Support simulation de bus (OMSI, Fernbus, City Bus Simulator)

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    • Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
    • Another steamer here. Steam puts all the stuff on my D: drive as there will not be room on the C: Drive for this sim and all it's add-ons. I would like to buy the Helgoland scenery once it can be placed on the D Drive also. Of course I would prefer it to be ported via Steam.
    •   Mathijs, as I explained, I took the time to read your sticky post. The problem is that this is a topic for both the A320 family and the A330 releases, which makes it confusing sometimes whether information refer to both aircraft families or only to one. And in the old topic, your sticky post still mentioned a 32-bit version of the A330 - while you stated that of the A320 family, there will be only a 64-bit version (at least initially). So if this now applies to the A330 as well, this is indeed a new information. And a surprising one, since you started developing it for 32-bit and I thought that development for it was pretty advanced at this stage. It's also surprising since Tom A320 confirmed in the old topic only a few days ago that the A330 will be released in a 32-bit version as well:    
    • Yes, thank you I found the folder.    Thank you 
    • I see that keyboard input has been mentioned. Will this allow for QWERTY input like the PMDG series? IIRC, the Airbus series before didn't have that functionality. Of course, I may just be misremembering.   Regardless, I absolutely am dying to fly this. Great work guys!