixed a problem that caused Crs/Hdg to Along Track Distance legs to not properly switch to the next waypoint (KMSP 30R LEINY5 departure) - [Fixed] FMS: Fixed a problem with Fix-to-DME Distance legs which messed up the distance/fuel/time calculations and ultimately caused a CTD due to buffer overflow Rev 248 - [Fixed] PFD: VOR-Pointers showing bearing to localizers - [Fixed] PFD: ADF-Pointers visible when ADF signal strength is zero - [Fixed] AP: Sensitivity for autopilot disconnect feature due to aileron, elevator or rudder input decreased to avoid unwanted disconnects with unprecise control hardware - [Fixed] ACP: Radio Idents are now being switched off on loading the aircraft. No beeping anymore! - [Fixed] RTU: Improved initialization for more better representation of the loading status of FSX/P3D Rev 251 - [Added] AP: switch auto-coordination on when autopilot is on - [Fixed] FMS: Radio page now accepts COM frequencies with less than 3 decimal places (i.e. 122.8 instead of 122.800) - [Fixed] FMS: Can not enter a direct airway after a SID ending with a (VECT) leg - [Fixed] FMS: Auto-sequencing after SID or before STAR - [Fixed] FMS: Long directs now following the line - [Fixed] AP: FD commanding additional bank angle shortly before reaching selected heading in HDG HOLD when AP is off - [Added] DAVE: New aircraft state "Turnaround" to simulate aircraft state after the first flight of the day - [Fixed] FMS: Multiple improvements in SID and STAR tracking - [Fixed] MFD: Radius to Fix drawing routine - [Fixed] MFD: Course/Heading to Intercept Next Leg drawing routine - [Fixed] General: Improved loading and saving of aircraft state with a flight - [Fixed] Improved flaps extension/rectraction effects - [Fixed] Improved localizer and glideslope capture - [Fixed] FMS: Error in the calculation of the number of pages on the ARRIVAL page - [Fixed] FMS: De-selecting a STAR now also clears the STAR to enroute transition - [Fixed] 2D MCDUs are now resizable and should no longer have issues with mixed resolution setups (4K + 1080) - [Fixed] FMS: STARs with multiple STAR->Approach transitions are now show the correct available runways - [Fixed] FMS: FMS keyboard input is now stopped while modal P3D dialog windows (for example Go To Airport) are open - [Fixed] HGS: FPV and flight director source data dampening (less jittering) - [Fixed] FMS: A CTD when entering a runway that doesn't have an opposite end in the nav data (i.e. EDDF Rwy 18) - [Fixed] FMS: SID waypoints are now inserted in the correct order if the STAR has been selected before the departure runway and SID - [Fixed] FMS: Switching the runway no longer causes the STAR to be reset to start - [Fixed] Gear: Reduced the brake cooldown times during flight (gear retracted) - [Fixed] MFD: Removed overlapping HDG bug digital indication - [Fixed] PFD: Glideslope not visible in right PFD - [Fixed] PFD: Advisory VNAV path indicator no longer shows positive vertical speed - [Fixed] EGPWS: Terrain mode lock now released after terrain alert is over - [Fixed] Elec: ADG deploying after loading scenario in the air - [Fixed] Elec: AC Bus Auto Xfer disabled after loading scenario in the air - [Fixed] AP: Autopilot deactivating after loading scenario Rev 252 - [Fixed] FMS: CTD when clicking TO WPT on the MFD ADV page without a loaded flightplan - [Fixed] AP: Altitude selection knob acceleration 1.0.10 Rev 269 - [Fixed] Fuel/Time calculation updating on legs with ToC/ToD - [Fixed] MFD SAT/TAT indications no longer locked to -14/-28 - [Fixed] Late turn to new direct leg - [Checked] DME Autotune update (no issue found) - [Fixed] Wrong CoG/trim calculation for CRJ-900 - [Fixed] CTD when holding is part of the flightplan - [Fixed] (DIR) not commanding a turn (turn condition not met) - [Added] Pilot-defined waypoints on LEGS page (PBD, PBPB, ATD, Lat/Lon, Lat/Lon shorthand) - [Added] Pilot-defined waypoints on DEFINE PILOT WPT page (PBD, PBPB, Lat/Lon) - [Added] Loading and saving of named pilot-defined waypoints - [Changed] Moved userwpt.txt from NavData folder to "<Documents>\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ" - [Added] vPilot support (transponder mode and squawk ident) - [Added] Center of Gravity indication on DAVE Payload page - [Added] Takeoff Trim indication on DAVE Payload page - [Added] Sensitivity for autopilot disconnect by yoke not configurable via DAVE Options page 3/3 - [Fixed] Fuel Used now resets if aircraft is powered down - [Fixed] Landing time on FLT LOG page - [Added] MFD HSI/NAV mode glideslope indicator - [Fixed] AP/APU/XPDR event trigger optimization - [Fixed] PFD/MFD: VORx/LOCx red and boxed when no signal is received - [Fixed] (INTC) to DME arc transition - [Fixed] Improved drawing of DME arc and radius to fix legs - [Fixed] Further turn radius fine tuning - [Fixed] Wrong distance and time indication for next waypoint in MFD window - [Fixed] Yoke issues! - [Fixed] APU Start in flight - [Fixed] Turn radius fine tuning - [Fixed] VNAV and ToD calculations - [Fixed] Missed Approach procedure calculations - [Fixed] General distance, time and fuel calculations - [Added] DAVE: Flaps 20 takeoff speeds option - [Fixed] 2D Panels: Possible CTD on resizing - [Fixed] DAVE: Doors reopening when clicking "CLOSED" twice - [Fixed] TOD Indication in MFD VNAV window (TOD time & distance not correct yet) - [Fixed] WXR: Increased gain - [Added] Additional measures against string buffer overflow CTDs - [Removed] Crash Handler - [Fixed] FMS: NAV Tracking - [Fixed] FMS: TTG/Fuel calculation on directs - [Fixed] FMS: TTG/Fuel calculation on legs with ToC/ToD - [Fixed] HGS: FD indication
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    Then I wish you good success.
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