Support simulation de train (Railworks, Microsoft Train Simulation, World of Subway)

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    • [LOL] ... as a pilot myself I will agree to that :-D      In defence, maybe it's just the angle but I can assure you that all lights are working on the Q400 regardless of any shader tweak applied. BUT, as I said above ... if I have to choose between the shader effects and reds lights (only) at LSZH then I'll choose the red lights (only) at LSZH.  
    • I never used the tutorial flight. But I read it and used the procedure for my own flight.
    • I actually wasn't sure or not if it was indeed RL initially as I didn't read that list.    I apologize if it was perceived that I thought you guys hid its existence.   Definitely alternate .fx based lightning set for us SLI users is ideal so we can fly the bus a night which an SLI user currently cannot unless you turn SLI off.   Keep up the great work gentlemen.
    • No problem here. With activated APPR, the prev page was gone on APPR page.
    • Everything went OK, but after re-installing KJFK V2, i select active runway but it starts with the bus in short final in cold and dark (?) i can land and put the brakes  and aircraft stops, or sometimes i get a start with st elmos fire and immediate crash, when i disable FSDT JFK V2, startup is normal.  And yes, i downloaded today the latest version from their website with updated SODE and updated for p3dV4