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    Hello, I want to share some fixes for Madeira 1.05a. My source data is SRTM 1 arc-second recompiled to LOD 11. It should work for FSX/P3D1,2,3,4. 1. Adds missing Mesh for Ilhéu do Farol removed Copy to "Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\MadeiraXEvolution\SCENERY" 2. Adds higher LOD Mesh for Ilheu Da Fonte Da Areia, now it's beeing displayed. removed Copy to "Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\PortoSantoXEvolution\Scenery" @MK-Studios feel free to use it in 1.06 follow up here:
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    After all, it's not unheard of for a different variant to be released as an expansion pack (PMDG, for instance, released the 777-300ER as an expansion pack for the 777-200LR/F). If the A330-300 sells well, I fully expect that Aerosoft will, in time, release an expansion pack featuring different engines variants and the -200 series.
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    I don't know either, but last I heard is that it could be due to it being such an advanced and beautiful aircraft... You know, it's not just one of those common airplanes that anyone can develop like the 777, 737, or 747. Maybe it's because of that. I don't know.. maybe it's just rumors. It's true, high quality Airbus aircraft are relatively new to Flight Sim, there aren't that many of them, and given how many there are real world (and how many people see and ride in them) and people want to operate what they are familiar with. Aerosoft produces these aircraft in amazing detail, fidelity, and operational capability. Most recently we've enjoyed this with the A318/A319/A320/A321, and later this year after an update takes the Aerosoft A320 Series to an all new level, Aerosoft will unveil the first high-end, wide body, long haul Airbrush (meant as a complement) in at least the same quality of the updated A320 series! Why so important? Because like their real world counter parts, the performance, payloads, flight routes and capabilities of the A330 are very different from the A318/A319/A320/A321. This is certainly important to the VATSIM/IVAO pilots and many offline pilots who strive to fly realistic routes (especially from excellent addon airports such as we get from Aerosoft and other quality developers) and they simply can't do this with the A320 Series. So from this perspective having an Airbus for long hauls is exciting! Now... drum roll please! Now start the music! If the above wasn't enough, Aerosoft has done something that I'm convinced the community doesn't fully understand and therefore can not fully appreciate -at least not to the same level as the accomplishment. Being experienced in technology program management, marketing, business finance and business overall, I can say with all confidence that Aerosoft providing the A318/A319/A320/A321, the upcoming CRJ-700/900 and the A330 at the price they will sell them to us for IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Mathijs and the managers/owners at Aerosoft demonstrate their devotion to us and our hobby time after time after time, and they get very little recognition for it. I think of this every time someone blows in here with a new account to blast Aerosoft for this or that (it happens to every single other developer too). In the end, studying and then reproducing a fidelity rich A330 with all the bells and whistles is truly an accomplishment, and I'm sure that some parts of my thought process just wants to have it because of that. Cool! Hey Mathijs? Thank you my friend!
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    P.s. I made some extra attention to this product because I think it give a lot for what it costs. http://www.simflight.nl/2017/07/14/aerosoft-trondheim-vaernes-enva-aanrader/
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    Yes, I find it surprising to drop 50% of your current customers and base their whole company on a professional simulator. Besides, in all our test we simply do not see a lot of options to make airport scenery much better then it is now using the high end hardware that is now available. While the VAS limit might be removed, we still run head-on into FPS issues. An major airport with 1500 real light points will look absolutely stunning but it will run at single digits. Which is a damned shame because X-Plane can do it. The 32 bit platform most certainly hold us back for a long time, but what I seen so far in development (things you most likely have not seen) simply does not show the major shift you seem to expect. Our experiences show we can add about 50 real light points (leaving 16 for the aircraft) and 10 to 15% more polygons. That's good progress, no doubt about that. But most users will simply be pushed to see the difference. Believe me, the big steps will be in aircraft. A lot more there is possible in 64 bits. Finally we do have to bother about compressing databases. I am also worried about hardware. We all know that P3d V4 needs a 1070 or 1080 GPU to really work well. The current airport scenery will work well with lesser GPU's but the moment you start to push the envelope you are again running into FPS issues. The way Lockheed implemented lights is simply incredibly demanding on the GPU. It is a choice that makes perfect sense for them because all our professional customers have no problems with running two 1080s in SLI. But that is $900 in hardware, a lot for joe average. Lockheed also has no problems suggesting 64 Gb in memory because their customers will pay that without even blinking. But do YOU have two 1080's and 64Gb in mem? I do and it runs P3d V4 like a dream. I just need to convince my tax advisor that that investment was a good idea.
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    Seit dem letzten update vom AddOn Manager von FSDT bekomme ich folgende Fehlermeldung: Error while modify SimObj file: FlightBeam San Francisco HD AES expect a SimObj MDL for this Addon! To prevent double Jetways the config need to be replace But SimObject or Addonconfig could not be found Was kann ich da machen? Es betrifft nur SFO HD Danke
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    I have the same results. SRTM does not offer more. I know that reality does look different.
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    I've noticed that there have been a few views of this thread ( 50 at time of posting ) but no one has anything to add ? Not important enough I assume ? Looking on the net there are enough posts about ICE AI , SK AI and SP AI all involving " borrowed / altered " textures that are FREEware but the people uploading are not the authors with the last mentioned even asking for " donations " for doing so . These are all classified as pirated and illegal and I honestly fail to see the difference between this and the instance I came across . Here Aerosoft has a policy supporting Virtual Airlines and as such they receive a price reduction when ordering a product . Why then as a painter ( of the Bus since Feb 2010 ) do I have to pay the full price for each successive version when I buy it ? Yes , I did make use of the bundle prices (as most customers here ) but the VA's price is reduced even more . In these last 7 years I made 234 paints ( several seem to have disappeared since the server crash , so the actual total is even more ) and if you take 1 week as a average per paint that works out at 4.5 years . All I have to show for that is 1412 posts and some " reputation " points . As a painter I can only speak for myself but I can imagine that other painters would also have expected more support , not just from the forum members but also from Aerosoft . When I tried to discover who was responsible for altering / copying my work nobody came forward to admit to it . If they had done nothing wrong why wouldn't they ? This VA seems to think that it was perfectly OK to do so , making an attempt at humour by mocking my post as an essay amd adding that I should direct it to the person responisble but as they are the only ones who know who that is makes it an oxymoron with the empahsis on moron . Because of their " reaction " I will be removing ALL of my Virgin repaints 24 hours after posting as I have no intention of giving support in any way shape or form to this VA . They will have to find those paints elsewhere and as I previously stated I can easily prove which paints are mine easily enough .
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    I will check the Issues 1,2,4 and 5 tomorrow. The runwaylights are a normal Object, but it is possible that the P3D V3 has in issue with the Z Buffering against the special ground. I hope, i can reproduce it.
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    It's disappointing that issue 2 It's an old one actually. If you start a flight out of Porto Santo (LPPS), no matter what, one will not have windmills. In order to display the windmills you need to first load your flight at LPMA (Madeira) and then switch back to Porto Santo (LPPS). is back in v1.05a, as we both reported that for v1.04 in this post:
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    But if you fly a A320 into Frankfurt do you really need 1500 trees per cell?
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    Mogens, I can assure you all the scenery development teams are working on it, it just takes time. And because we really feel just slapping a V4 compatible logo on things without actually changing things it sometimes takes a while. Many airports are also being updated to the latest layout.
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    clear your browser cache and try another mirror
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    The updates are now available and on your order history page you will find the new serial number.
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    And following on from previous posts, I am happy to report that ORBX FTX Vector ( released today) works flawlessly with this scenery, with no loss of framerates.
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    That's what made me decide not to buy FSW. In my view a simulator should be a base plateform that provides the engine and physics and stop there. Microsoft never took a dime from third party developers and thats what helped launch the addon scene, with non professional developers able to provide free addons. I remember back in the day when the project airbus came out. It was very limited but nontheless it helped me learn about the airbus philosophy and if it were not for that addon I might probably have stopped flightsimming for good. when I came back to the hobby 3 years ago i came across your a320 and bought that. then the fslabs one. now I'm waiting eagerly for the 330. The simple , free project airbus, developed by a few dedicated people with no budget or infrastructure opened the pandora box for me, now I bought a weather addon and multiple sceneries and all this came from a humble free addon that couldn't have existed if microsoft had taken the dovetail approach. I had high hopes for FSW before its release, it was even before any rumors that p3dv4 would be 64bits so I really wished FSW would be a big step from FSX even better than P3Dv3 but when I saw the first reviews and streams when FSW was released I was hugely disapointed. graphically it looked no better than fsx, no default airliner when fsx 10 years ago had a few. No way to tweak your weather? no way to start at the gate ? It feels like a phone app nothing more. I understand the need for simplicity for beginers, i was glad when I started to have basic aircrafts that you could flight without turning any knobs and fly patterns with them and aiming for that market is fine. But not providing a base plateform for more advanced users was a big mistake in my opinion because thats where the money is a beginner will buy the sim and thats it, an advanced user will spend several hundreds on his sim. There marketing team probably wanted to bring a 64bit sim to the market before LM thinking that would get them a few more sales but by doing so they brought a half assed product no worth giving any consideration. If they had put half the effort in their product as they did in marketing their sim it might have been better. All I see for now is a pathetic attempt at ripping off cutomers and hard working devs. I've bought P3Dv4, i'm investing in that sim because it actually does the job and support the developers who bring good professional addons to the market buy buying their products knowing that they'll get the money they deserve. As long as dovetail will keep their comercial strategy I'm never buy FSW or any addon made for it.
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    Who told you that that doesn't apply to me as well? (Just kidding.)
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    We are back to the early FSX days when we didnt have the hardware capable of running FSX at the time. Hardware caught up then we ran into the OOMs with the 4gb limit. Now that we have 64 bit, all kinds of things could be developed to be nicer but our hardware is limited again more or less due to monetary reasons this time. Quite the cycle
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    Time for the friday update: The VC is currently a whole construction side. Element for element pieces are now overworked and updated and are still valued and changed if need. SO PLEASE NO "BUG" REPORTS CURRENTLY, THE VC IS INCOMPLETE AT THIS STAGE. ALSO DETAILS MUST WAIT UNTIL THE LARGE AREAS ARE SATISFACTORY!!! Changed already is the windshield area, FCU units (high resolution), Mainpanel (higher resolution), Pedal housing and the storebin basic materials. There are even now details introduced like the removable flashlight and the loudspeaker system. Check how the leather changed to the old version. Current work is done on the overhead (in the images still the old variant!) to get more effictive on runtime and also the textures are updated to higher resolution. And FPS are still increasing on the 3d graphics side, due the fresh work...
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    Really? You find this surprising? Well, honestly I don't. They've always been the top leaders when it comes to quality (well, one of them does lack in quality some times IMHO, but hey). I totally understand that the 32-bit platform hold them back. Now that they use just one Sim, I think we could expect higher quality with the use of modern standards for future sceneries.
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    @Speedbird ATC Adding to what @johnadmans and @online516 said: There are countries in the world whose leading carriers don't operate any 777s (maybe only for cargo flights), but A330s - and Germany is very much that kind of country. I'm German, and I already made quite a few happy real-life flights as a passenger in the A330s of Air Berlin and its predecessor (sort of) LTU. Lufthansa and its low-cost subsidiary Eurowings operate the A330 as well. And Condor uses A330s of its British mother company Thomas Cook once in a while, too. So you will now probably understand even better why it will feel like birthday and Christmas combined to me and many others when Aerosoft releases that great, reliable, flexible and comfortable plane: I have fond personal memories of it - and with the help of the add-on, I will be able to recreate a lot more real-life flights of German carriers than ever before. And, adding to that: In my opinion, the A330 is one of the greatest and most beautiful jetliners ever built. And what is even greater about it: It still has a bright future ahead, in this "twin engine era".
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    Personally, I want a plane that does Short and Long routes in real life. American Airlines uses it for routes as short as Charlotte to Orlando and it gives me the option to do way longer routes. The B777/747 are only used in incredibly long flights. If the B787 came out, that would be a good alternative since they also do shorter flights. Also, there hasn't been a good Long Haul airbus product, in my opinion, until this project which has forced me to stretch the A320 Family for longer flights.
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    No, we were one of the last to create FS2004 add-ons for the simple reason that we had customers for that platform. We really do not feel the need to tell customers what they should use, we rather have them tell us what they want. I find the decision of some competitors (and friends) to leave the 32 bit platform behind surprising. Our market research (also for what we sell for THEIR products) show that FSX still has at least a 50% market share. We love P3d V4 and have great hopes for FSW and can't wait for it to be released out of Early Access with an SDK (before that we won't touch it). but to leave half your customers behind is a big step. A very big step.
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    While I'm not exactly up to speed on the new Connected Flight Deck, I can tell you that the shared cockpit configuration for ESP (FSX/P3D) allows for only one person to have control of the control surfaces at any time and control is taken or passed (either/or) to the other station (person) via the press of a button or key on a keyboard). This has nothing whatsoever to do with the Airbus Flight Control Prioritization as it works real world, it merely limits flight controls input from either the Captain's or the First Officer's controls, but never both. The only way I know of to circumvent this is by either creating 1) a local setup (home cockpit with Captain and First Officer Controls) where both sets of inputs work at the same time and can/will override one another when ever a control surface is moved by either side, or 2) by creating a hardware or software Flight Control Network, either locally (again, for Home Cockpits) or or a LAN/WAN and would work completely outside of ESP based sims - and given that we're talking not one but TWO simulators (one at each location) we're talking about a TON OF WORK and this would likely drive the cost well into the triple digits - all for the something which we sort of already have. But who knows, the dev team are really smart and capable lads, maybe they've worked it out, but I dunno if I'd even try or care to. What we already have (how it works right now) is that either party presses button that transfers or takes control of the flight controls. If you think about it, the only thing we're missing is constant dual inputs, and since only one person actually flies the sim aircraft at a time we really don't need that. So with the current ability for either person to transfer or take control of the flight controls is essentially like the Airbus "Side Stick Takeover Button" on the side stick - which is what you're asking for. Probably more information that you needed, but I hope it is helpful. Best wishes.
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    Pff, "state of the art"... In my opinion it is the freaking best modelling porn I know in this sector ! You guys are absolutely amazing and as mentioned by others already, I'm willing to give you the time and appreciate the waiting time!!!
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    Installer is now changed to V2.45a, more info's in the first Post:
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    Hallo, wie steht es mit der Version 1.10.8395 ? Diese behebt das Problem mit der Autobrake.
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    Ein Frage reicht doch, oder?
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    Hi all, thanks Sascha for Antarctica X. I made a litte scenery with penguins in the Atka Bay. Hope you like it. Greetings, Stefan https://digitalprint.cc/antarctica/Atka.zip