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    • When, when, when.....
      It looks go good, a real winner!   Darryl
    • Today I was doing the NDB 36  of GCLA, at Tesel I was on 117.7 TFN with R270 to R269 with a correct radial lecture on HSI.  I started to prepare the approach and tuned 389 BX NDB (GCLA)  and then tuned TFS VOR on NAV 2 116.4 to get the reference, as ARACO (IAF OF NDB 36 GCLA)  is at D44 TFS and D24 of BV.  the HSI of NAV 2 was showing  NAV OFF ( No radial lecture) but it had a lecture(DME) of the distance from the present position to VOR  (the first weird thing I did not understand).  So I continue to R269 TFN from Tesel to ARACO 33 miles more (with no TFS reference), because is the distance of Araco from Tesel. Arriving at Araco I tuned 112.4 BV VOR on NAV 1 and start turning to course 308 to proceed to intercept the ARC D16BV But HSI NAV 1 was NAV OFF no radial lecture, but it was reading the distance remaining (DME) (after having correct lectures on nav 1 with TFN VOR) So with Both HSI with no lecture, at this point I was "fishing" sharks in the moon, I wasn´t getting anything at all and proceed the APP as I could. (With successfully landing but a questionable approach)    So my question is why I'm getting this NAV OFF on HSI (no radial indication), I don't understand what I doing wrong, what I was missing.    thanks for your time.          
    • Not a 50 but alway liked this scheme anyway.    Thanks for all the great paints you have done, Tim!  Really makes this fine plane so much better.   Steve
    • Glad to see you found where to place requests . Unfortunately, enabling LIRA is not likely to be any time soon. Oliver is very busy working on other projects and it's unknown when he'll be able to get back to AES. Once he does, there's around a year of update requests to sort through so he can set priorities.
    • Any news on Newcastle X for P3D v4 release?   Thanks