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Fragen zur dritten (2D) Einstellungen/Optionen MCDU? Hier ist der Ort dafür. Bitte nur eine Frage/ein Problem pro Post, der Übersicht halber. Keine Auflistung von mehreren Fragen/Problemen.

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    • Just bought and installed EDDN Nuernberg in P3Dv4 over ORBX Southern Germany. There is no terminal building, evidently no other buildings either. Have around 40 - 50 autos floating in the sky around 100 feet high. Some of the autos are moving, most are stationary. Have removed the three bgl files in FTX Germany South with EDDN names. The problem persists. Thanks for any assistance.
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    • Hello, I tried to create flight plans and insert them in the folder of the Aerosoft to load them automatically in the MDCU, but when I insert in the CO the "name" of the file with ICAO of departure and arrival, it tells me that there is no flight plan available. Then I tried to enter the ICAO of departure / ICAO of arrival in the route and tells me that there is no wire available. How can I load the flight plan automatically? Files must be *.flp?