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    • Hi Lars, thanks for your reply. Skiathos was actually ok. The problem was Samos 1.04 after I installed Skiathos 1.5. Samos crashed to desktop. Meanwhile I found that the add-on.xml entry of Skiathos the last straw that broke the camel's back. For test purposes I deactivated some of the other add-on.xml sceneries and now it works. It seems that P3D V4.1 has still an issue with the  add-on.xml method. As I found in the P3D support forum also other user addressed similar  add-on.xml problems. It seems that their is no hard threshold for the maximum number of installed add-on.xml sceneries. User reporting quite different numbers. I got into problems with about 50 entries.   Ruediger
    •   ROFL   A Lotus Cortina, forsooth...   Windswept, you have just  got to post a pic of that.... (...Tears of mirth)   Dave Britzius (Cape Town)
    • I have the same problem as I describe in this video. No camera add ons installed and done a reinstall according to Mathijs advice. The checklist views and the panel views are not working as intended. What to do? Twin Otter extended checklist.mp4
    • Love it, love it.  Well done sir...   Dave Britzius (Cape Town)
    • Thursday 23rd November - Third sealane waypoint   So now it's off on the penultimate leg of this trans-pacific flight.   Climb in. Garmin on...   Starting the take off run   Leaving the third waypoint   GPS or not, it's always nerve-wracking trying to spot these waypoints.  Hooray. Ship and sealane ahead.   Fast "landing" in the sealane on a dead-calm sea. Brilliant weather!   Arrival at the 4th waypoint. Tomorrow night will be a nice warm dry bed in San Francisco.   Today's flight: Sealane waypoint #3 to sealane waypoint #4