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    • Hi, how do I make p3d have real time or at least varrying weather in v3? Thanks, jack
    • Hi this is just a general question, how do I set up a camera to move about outside the aircraft in p3dv3? Preferably what control settings to change, maybe what you use, etc  Any help will do but thanks Jack
    • Hi Mace, thanks for your answer. No, I don't add 40 waypoints. I say 40 waypoints are the whole waypoints of the flight plan. As far as I know, the left display of the computer (Shift +2) says the group of waypoints that are loading into the CDU, in groups of 9. So for example if you had a very small flight plan as LEBL LOTOS NEXAS LARYS MAMIS BGR TFN TFS BX ADX LEIB (a fictional route at all) you will see 1 9 because you only have 9 waypoints but imagine that you 18 waypoints, at the moment you pass the waypoint 9 you will see in the left display 9 18 because is the group of waypoints that are being loaded at that moment.   So I tried to ad 4 waypoints more. so if in my route i had 40 waypoints y tried to add 4 more and expecting to see 44 instead of 40. but it was not possible. if manually insert the waypoints in the waypoint mode, why the plane did not catch them.   Cheers          
    • I have done this (inputted a STAR manually into the INS).  What I have found is that you don't need 40 waypoints -- gets too unwieldy --  just put a few of the STAR waypoints in -- and maybe the transition waypoint to the approach. That way, you will be set up for your landing.     Often times I will turn off the INS and switch to HDG mode on the autopilot, once I am getting close to intercepting the localizer/ILS/GS.   Once I have the localizer, then, of course I switch the autopilot to ILS mode.   The yellow alert light will flash once you get past the INS's final waypoint, and you're going over 250 knots.  But I find at that point, if I make sure my last waypoint is at a spot where I can intercept the ILS, I'm good.  Bottom line is, yes, I have used the INS to fly a STAR, but, near the end of the STAR, I usually can turn it off.  I'm still learning, but that seems to work for me so far.
    • Hi,   I now understand how to add waypoints of SIDs manually when uploading an FSX default flight plan.  But I had problems adding waypoints of STARs manually. I´m going to talk with the example of TERTO6V arrival to GCLA.  When I was arriving at TERTO waypoint, my penultimate waypoint (if we count the airport as the waypoint) loaded on the CDU flight plan computer lets say it was the waypoint 39 of a total of 40 waypoints. so in the left display of the flight computer, I was watching  39 40. So the leg in CDU was from 9 to 1, TERTO to GCLA, from 39 to 40 in the global sequence. first, I tried to add in the left display more waypoints for example 44 to see 39 44 instead of 39 44. I cant. so I decide to press MAN button and return to the VC computer CDU and try to add waypoints manually in the waypoint mode. As I was about to enter in the leg from 9 to 1, about to cross TERTO. I tried to change waypoint one from GCLA to LARYS. The plane successfully follows from TERTO to LARYS. But the problems began after LARYS.  LARYS was now my waypoint 1 as I changed it instead of GCLA. so when i was going to LARYS I inserted on waypoint 3 TFN, TESEL on waypoint 4 and ARACO on waypoint 5.   Okay. I was expecting the plane follows from 1 to 2 (as i inserted the waypoints and CDU was in auto position)  but the yellow button of alert was nonstop flashing after LARYS the plane did not catch the leg  1  2 . I tried to a direct, so I press waypoint change, type 0 2 (present position waypoint 2) but nothing happens. the yellow alert was flashing jet so I understood that did not work.   So my questions is:   With the process I described here, why the plane did not follow the route?   How is the method to add manually the STARs after flying an FSX flight plan in Auto mode?   thanks for your time.   cheers