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    Small friday update: Work on the galley detailing advances nicely. Galley1 almost complete (Still needs trolleys and casing of the kitches painted). Other galleys follow detailing...
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    Small friday update again: Galley detailing continues; this time master templates for the kitchen equipment itself were created and can be now spread over all three galley sections (ovens, waterbasin/sink, coffeemaker, chillers, trolley sized cabinets, trolleys, trash compactors...) So the kitchen will really look like their real world versions. Research was also done for the coming different external models for other operating airlines. Lufthansa for example will get a model on its own, featuring the large aft antenna fairing they installed there as optional add. So we stay very close the real thing there too.
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    Time for a small friday update: Galleys are now almost complete; only some very small details left for the doors interior itself and after that a fast nightlighting pass. As easter egg a compilation of the three main galleys. The geometry is rather light, only where you see really major corners a larger single surface ends. Also the texture is rather efficient, the pixels wisely used. But i personally see a time coming, were the door of the aircraft and surrounding will more cross each worlds than it was in past. So you can set at least a step into the aircraft maybe (dont ask for a complete cabin yet), while of course it cant be that detailed like in the cockpit. Of course we are exploring any time we have the chance new techniques. So have alltogether a nice easter time and relax a bit; i will now also retire for this weekend...
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    Time for a small friday update again: The galley and cockpit interior is now inserted and functional too (door animations). I made some images within FSX which show the different looks between day and night. The pax window itself are still work and progress and get their passenger heads and seats visible one after another. Dont wait for an update next week as i am shortly working on another project. Cargo holds are then the next stop which are luckily much less complex constructions than the galleys...
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    Gents, let me make a statement on the release schedule. The statement is, I simply do not know. The main reason for that is that the platforms are in flux at this moment. NDA's prevent us from making a more detailed statement but it will surprise nobody when I say that a lot of the work we are doing right now is not aimed at 32 bit platforms. It is my personal belief (not shared by everybody in Aerosoft btw) that 32 bit sims will die very soon when we get 64 bit platforms to work with. X-Plane showed that without a doubt. Will we release our Airbusses and CRJ for FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM and P3d V3? Sure. No doubt about that, they will be as good as we can make them. Am I in a hurry to get them out while not not knowing what the dominant platform will be in 12 months time? Mwahhh.... of course I want these products to start selling as soon as feasible, but we need to explore these new platforms as fast as possible to be able to get products that you will buy in 2018. And these explorations need to be done by our most experienced staff, the people now working on these aircraft. What we will NOT do however is rush something to market because the platform might fall out from under us. Aerosoft is a 'big' company. These aircraft projects are important to use but they are just a small part of all the software we release. We do not need the money from them to stay afloat as is most certainly the case for some of our colleague publishers. Every bit of the work that we do on the busses is aimed at creating a code base that we can build on. A code base that will make it easy for us to create a line of high quality Airbus add-ons that we can sell for a reasonable price. We very much follow the idea of Airbus Industries here, create the base and them make big and small aircraft all using the same code. That's why Airbus calls it a family, something Boeing tries to do but never gets right. Of course I got a release date in mind for the A330, A320/A321 and A318/A319 projects. But that date changes day by day and I am calling myself damned lucky to work with a team and a CEO that (most of the time) understands that. What I can tell you is that things look great, not only for our products, but for the hobby as a whole.
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    Late last week I was reading in the newspaper that there were many more icebergs around NewFoundland and Greenland then normal. Scientists are not sure it is because of global warming or because of a freak current, but it is significant. That made me thinking, I remember seeing icebergs many times when crossing the ocean, often they are the only thing visible in in the ocean, they really stand out. And we don't have them in the sim. So together with Stefan (he needed a break from the A330 and CRJ) we decided to make icebergs for FS. They will be placed where they are this time of year: Here you see one from close by: I think we'll not make a special folder for them and dump them in the main FS scenery folders (any comments on that?). The files will be free of charge, you will just need a forum account to get them. Now you only need the A330 to go and see them. While waiting we propose the fantastic PMDG 747 as a vehicle.
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    Small friday update: Galley2 is now also done. The crew seats near the exit are detailed after this post (so please not complain about it). The layout resembles lufthansa.
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    And one from the VC for good measure....
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    Time for a small update from the beta front. I flew a new revision of the beta this morning after Hans did a lot of work on the CRJ. What is a lot of work? The sound code had to be revised to make it future proof, many FPS optimizations have been made and we are closing in on a completed LNAV. Small stuff like double ADF's, message logic, x-side needles and new sounds were also added. The list was long. I made a short flight from ELLX to EDDM and would like to share the last part of the approach with you guys so you can get an idea of the current state. In the video you will see that the localizer is tracked with an offset, we are still scratching our heads about this one as it only happens once in an while. The AP commands some right aileron during level flight (this could be because the aircraft is an ex Eurowings one and those are known to be badly maintained ) The AP off sound does not work and the EGWPS is having some mode issues. All in all it is small stuff. But a lot of small stuff also takes time and not every snag is as easily found as in this video. Because I fly with unlimited FPS and vsync on with an 30Hz monitor I asked Hans if he could squeeze as much FPS from the model as possible because I need a solid 30FPS to not get any stutters. Hans delivered promptly by making the following options available in Dave: I am now a very happy camper as FPS remain solid at 30 by switching off the FO displays when flying into dense areas. (Which EDDM is not btw, think more EGGL, EDDF) The video is in 4K, be sure to select that. You may have trouble seeing all the instruments on a small display. I fly with an 0.50 zoom level on an 43" TV which works fine for me. ps, the "bings" you hear are from Skype. During my flights I am, most of the time, in direct contact with Hans to discuss bugs I see on the fly. In this case we were just discussing how we could best disrupt Jeroen's presentation at the FS Conference this year.
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    We have a new batch of testers that are checking the plane out as we speak. They are all very excited to fly the bird but as we are in an early alpha state there is a lot to be done. A lot of VC switches must get a clickspot for example and we are finetuning the FBW. There after the VNAV part will get a lot of attention. Functions like ETP, constant Mach, holdings, Step climbs and AOC pages are coming along nicely. The real brunt will be the betatesting that has not yet begun. Oh yeah, did I already say that the FPS are terrific?
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    A virtual female FO in the VC seems to generate a lot of pre-teen comments here (already hidden or deleted) so from now on that topic is off limits. As long as the virtual FO does not look 100% realistic and does not do the duties that you expect from him/her, it will not be implemented as an VC model. Although it is also highly unrealistic to have an empty seat next to you, AS prefers that option at the time and with Connected Flight Deck (CFD) we are trying to get that second (and third) person "in the cockpit" with you. Thanks
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    Well for now we only have the A330 (with multiple engine types) and the big updates of the A318/A319/A320/A321 scheduled for this year. Next to that the CRJ and one aircraft project not yet disclosed That already scares me enough.
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    Speaking only about the real thing; - Derates are done by assumed temperature. There are no modes like CLB-1 or something that you might see on Boeings, or certain software derates like limiting the thrust to a certain value. You set an assumed outside temperature in the PERF page and the FADEC will limit thrust accordingly. Maximum assumed temperatures are generally taken from performance charts for specific runways. - Advisory VNAV is simply the term used because it is not coupled to the autoflight system. It will show you descent rates required to follow constraints or limits set in the FMS, but there is no VNAV mode for the autopilot like in a 737 or managed mode in the Bus. - In the real thing you also don't select any flap configuration for takeoff or landing in the FMS, an V-speeds are not inserted or selected in there either. So basically all the items that the previous poster asked about in his question are not managed by the FMC on the real thing, and therefore I assume Hans means they are also not managed by the FMC in the addon.
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    Today I greet you from Zurich and look what I've seen.
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    There is finally a 'reader' on this forum. A post of mine on PAGE 2 just got liked.
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    Just a view shots out of P3D
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    We are now in the stage where the last input regarding changes and features from testers is acceptable. This was one thing added yesterday. Makes life a lot simpler!
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    I wish you wouldn't say stuff like this. It will only result in questions like "why doesn't the CRJ have x or y?" questions. Personally, I don't care what those other products can do. I just make the CRJ as close to the real thing as the available information allows.
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    The Dragair features a layout that is externally very similar to our reference aircraft. The Lufthansa however features a different door3 (smaller variant) and an extra LARGE communcation antenna fairing on the aft section. So Lufthansa deserves a sepcial model even. After that base external model is done, Lufthansa will be the next variant to follow... But of course in a well planned project you first create a stable base and ontop of that you start producing your variations in an effective way...
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    A little evening flight.... HGS contains some debug data (like the cross hair flight director) so don't look too closely ;-)
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    The pictures today are made in Geneva, how do you like the "housecolor" ? I admit it, it was my idea ...
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    Aerosoft has a secret hack that uses your computer fans to cool them down. No joke.
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    Well, actually not about the A330 but is is related. As you might know our Busses are now also for sale via STEAM (http://store.steampowered.com/app/556212/) and they are doing very well there. But getting them ready for that release was utter and total hell. See Dovetails uses a different structure for add-ons that separates the sim from the add-ons (a VERY good idea). We thought we could provide that in a few hours but in the end we spend 8 weeks getting it done (okay that includes Christmas etc). It was incredibly difficult to find all the links in the code that were location specific. And unfortunately that delayed the A330 seriously. But it did show to the dev team that deciding to redo a lot of the code to new standards was the right decision. From a jungle of code we are going to a new layout where things are way more formalized. That will serve us so well in the future where Lockheed Martin P3d V4 and Dovetails Flight Sim World await us. It was a hard call to make, throwing out so much, but this Steam disaster showed us it was correct. Sales on Steam are fine btw, so even though it costs us a lot, it will pay off. I fully understand steam users. Click, buy and after a few minutes it is all installed and updated.
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    Shhh! That's one of the things about our job that you need to keep secret. Especially Mathijs must never know
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    I hope you are wrong. I do believe FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM, P3D V3, P3D V4 and hopefully the new Dovetails sim will all be pretty well related and that level of detail might differ so only the export options from the tools will differ (just as now with FSX versions and P3D V3). But in the end we need sim platforms to compete to get to a higher level. It's crazy that we are now stuck in 32 bits (X-Plane excluded) and that the base code is hardly changed in the last 10 years. Let the users decide what is the best platform and we'll follow.
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    Maybe yes. But only after FSlabs fix theirs. A buggy save state is not desirable.
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    Even the real Airbus has problems with the linedrawing, so no, ours will not be perfect there.
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    A little teaser of the groundpoly. taken with p3d. Jetways/Airbridges (some could clarify once how it's call????) are going to be position that weekend. Soon we will publish some photos of the whole project with it's VAS resaults- I think you are going to love what you will see, both quality and performance. Regards.
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    Stefan spoke now there is light ... ;-) Awesome Stefan!
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    A nice evening and see you soon by my next destination ...
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    Testing comes with dedication to detail. In my opinion there is nothing funny in not doing what was asked for when applying to become a beta tester. Being too hasty and ignoring details is not a good quality when it comes to testing.
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    Me. I win that contest hands down. But Frank is indeed a very important person for us. Not only is he just a really nice guy, but he is one of the few pilots who has the patience to deal with us. When we ask for some detail we get it. When I ask for an image of his breakfast tray to see how it fits the Airbus tray table he makes one. I need the sound of the door chime and minutes later I have it. We got many real pilots, mechanics and even cabin crew in our core advisory team and we love them all, But Frank has been such a good friend to Aerosoft he probably indeed should get a special title. Sorry for the corny comments in this forum at this moment. We are in a bit of a lull right now not a lot new to test and with good weather over most of Europe the forums are quiet.
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    I tuned in today expecting to see something from MK to the effect that...... Aerosoft was discontinuing development of the CRJ; or....... release of the CRJ was imminent; or.......the CRJ was delayed for another 6 years; or........the world was coming to an end. But to my surprise there was no April's fools jokes. Which means everyone is busy working....working hard to finish our beloved CRJ project. Good on you guys.....keep up the hard work. Its always appreciated!
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    We have an update every friday. Maybe people found it a bit too much when asking for another inbetween.
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    Hello and good evening from Barcelona. What a nice must have airport. You can find him as FSX version here: http://www.aerosoft.com/de/fsxp3d/flight-simulator-x/szenerien/359/mega-airport-barcelona-x?c=15 Landing on this airport with the aerosoft / Digital Aviation CRJ is a real dream ... ... but of course only with my painting
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    People, the EFB discussion is done already. Let it go.
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    Can I ask why people are complaining about this plane getting more features then we expected?
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    You can enter any ZFW you want on the PERF INIT page. The payload page in DAVE just shows the calculated value.
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    I'd just like to point that this topic is labelled "HOT"... we may not get those ice cubes after all. Everybody chill or they will melt!
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    I personally would prefer and empty seat than this, to be honest.
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    The first picture is with the railing in the UP (stairs) position and the second picture shows the DOWN (Jetway) position. In the down position you can dock a jetway to the CRJ, this is not usually done but it is possible. The stairs on an 700-900 are a real pain, they are very steep and not very people friendly.
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    If all goes well and Hans does not change stuff, this should be the final version of Vol 1 of the manuals. If you see any mistakes drop me a message on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com. Vol1_AOM_Part-1_100.pdf
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    We'll write you a note.
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    Give them a finger, and they will want the whole hand.
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    Brake Temprature is less of a problem after takeoff than it is before takeoff. Hot brakes have a worse effect on decellerating, so you'll need more runway to stop. Once a certain temprature is reached they can even become almost useless. You woulnd't take off with the brakes above a certain temprature, thus a situation where you need to keep the gear extended for cooling of the brakes after takeoff is rather unlikely. Simple: Wait. That's what most airlines do with the Airbusses anyway, regardless of the actual brake temprature (unless it gets close to melting the fuseplug in the tires). Keep in mind cooling a hot brake imposes a strong thermal stress on the brakes, therefore reducing the lifetime of the brakes a lot. Also, once in use, the brakefans cool the outer part of the brakes first. This is where the temprature sensor is located, so when using the brake fan your actual brake temprature sensed by the system will be cooler than the actual temprature in the inner part of the brake. To prevent a takeoff with the inner part of the brakes still too hot there are temprature limits imposed on the brakes for which you may take off. These limits are 135°C using Brakefans in the A320 and 270° (actual values could differ by some 10 or 20 degrees, I'm not 100% sure of them and don't have an FCOM here right now) if you did not use the Fans! This is a BIG difference! If you did not need to brake really harsh, then you wil likely be fine with the braketemratures after a "normal" turnaround time and will not need to use the Brake Fans at all. Also remember that if you have carbon brakes your brake fans will blow carbon dust into the air, which can cause cancer. The groundcrew will thank you if you leave your brakefans off unless they are really required to make your turnaround!