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    • To be clear, this statement is no longer current, is it? Because Mathijs said that the bundle will be available after both products are on sale.  Which is kinda incomprehensible. I own the previous bundle and I can´t wait for the new buses to be released. Now I have to decide if I will wait until the 320/321 is released but only have to pay the upgrade bundle price or if I buy the A318/319 on D-Day without any discount and the A320/321 afterwards? That would be .....
    • Thanks, if I’ve understood correctly, you have to wait until both products are released to get the bundle.
    • could you post a screen of your problem.   "missing or weird" is hard to track
    • do you use any AI traffic?   a defective Ai model or texture can lead to CTD
    • Scenery does not seem to work at all. I done the same with air bus a320 And again it crashed  I used another default plane and selected Rotterdam to take off from no scenery just the standard default airport. Must be a problem with the Rotterdam add on.  Both crj and a320 working fine when selecting a flight plan to any other airports. Would a delete and reinstall be my best bet first?