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    • Hallo, gibts die "FF320 Ultimate" demnächst auch bei Aerosoft? Bei kann man die ja schon kaufen...
    • Guten Morgen! Habe dir ein Foto mit der Fehlermeldung geschickt per Mail. Lg Guenter
    • And this is again (for the nth time) the line below the release date discussion. Any further follow ups will be deleted.  The forum search will reveal all answers to all questions related to this topic.  
    •   The problem for me is that it's not clear what timing "in between" refers to - is it before or after the numbered event?   That's why people read the first item - "A318/A319, 14 days in between" - and thought it meant that the A318/A319 would be released in 14 days.  What I tried to do was make it more explicit that in each case there was an event, then an interval, then the next event.  It's much clearer to say in so many words that we don't know when the A318/A318 will be released, but that the A320/A321 will follow 14 days later - leaves nothing to the imagination.   I honestly have no interest in seeing any of these releases happen on any particular date - so I didn't want to misunderstand it.  I just did, because of that ambiguity about "in between."   I write for people who are distracted (like editors and businesspeople) and I'm used to the idea that all kinds of things will go wrong and all kinds of confusion will happen unless I roll up a newspaper and smack them over the head with what I mean to say.   Speaking of smacking things with rolled-up newspapers, we've probably all done it to this topic by now... 
    • Craig,   you obviously missed the point Mathijs made! He explained why Aerosoft believes that DRM is wrong in the first place.   The suggestion to disable AV is something else, as it is given because of lots of support experience with ailed or broken setups due to AV software false alarms. And I mean real false alarms, where the AV software thought it found a virus signature in some scenery data files. Data files will never be executed, that's why they are called data and not program files. And btw, this suggestion is given from more or less all support departments in the flight sim world. Although, this might change now.   So please do not mix things up.   This ends this line of discussion in the preview topic. If you want to follow up please feel free to open your own topic. Thank you.