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    One of the beta testers send me a massive set of screenshots, so I decided to start feeding them into the forum. ignore or enjoy.
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    Now you understand why modeling an aircraft has become so complex? And time consuming? Stefan made the images below for a professional client interested in a A320 model, this afternoon. These are images from 3d Max, so not exported to the platform (that could be P3D, X-Plane, AFS2 etc). If you look at them you see they have all the details, but none of the smoothness and the lighting is 'raw'. What makes a modeler a seriously good modeler these day is to understand the whole pipeline between the model and the sim. You need to be able to anticipate how what you are modeling will look in the compiled version. What you have to model and what you can do with bitmaps (bump maps, reflections etc etc). And try to keep in mind that with every new generation of hardware things change. Sometimes display of vertices (the 'model') becomes faster, sometimes the bitmap pipeline becomes faster. Compare those images to this: or this... ...where the sim display engine has done its work. See how things smooth out? How the lighting is many times more complex? That's what Stefan does in his mind the whole time. And because he can he is effective and productive. Because between the model in the tool and the model in the sim are many steps of compiling, copying etc etc. If you need to compile every 10 minutes you will never get a project done. You need to work for a few hours and compile in your mind, then test and fix. P3D is not even close to what a real modern display engine can do. And that makes things even harder because we have to learn, adapt and above everything else experiment. If you would work for the big game engines like Unity, Frostbite etc you can use the experience of thousands of people. Here it is a very tiny group of people, supported in a brilliant way by Lockheed, that do all the work. We lose days, often weeks experimenting to get something done. Sometimes without results, that's when a project manager like me needs to take a long walk with the dogs followed by a glass of wine. But as I said before, I honestly believe Stefan is the most experienced and the best aircraft modeler for our platform. More than a decade of 50 to 60 hours a week experience is hard to beat.
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    Time for a small friday update: Much parallel stuff currently due the A318/A319 release, but also advance on the A330. The maingearbay detailing nears slowly its end and the lower hydraulic compartment has been already fitted in. Even a maintenance crew working in that environment should say on the end: That looks damn near the real thing!
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    I think Tom is doing a great job. If I were in his place I would just delete those messages. It is more annoying to have 75% of my alerts be from new messages by people that are too lazy or too stupid to read as they should instead of real updates, and it is also annoying that this thread has over 90 pages and most of it is people asking the same things over and over again.
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    And here is the video of my last test flight from which I posted some screenshots above. We are in the final stage of beta testing and this is a flight from EDDM to EDDL. One of my tests was with the new Co-pilot/checklist function and some internal sounds. Therefor I muted the engine sound. These sounds are modeled and you will hear them in the next video. Some bugs that can been seen in this video: - small sounds lapses and GPWS calls - The ACARS wx was a bit jibberish today. Never had that and should be an easy fix - Take off shift can not be deleted anymore. This used to work but not anymore - Landing elevation cabin - biggest problem is around 01:16:00. When waypoints are flown by and close to eachother it can mess up the LNAV. We are working on this for some time and hardly see it anymore - Some small co pilot stuff. The biggest suprise for me was the missing EDDL scenery and landing at a default airport. All in all the testing goes well, as you can see for yourself. Framerates are good but there is the occasional hickup (system related). YT also does some stuttering that was not there during the flight. Make sure to watch it in 4K! And remember please, WiP!
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    More.... A friend from Toulouse just send me this what'sapp: "I do not think your customers understand how many anenna variants there are. We have over 50 different configurations documented and certified. Most some in several variants as the antenna can't be placed close to each other. Even in a single airline like KLM, Air France or LH) the same type of airframe can have them in very different locations. And after a major overhaul it can all be different. For many antenna there IS no fixed location, it depends on what has happened before. As so often it seems flight sim lovers seem to think aviation has no flexibility. It has. We are humans."
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    Of course Mathijs. There were times in past when devs used realworld imagery or handpained assets in their models. Nowadays with helps from mathematics we got stochastic light solutions which simulate the way billions of photons take their through a virtual space and interact with surfaces. So when you build a 3d representation, setup the materials correctly and run the calculations you get the visual footprint of the solution. When you look straight onto it, you will see no difference to a photorealistic 3dmodel rendered in cinema quality. And also at 45 degs viewing angle you get very good result without actually adding a single polygon to the realtime 3d model. The only downside is that you have to wait some time for the presentation, as the first step is the creation of complete model. So in opposite to a pixel for pixel advance of traditinal pixeling you sit a longer time on the 3d model, but the final actual generation of the pixel takes then only a fraction of the time. And yes, at that degree of detail the modern way is still much faster...
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    A few pictures of a very close to final acceptance flight from EDDM to EDDL:
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    Because we have to sell to tens of thousands of people and a certain number of those have a very specific pet peeve they feel is absolutely vital to make their flight realistic. We have customers who feel that the tires tread is extremely important. They tell me with every release that the fact we model tires from brand X on and aircraft from airline Y is simply utterly unrealistic and that we can't be serious to try to fool customers (no joke that). Other potential customers feel that an emergency like a dual engine failure combined with a co-pilot that is incapacitated is something we should simulate. Fact is that I care very little about what competitors do. We do our market research and try to make the product 'our' customers are looking for. This has served us well in the last 15 years. I have no idea what a 'better' product is as I find it hard to compare products. If you compare A320's you got a few products but at very different prices. Is the FSL A320 better than ours? For sure in many aspects (in others I think ours is simply superior) but it is close to three times as expensive so I bloody well hope it is better. Is the FSL bus better to simulate an APU fire (never happened in real live)? Sure! We do not care about things that never happened. Every publisher tries to find it's own niche. Looking at sales data we have been doing rather well. I do not care a lot about other developers because I do not try to compete. I try to do the best possible product for what we believe are our customers. We focus fully on the job of the pilot. So crew coordination, interaction with the cabin, talking to ground crew etc etc. Things pilots do on every flight. We do not simulate the check rides that pilots do to keep their license. Find me a YT flight from FSX or P3D that is even close to ace a checkride and we'll change our procedures. An Airbus is flown by two highly trained people who are rested, tested, sober and focussed. Even thinking a single person who found a lot of manuals online and seen a lot of videos is close ti the same level of competence is wrong. I have a lot of pilots among my friends and I have massive respect for their skills and dedication. 90% of people who want to become an airline pilot won't make it. Those 90% are the people I am aiming for. I found the vast majority of them nice people who fully understand why they should not be pilots. They enjoy simulation, but they do not pretend to be real pilots who for some reason never got their license. They understand the limitations.
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    About as annoying for all other readers to read the same question and the same answer several times a day. This is a topic followed by thousands of people and we will not have it hijacked by people who are not even willing to read the very first post. If you want a private conversation we advise you to use our ticket system. That way the other thousands of people do not have to read what has been replied to hundreds of times. It's just a matter of respect in our opinion. We have replied dozens of times. This forum would be useless if every third post was a date.
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    I second what Walter said. Tom, you're doing a great job for us here in the forums - keep it up! For anyone who disagrees... merely take a look at any other developers commercial forums. Moreover, people who don't read the pinned post at the top of every page and ask questions which are answered in that pinned post.... we don't hate them or want to make them feel uncomfortable, but their questions (which have been answered so many times that it's difficult to put a number on them) simply detract away from the purpose of this thread - and that can lead to the thread itself becoming worthless for those who read this thread to get updates. That is what we're trying to prevent. Things like this always get this way when a product is nearing release as we get people logging in who have not been following the product's developmental progress. My vote was to make this thread read only, and have another thread for questions, but it was decided to keep this thread bi-lateral and as such we have to remind people to read the pinned post before posting a question. That is all Tom is doing, and there is everything right (correct about it). Please, let's now stay on target and not divert into another area. Best wishes.
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    Sure, I'd be happy to take a shot at explaining. 1. No product can be all things to all people. 2. You failed to understand the target market for our product and it's associated VERY LOW cost to our customers. This has been discussed in the forum so many times that I just can't go over it again. What you can do is look at the cost of this product and compare it to other P3DV4 products which provide some of the capabilities that you mentioned and I'm sure the light will come on for you. 3. We are late in the development phase and preparing for release, so now isn't a good time to put in new things. After release we'll be accepting (and expecting) ideas from knowledgeable customers, but right now we're focused on release. We thank you and have heard your requests, so there is no need to belabor those points any further. Best wishes!
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    I just had a talk with Winfried (who says hi to all people he met in Vegas!) and he told me we need to delay the bus with two weeks. The reason has nothing to do with the product but with the fact we are changing our back office system (SAP) and one of the last steps of that is to include our outdated warehouse system into the new system. Now please keep in mind that Aerosoft is a pretty sizable company these days and flight sim add-ons are just part of what we do and while this is a very important release for us, we can't reschedule these important internal changes around it. Obviously as Project Manager, I am not happy about this, but Winfried is not only a good friend he is also my CEO. Of course some people will believe this is a ploy because we are not ready but there is not a lot we can do about that. July 12th is now our goal.
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    If antennae locations are the thing that you feel makes or breaks a product like this I have bad news for you. For the complete A320 range we have (if I am correct) 16 different models. It would be easy to make another 100 as there are thousands of different combinations of antenna, windows, engines, sat warts etc.etc. And that does not even include rough runway modifications and more elusive stuff like that. And also not the simple fact that these things are not static but change year by year. Last week somebody send me an image of a LH bus that had a antennae layout I had never seen before and insisted we had to include it. When I spend some time on it I learned it was a model taken over from another company and was in the process of being converted to standard LH standard. The 2016 standard that is NOT the same as they do it now. So no, we will not do every possible variation because it is simply impossible. If that means you will not buy the product that's a decision we'll have to live with.
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    To close this argument. Search.... Get the link to your answer, click.... Read.....
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    Hello guys,we've received new info of the airport about some changement. We are working to update the 3D files and ground polygons. Here is an example of the new DHL.We already have done the animated jetways, docking systems and lights. We'll show you more in the next days!Cheers.
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    Ahh well, as we always say, not all products are for all customers. If this is the kind of thing that makes you decide if you want to buy a product I am sorry that we can't sell it to you.
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    Since I had some free time, I went back to the beginning of this thread and hid all the posts that were quoted in an answer, earlier questions about release dates, and other clutter. That should reduce the page count for our frequent readers and add focus for our newer guests. Also, by hiding instead of deleting, a post can be reinstated if it's later found to have value. Update: I had no idea it was so time consuming, as it was about 1+45 for the first 10 pages. Probably have to limit the internal explanations for the hides. Since mods can see the hidden posts it's a real revelation to see how much content is repetitive and how much is answered in the sticky post.
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    Then don't... (Oh boy, I'm gonna catch hell for that one!)
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    This method is already obsolete, today this message is shown as part TAKEOFF Memo.-
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    Please read the few posts on this page, or the first post of this topic, which is linked on top of every page. Thank you.
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    On release we'll list ALL the known issues (and update it with what is found after release) so people can decide to step in whenever they want.
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    From Watkin: A quick question to you on that new goal Mathijs, since this is a back office delay, will this also delay the A320/321 + 2 Weeks?   Watkin, I would expect so. While the back office change is the cause, I'd anticipate the testers and code fixers will welcome the release delay, since it will allow more time to assess/incorporate P3D v4.3 impact and allow a break before digging in to the follow-on projects. As you seem to know, all the following releases are downstream of the A318/319 with previously stated sequence and intervals between each described in the pinned topic at the top of the page. Here they are, copied from the pinned topic: A318/A319 Professional D-Day A320/A321 Professional 5 weeks later A318/A319 Professional & A320/A321 Profession service Pack 1 This Service pack will replace the current PFD and ND with newer version that are better in resolution and designed to be used in 2d mode (the other gauges should already work in 2d mode at that time) Unknown period later, but we guestimate something like 4 weeks. A330 Professional Unknown period later 318/A319 Professional & A320/A321 Professional & A330 Professional service Pack 2 Note we skip the A330 SP1 to keep the names uniform. This service pack will bring all aircraft to the same status and will update the smaller busses with the knowledge gathered in the meantime.
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