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    • No worries my friend, all in good fun.   I've happily been in the flight sim community for over 45 years, and if you need any advice I'd be happy to share it. Just let me know what you're interested in.  Additionally, there are tons of videos of flight sim streams on Twitch and Youtube (just search for flight or flight simulation and you'll be all set.  Beyond that, our new Airbus Professional has a Connected Flight Deck mode (available after Service Pack 1 (an upcoming update)) which allows two people to operate the Airbus. one of the best benefits of this is you can jump in the aircraft with an experienced person and this reduces the learning curve by a factor of up to 10.    Best wishes my friend - oh, and welcome to the Aerosoft forums!  
    • Ok so I went into the SODE manager and noticed AI Traffic detenction was set at false and so I changed it to true. Re opened the sim but still notice the same, but I only was letting the sim run for a couple minutes to notice anything. Should jetways already be attached on AI aircraft when I first start up the sim or should I sit there and wait to start seeing something happen? I'll give it another go to test it out. Other then that I can't seem to see the reason why it shouldn't work now. 
    • Which version of P3Dv4? 1, 2 or 3? looks like the issue that was from NOT using 4.3. reported earlier.  
    • Hi guys   I have purchase p3dv4 A320 and A318 Aerosoft Professional Bundle Have installed on PC it but Switches and display monitors don't work and I have a pink lightning bolt on the left hand side of cockpit screen for some reason. I notice on Simmarket there is A32x Professional Painkits SEP2018 ZIP where do I install this as this not come with instructions and will this fix my problem. Can someone help as I'm not to happy with the product.
    • Sorry, Dave, I didn't see a place to enter that information in my profile like on other forum sites.  I live in Central Oklahoma, USA, if that helps anyone.