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    Time for a small friday update: Work on the forward cargo hold is so far completed. Now work concentrates on the aft section one. All walls are covered with the detail that belongs there...
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    A sneak peak from a testflight I just made: This is an early build with some pieces not yet in place and more late alpha than early beta. And watch it in 4K please.
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    Time for a small friday update! Aft Cargo Bay is so far done. As i just recieved good photos for the bulkcargo section this gets a bit more attention at monday... The cargo door itself features also bump mapping, so with being in the sim later is will appear pretty plasticly. When stuff is alltogether done, i will post some images also with the night versions.
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    Mega Airport Singapore X (by Antti Haka), It's still some way off but we thought it would be nice to share some first images!
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    Time for a small update: Was again a shorter week here in germany due a celebration day, but the Bulkcargo Compartment is now also done. Next days will be used on a new platform, but back pretty soon....
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    Here you go: Alphastage
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    It's in the testing phase so it's not too far away, but no time frame for release as of yet. Yes those are included. Customers who bought the previous version of Trondheim will get a discount when purchasing the new version. Here's a few more preview gif's of the scenery:
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    Hello everyone, I want to apologize for the lack of communication here in the forum! The ‘Porter’ is meanwhile a lengthy proceeding project. I got exhausted and had to intermit the intensive work for a longer period. One of our PC-6 pilots passed away meanwhile. I have known him since my childhood – a great guy and very unique character. He is on many of my research photos and videos, this made the situation not easier. The last months I used my spare time and energy for working on the project and avoided communication here in the forum. I was afraid that some messages could be discouraging in this situation. -- The status of the project: As many parts of the ‘Porter’ are simulated outside of FSX, especially the engine, aircrafts systems and some physical effects too, I am heavily dependent on an interface/sound module. One of two major problems on this module have been solved about one month ago. But in April I had several photographic assignments so there was only very few time left to proceed with the ‘Porter’. In May there is much more time available. When I reach a more stable status on this project, I will invest more time in the forum again. Thanks for your patience, Marcel
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    AIR CANADA the ugly one ...
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    Can we have an option in the right MCDU to secure the open doors with this "security tape" when there are no stairs at the door? Would be a nice little new feature
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    After some two weeks of R&R I started test flying the CRJ again. Hans did a lot of work in these last two weeks and the new beta testers helped us a lot with finding problems between the different sim platforms. You can really see the "ready for release" pressure Hans is under now, yesterday alone we had 3 new revs. And that on a german national holiday! Here some pics from my lastest EDDP-LOWK flight:
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    Here's a couple more gif's and some up to date screenshots,
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    Yes, this will be modeled for the A330 and the following A320FAM products. Here are two screenshots of it that are still Work in Progress and not yet fully completed and tested.
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    I understood there was some confusion about engines, models etc. Sorry for that. To be clear, our product will include two engines types and at least 5 different models (mostly external differences). Because before we can start adding a second engine all the basic systems have to be completed it seems silly not to release what we will have at that time. So we'll release with one engine type and the additional models/engines will be added without any charge. We do not like the sales model where you have to buy additional parts of a product. It will be one product, one price, for all sims that we decided to release at that time. Most likely that will be P3d V3, P3d V4, FSX:SP2 and FSX:Steam. If FSW is out of Early Access at that moment we will for sure consider that platform as well.
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    At the event in Germany last weekend somebody asked me if the displays were nice and sharp, even if they would be made bigger. Think I can say yes to that. Do select full size (if you have a 3440 screen) or right click and save as to see the full resolution.
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    Every day that passes, is one day closer to the release ...
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    Don't expect an update next week, we'll be working on P3d V4 mostly next week.
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    Hello, since the last screenshot were mostly about the airport I like to share some WIP screens of the surrounding of the LEBL airport that covers a huge area between Tarragona, Lloret de Mar and Manresa to have a nice approach at El Prat from all directions. All is WIP (actually ships, cranes etc. are missing). The entire area is covered with autogen and aerial pictures have a very good resolution (0.5m/pix at the entire area and 0.25m/pix at the airport) Thorsten Click at the pictures and than at "Full Size" (lower left corner of the picture) to get a better resolution
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    Here's some up to date screenshots from today's build.
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    But seriously, latest versions of the CRJ are really promising. It seems we have solved a massive CTD issue that has costs a sh*t load of time to fix.
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    ... I forgot my first repaint of the CRJ
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    Still looks ready to me
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    Just a quick word on P3D V4. We have been testing this internally for some time and are very enthusiastic about this new release. It's stable, it's fast and it compatible to a certain degree. Scenery seems to be rather easy to 'make work', aircraft of course have to be compiled again got 64 bits. This is NOT a trivial task. At Aerosoft however we rather not make things 'just work' without making use of the new features us the sim. So how older products are updated depends. Most older stuff will be made compatible, but newer stuff most likely will be changed to make use of the new features. New releases will most likely be made compatible from day one. Just keep in mind we have over 300 add-ons and not a handful as most of our competitors. As a principle (not a rule) we will work from the newer or most important products backwards. That means the A320 is one of the first that we'll work on. It's also by far the most to convert btw. How enthusiastic we are is best shown in an image showing our Bali. That is not at max settings or anything, but if you check the image you see it is looking more then okay. And it does so at 180 fps. P3D V3 did the same at 90 fps.
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    I promised to keep you informed about the system depth. As you know we are not interested in systems that are almost never (or never) actually used but we do feel system depth makes a lot of difference in your experience so a lot of attention is spent on that. Today cabin pressure was updated on our servers. Cabin Pressure completely reworked and now has this new functionality: Correct max/min cabin rates (+1000 ft/min, -750ft/min) during climb/descent implemented while current rates of aircraft still taken into account (if aircraft levels off during climb before reaching cruising altitude the cabin stops climb as well, same for descent) FMGS flight time taken into account to limit max cabin alt for flights longer than 2.5h to 7350 ft while shorter flights allow up to 8000ft. Additional cabin alt limitation to 7460ft for flights longer than 2.5h if alt > FL410 FMGS CABIN DESCENT RATE taken into account (entered in MCDU, preset with -350ft/min) Cabin descent starts before aircraft reaches TOD if selected CABIN DESCENT RATE should require this At initiation of takeoff cabin is pressurized to achieve a differential pressure of 0.1 PSI (with a cabin rate of -328ft/min) Cabin alt is calculated to reach a differential pressure of 0.1 PSI at touch down 80sec after touch down both outflow valves (FWD and AFT) are operated to fully open At take off both outflow valves (FWD and AFT) are operated to fully closed to build up delta press of 0.1 PSI Now a lot of these things will probably never be seen by users, but you can rest assured that in the background all systems are simulated to a very high degree!
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    Hi, after coming accross the last posts a short note from the developer: We appreciate every help/hint while developing sceneries, also about glas tint. And as I wrote before: the screenshots are WIP. So please finally judge our work when it is available to the public and all concerns/hints/suggestion made or didn´t made their way into the final release. Regarding the glass tint: It is allready green and seeing it from different angles shows how it becomes more or less green depending on sunlight, daytime etc. So finally we have to fine tune it when all 3D work is done. And to all locals who are affraid of not getting the "real" airport: I´m "half" local as well as my son is living and working in Barcelona and I had the opportunity to take airport pictures and make visits for several times (and will continue). So no worries here, please. But ofcourse we cannot rebuilt the airport to every smallest detail, as it is still a real time simulation that has ALLWAYS to be a simplification of the reality. Thorsten, sim-wings.
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    Time for a small friday update: Though my absence there were only a few workdays since the last update and stuff is now at a transitional state to completion still for the cargo bays. But next friday you will see again images here...
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    Now it's time for the old colors ...
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    One more Italian airport (good to see that empty space in FS is slowly getting filled with high end add-ons!) - 3d Gpoly (light effects and rain effect) (P3Dv3 only). - Custom Meshes. - Ciampino Town reproduced using autogen with optimized textures. - Industrial Area around the airport. - 3d Cars in parking lot, custom trees and 3d grass. - 3d custom apron vehicles and aircraft. - Animated windsock variation reflecting the wind (SODE). - Night textures developed using ambient occlusion modeling. - Night lights effects using SODE - Unaligned left PAPI lights on RWY 33 (as real ones) made using SODE. - 3d Approach lights using SODE. - Configuration program to set the 3d object density. - Seasonal variations.
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    Have played with the colors and I think for one painting the effort was too much. So I changed the tail and also the colors ... ... and tataaaa
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    and another one: P.S.: FlyTampa St. Maarten works too... even the scenery.cfg entry is made correctly by the installer!
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    Hi Aerosoft, I just want to know if a "Self Test" will be displayed during cold and dark power up like in the real A320, A330 and A340. I've found a picture : I have also a video (look at 1:02) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mo7A3CuVb8g Regards
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    ... time for pistures.
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    And here is a video of part of the approach into Basel. I was recording this for the turorial flight but as you will see the DME ARC intercept does not work anymore. It did a few REVs ago so we can safely say that I broke it again. Be sure to watch it in 4K!
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    And the funny thing is that I am seriously not thinking about new aircraft. For me the priorities are, in the correct order: Getting the less complex aircraft (Bronco, Catalina, Twotter, Discus K, Robin etc) ready for P3D V4. Just completed the last tests on the Twotter. Release the CRJ, using as many features of P3D V4 as possible Compatibility update A318...A321 for P3D V4 (perhaps change the lights to V4 standard) Release the A330 Release the new A320/A321 with full V4 features Release the new A318/A319 with full V4 features Add the second engine version to the A330 Release an aircraft not yet announced Do some professional work your will never see Discuss a new aircraft project with my fellow Project Managers and my core team of testers and advisors Celebrate Christmas If there is a 1.00 release plus complete SDK for Flight Sim World we might work for that platform as well. We'll see.
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    No virtual cabin. It costs a lot to make, eats VAS and while it is cool to check it out one time, who ever uses that? We build our aircraft with the focus on the captain's job, not that of the passengers, maintenance staff or anything else.
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    I actually think you are ranting. Mainly because you simply have not the foggiest idea how these kinds of projects work. And if you can guarantee these kinds of things would never happen if you had control I would gladly offer you a job!
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    True. We will tell the person responsible not to do that again.
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    Hello All, At the Flightsim Conference in PAD we decided more or less the following plan: After finishing Barcelona, Canary Island will be continued, but also we will begin with Madrid Barajas Evolution. We already have all basics like areal images, autogen info and so on. As we own also the basics of all buildings from the former Madrid scenery and we live in Madrid, its no problem to do the project in the usual (not very short) time. Screeshots will be published only when its worth to, because only rendering pictures will show to less. As same as with Barcelona Evolution for customers of the old Madrid version will be an Update price (for Madrid only, not GCLP !) We also made our team stronger to be able to do some esasier works at the same time. Regards Manfred sim-wings
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    Here's the official video untill it's released (it will not be removed after release) You'll love the scenery!
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    This is NOT a complete list but we'll try to keep it up to date. Keep in mind that the order of conversion depends on many things. We understand you like Frankfurt more than Kilimanjaro, but it is also a far more complex conversion. .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;padding:10px 5px;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;} .tg th{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;font-weight:normal;padding:10px 5px;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;} PRODUCT WHEN COMMENTS Airbus A320/A321 June/July Most likely support at least some P3d V4 features Airbus A318/A319 June/July Most likely support at least some P3d V4 features Airbus A330 tbd Supports all P3d V4 features Bronco X June Straight port, no special P3D V4 features CRJ X tbd Supports all P3d V4 features Discus K Imminent Straight port, no special P3D V4 features Ju 52 tbd Supports all P3d V4 features Genoa X June Straight port, no special P3D V4 features Kilimanjaro June Straight port, no special P3D 4 features PBY Catalina Available Straight port, no special P3D V4 features Robin DR400 June Straight port, no special P3 V4 features SimStarter June Straight port, no special P3D V4 features Twin Otter Extended Available Straight port, no special P3D V4 features Valencia June Straight port, no special P3D V4 features The F-16 Fighting Falcon has moved to the default simulator and will not be provided as a P3d V4 add-ons from us. We will provide the liveries and models that do not make it into the simulator. In the release candidate the manual for the F-16 is missing. You will find it as an attachment to this post. manual.pdf
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    I think it is time for a little bit of color ... PLUNA Lineas Aereas Uruguayas S.A. was the flag carrier of Uruguay. It was headquartered in Carrasco, Montevideo.
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    We'll also make sure this works on P3d V4. The only decision that has not yet been made (because there is no release version) is if the new options will be used. But making scenery work might be as simple as cake (I can't say because of NDA etc). But promising a P3D V4 release is like promising your FS2004 scenery works in FSX. Big deal. What matters is how much of the new technology is used. And again as we have no release version and there are NDA's nobody will be able to make any serious comments on that. But I like to stop this discussion. The reasons why we start projects are confidential. Unlike other developers we have many different uses for scenery files. From FSX/P3D, to XPlane, to professional projects, movies or TV series (you have seen a lot of our work without realizing what it was) and even stand alone simulators. Aerosoft has many departments. We are not a scenery development group that works on one project, we have at any given moment up to 50 projects in development. Many of those you will never see. It can happen the FSX/P3D release is a spin off and the project was never started for that platform. What I can say is that we have not had a scenery making a loss in many many years. If you check some of our projects you see that the differ slightly from those by others. For example the height of buildings has to be centimer precise in some case (that's a demand for professional projects where sightlines are all important. You might also see a file structure that is slightly different because that suits the Open Flight format better. Normally we do not include structures that are not yet build because we have seen many times that architectural drawings do not really match the resulting objects. But if you like WSSS projects, be happy! You will have a choice.
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    Today in Strasbourg LFST ...
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    We really need that 1 pilot 1 dog cockpit concept... The pilot feeds the dog and the dog bites the pilot if he touches anything
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    That reminds me, got to talk to them! Did we ever show this screen of the configurator?
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    To be precise, CRJ release = 2060 according to Hans. A330 will be after, correct?