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    • Friday 15th December from GOOSE BAY to NARSARSUAQ (CYYR / BGBW).   There are not much alternates available in Greenland so we choose KANGERLUSSAQ (BGSF) and we took 01h30 of extra fuel in case of something goes wrong  at BGBW to hold there as the weather forecast was quite allright for this time of the year. The only problem is that most of the procedures have to be done in daylight (12h13 - 30 mn to 17h43 + 30 minutes GMT) which does not give much latitude.   We started to board at GOOSE BAY slightly before 1400 GMT   The snow started to accumulate on the plane   We had to ask for a treatment   A soon as it was done we ask for pushback   Cimbing in icing conditions   Then finally at our cruising level 250 we were above the clouds quite confortably   Nothing to mention during the cruise and we started our descent   The first islands in sight   The environment does not look too friendly in cas of emergency landing   We managed to be on the ground just on time before sunset   Then deboarding at NARSARSUAK   The approach there is quite special and you have to follow exactly the procedure due to the mountains everywhere. Quite an interesting experience. I had a friend of mine who landed there few years ago when he ferried a F27 across the Atlantic and he confirmed it was not a piece of cake.   Enclosed the Flight Logs and all documents.   JP ATW #25 - CYYR BGBW.pdf
    • Guten Morgen Heinz, @Heinz Flichtbeil   das ist ja eine super schnelle Hilfe hier. Herzlichen Dank für den Tipp. Auch in dem Bereich habe ich natürlich gesucht, aber leider nichts gefunden. Naja dann werde ich mich gleich mal in den "Vogel" begeben und den Schalter betätigen.   Vielen Dank ein schönes WE   LG Ernst  
    • Good morning,   I have a short question concerning the AES for aerosoft CRJ.   When I parked there is a approaching Sairways. But the CRJ has Stairways itself. What do I wrong, I downloaded the CRJ-Files in the download-section.   Best regards Flo
    • Ok Thanks for your help. This might sound stupid but is there anyway i can leave it blank as i like it blank or nah.
    • As their functionality isn't implemented yet the initial release of the current bus didn't had these displays. It was decided to better leave them out than blank all the time.    Over the time the online networks started to work on their support for them and service pack 3 added the displays in preparation for that. But they are still without functionality.    The screenshots on the product page were taken from the initial release and therefore don't have them.