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    And thats just right. There seems to be no strict rules for that. And in a philsophic context when we base our conclusions on too few information: Imagine a society living below the surface of the earth. For some reason the arent alowed to see the surface...maybe too much radiation (when a madman pushed a red button) or some other dangerous thing. In old books they find descriptions of what earth like was before they had to submerge to survive. The books tell of the beauty that was and of an endless deep blue sky than spanned the ceiling over the surface. One day a brave expedition in thick survival suits opens a hatch and stands on the nature those books described. But just on that day its overcast! And what may those people than think in the lack of more days up there! The old books lied, burn them, they not told the truth. And just as they closed the hatch again, the clouds opened a split again and a glimpse of blue sky showed. But they were already burning the old books down there and future generations not made any attempt too prove the opposite. A tragic story maybe for them but in our case there is hope...
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    I bought the BBS 330 on a whim this week... I've never been so disappointed in my entire life with regards to a purchase. After the 318-321, I know Aerosoft will be on point for the 330.
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    Ich wollte sie mir nicht holen ... mich hat das schon etwas genervt mit der katastrophalen Kommunikationspolitik und auch überhaupt sehe ich die 737 noch nicht da wo die Saab ist, gerade was das Drumherum angeht. Gerade in Vergleich zu der Saab empfand ich 75 Dollar dann sogar schon etwas überzogen. Warum auch immer, letztlich steht jetzt meine Ixeg 737 aufm Vorfeld und bin gespannt, ob ich es bereue oder nicht xD
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    Agreed, and this was discussed with several developers of Shared Cockpit capable aircraft. It's not nearly as easy as it might seem, but it's still being looked into. That said, there is a way to resolve this so you can reload and pick up the flight right where it stopped working. I've used this for crew changes as well as for CFD disconnects. I'll write up the procedure and place it in the CFD forum pinned topics by Wednesday evening, Thursday evening by the latest. Best wishes for Happy Flights!
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    Here's a small update of what is going on. Why I am still waiting for the pics I need (got two offers now, just waiting for the pics to be send!) I reworked parts of the mainpanel to look more natural.
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    Triebwerkstart ohne Treibstoffpumpen ... ist das realistisch? Auf der Shopseite steht, alles im Cockpit sei benutzbar ( • System simulation without limits – if it´s in the cockpit, it´s working as in the real plane ) aber die Sicherungen lassen sich nicht ziehen ... Ich finde jedes Haar in der Suppe um mir meine Investition schlecht zu reden ... aber, dass ich die Triebwerke starten kann ohne die Treibstoffpumpen auch nur anzuschauen ...
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    I think he use SketchUp to design the objects.
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    Hello Stephan, I think a better and much more comprehensive place to find information and get answers about scenery design is here: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/
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    Most developers use 3DS Max, the payware version of GMAX. Not sure if this also applies to Gianni, but I'd guess so.
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    Die drei verschiedenen Versionen sind die Evolutionsstufen des Aerosoft Airbuses. Der "Airbus X" war der erste, vor ca. 6 Jahren. Danach kam der "Extended" und zuletzt die beiden A31x / A32x Pakete. Wie gesagt, ich kann Dir nicht sagen, warum das Paint Kit zwar in der Download Version enthalten ist, für die Box Version die Support Datenbank es aber nicht enthält. Daher der Verweis an den Support.
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    In der Support Datenbank ist das Paint Kit nicht drin (keine Ahnung, warum nicht). Wende Dich mal direkt an support@aerosoft.com. Ich bin mir sicher, dort kann Dir direkt geholfen werden.
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    One great feature would be a possibility to reconnect both aircraft after the internetconnection was disturbed during a Shared Cockpit flight.
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    Just checked. Both versions installed perfectly fine for me.
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    Agreed. I'm keeping an open mind concerning the whole thing.
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    That's MS Flight though. I personally think DTG is going in the right direction based on what they're saying in the steam discussions. But that's just the optimistic me, don't judge!
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    Found one you were looking for! http://library.avsim.net/login.php?Location=%2Fdownload.php%3FDLID%3D188930
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    Liebe Leute, Rechtzeitig zum 1. Geburtstag unseres Antarktis-Projekts konnten wir den 2. Teil unserer Antarktis Mesh für X-Plane fertigstellen - gut, es gäbe noch viele Kleinigkeiten an denen man basteln könnte, aber irgendwann muss man ja zu einem Punkt kommen, ansonsten wird es wieder Weihnachten bis zum nächsten Release... Teil 2 von Antarctica4XPlane deckt das Viktorialand und die nördlichen Gebiete des Transantarktischen Gebirges ab. Ihr werdet viele bekannte und interessante Orte "befliegen" können, wie die Antarktischen Trockentäler oder Mount Erebus, den südlichsten aktiven Vulkan auf unserem Planeten... Angehängt erste Impressionen. Wir haben uns entschieden, dass die Veröffentlichung von Teil 2 in Schritten erfolgen wird: Als Erste werden diejenigen Zugriff erhalten, die uns im vergangenen Jahr so tatkräftig unterstützt und motiviert haben - Vielen Dank dafür. Folgt unserer Webseite, um auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben. Liebe Grüße, Matthias.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This paint scheme never saw combat and was short-lived. But it is still pretty cool. There are some other 'Tomato' repaints out there, but the markings are not correct. I did this one based on a bunch of reference photos I took from this was rolled out in September 1995 - so it is pretty accurate right down to the orange-tipped cigar the reaper is smoking. This was the cleanest Tomcat I ever saw - while it lasted. It was repainted back to tactical within a month. Might be good for some flight demo practice around Oceana. Enjoy
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    Hi there everyone. Just a small question for the person in charge of the exterior paint. How many files are representing the exterior model? and what resolution are they? Thanks in advance, and looking forward to moew awesome pictures, especially in the exterior
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    look into orbx forum ftx competability , there is a work around but not perfect, there was already contact between developer and orbx , but complete fix was not possible, airport should be redone by orbx in my opnion. because is nice place to fly.
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    Without SimConnect the bus isn't able to work, as it uses it to interface into FSX/P3D, like tons of other add ons as well. May I ask for your system specs? I haven't seen a system yet with 80-90 FPS in the bus with everything maxed out, and am just curious.
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    ICAO: LIRFNAME: Mega Airport RomeTYPE: PaywareFS: FS9DESIGNER: Dream Factory Studio / AerosoftLINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/aerosoft-mega-airport-rome-fs2004-(download).phtml Is this still not possible for AES support with version 1.02 ? Replay of this message :
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    Some actual development shots for this friday afternoon...(think on the fact is still WIP)
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    The MD-11 doesn't have support from PMDG anymore, if you have a problem with it, it might be tricky. Not that it's a bad addon, I really like it and even though I never had it, judging from recent videos of it on YouTube I think it aged well and still in my personal top 10. PMDG 777 needs no introduction. But price is a big factor here. If your PC specs meet the requirements well and you are willing to spend $89 plus $29 if you want the 300 (FSX only price, P3D higher and you can't use 1 version on another sim) then go get it. Again with the MD-11 I never had it but the systems are the best of the best available for commercial flight simulation. Addons to this include FSFX 777 immersion for enhancing visual effects of the aircraft and FS2Crew. Aerosoft A330 is one addon I'm looking forward to. Having enjoyed the A320 I have no hesitation in getting the A330. All you need to know about this is in the A330 previews thread here in the previews forum. I also want to add: Captain Sim 777, viable alternative to the PMDG 777. Similar functionality but less fluid than the PMDG 777 but it gets the job done well. I have this one and all the expansions. Includes all 777 variants. VC might be a bit lacking compared to PMDG and PMDG still has better systems but if you can get it on Captain Sim's $10 sale you can get all variants for a good price. A few minor bugs like the FD activating for both PF and PNF screens but only the PF switch is turned on. QW787, look at all the available quarterly updates on their forums and you can see that this is going to be a good one when it comes out. PMDG 747v2, well I guess anything from PMDG needs no introduction. Basically my post might add to the OP's confusion as what I'm saying is I recommend all of them
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    haha, that's why you typically should give a briefing to your passengers. Who knows what else they will be up to when something unexpected happens lol I had one who started to scream in the radio that I'd be doing aerobatics with her while I was doing a very normal 30° bank turn... (Yes, that was one of these things you do not want to explain to ATC after landing...)
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    Weiß vielleicht einer von euch, ob die IXEG Windows-only sein wird oder auch unter Linux laufen wird? Im sehr unübersichtlichen Shop von X-Aviation habe ich nämlich bei keinem Addon irgendwelche Systemvoraussetzungen oder "Kompatibel mit" gefunden
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    Thank you for all those helpful hints! Well because I would buy CS addons at the Flightsimstore, I'm not getting the 10$ sale anyway. I know, you always "get what you pay for" and that the PMDG 777 would be the better choice, but at this point I'm not sure if I want to spend so much money on this bird. Especially when there will be a new A330 and a 747 addon in the next time..... But FS2crew was also a useful hint, thank you
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    ICAO: ULLI NAME: Pulkovo ST. PETERSBURG V2 (released 19apr2016) TYPE: Payware FS: FS9/FSX DESIGNER: DIGITAL DESIGN LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/digital-design-ulli-st.-petersburg-x-v2-fsx-p3d-(de_10182).phtml AES 2.42a
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    Leg 3 : BIKF-BGBW Date : 30/1/16Take off : 13:01 ZuluTouchdown : 14:40 ZuluFlight number : EI1234Aircraft : Aerosoft Aer Lingus Airbus A320-214 CFMRoute : M077F340 GIML1B GIMLI DCT 65N030W DCT DA W57 NA DCT Cruise level : FL350 This was my first non-ILS approach in the A320 so I was a bit apprehensive. I did have a last second adjustment to make and ended up coming in hard, but with a bit of practice I'll figure it out. This is also why I don't have a screenshot of the landing Planned route Climb out of BIKF It's a bit chilly out there Greenland in sight Top of descent Parked up at BGBW, very busy airport
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    After a create a flightplan I export it.By default if goes into a folder c:\FSX\PMDG\FlightPlan\NGX\PMDG\FlightPlan\NGX In order to have it work in the PMDG-737 CDU ( as coroute ) I need to copy the created flightplan to a folder c\CrucialFolder\FSX\PMDG\FlightPlan\NGX Therefore I wonder how I can force PFPX to enter the plan into c\CrucialFolder\FSX\PMDG\FlightPlan\NGX after exporting. Thank you Herbert30 NB: I hope I do not have to remove everything and start from scratch
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    Hi Dude, why did you close the topic ? It is just not true, that you need to take off without FMS entry to get the ppos. You would have seen it, when you had watched the little vid. You can do any SOP entry, go around and you will run into it. I know, you said, only the flight from A to B is modelled. But I don´t understand, why you don´t want to correct the small bugs (no new features needed, as all essential features are already coded in the FMS), that would enable a go around and diversion to C.