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All your questions and comments on simulator hardware like sticks, yokes, throttles go here. This forum section is open to English/German/Dutch and French language. Cedric will be your host.


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    Welcome to Cedric's corner.

    Cedric is our expert in simulation hardware and we know nobody else who knows more about controllers, drivers and USB conflicts then he does. If you have ANY question about hardware this is the place to ask it.

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    One of the best known brands, Logitech/Madcatz/Saitek delivers medium costs hardware that is very popular with our customers.

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    • The Aerosoft servers are experiencing some issues (there should be a banner at the top of each of the Aerosoft forum pages).   Very sorry for any inconvenience.  I know of no further information about this, but I will try to find out.  
    • Ideally you would be able to set the clock yourself.  I ran into a mouse rectangle limit for 32 bit during development and the clock was not high on the list of things to be user operable.  Whether standard practice is to keep it on GMT or local time I don't know.  We have some current and former airline pilots here who maybe could answer that. I do know it's supposed to have a six day mechanical movement and I did change the default animation of the second hand to make it sweep smoothly like a mechanical movement does, rather than quartz crystal one, which only moves once a second.
    • Splendid news on all counts.  The daily value I derive from PFPX is almost immeasurable.  I do have a question about the VA feature as it isn't clear how it can be used.  Thank you.
    • Sorry to rain on your parade, I cleared my cache and purchased a aircraft from Carenado with the same file size and it downloaded without a hitch. I also tried to re download "MEGA Heathrow I purchased from Aerosoft and it wont download either, so don't tell me it's not an Aerosoft problem. I have also downloaded another file from Just Flight all okay. Better hit the books again and come up with a solution, I have paid for two aircraft and a scenery and nothing works.  
    • Hi!   Can anybody help me please? Should I email support directly?    Regards!    Andrés.