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    • Do you have any Carenado aircraft installed?
    • Maybe someone can help with a strange problem of CRJ-700/900: Got the download version of CRJ-700/900 yesterday. After successful installation of the complete system/aircraft I switched to aircraft state "Ready for taxi" . I then discovered that the slats, flaps and speedbrakes are not extending although all settings are correctly set and the hydraulic system is set correctly. Obviously the aircraft does not respond to the assingned settings in FSX. Even the original FSX settings are not working with the CRJ-700/900. Insallation of the latest hotfix was not sucessfull as well as an de- and reinstallation of the product Has anybody an idea where the problem could be?   System: FSX Gold Edition, Intel 5-3570, 3,4GHz, WIN7-64 Home Premium Thanks for comments
    • Du wolltest doch, wie von dir Eingangs erwähnt, eine Empfehlung für eine Pedal-Helisteuerung!?  
    • Hello; Whats your advise? 
      If you are asking me to nuke Windows together with my P3D and star everything from scratch- I wont do it, sorry.  If you want me to run the Bus with the "test flight" I will be giving it a try.  Please advise.  Thx.  PS. I kindly ask you to remove my account from "Moderation" as Im in this status because I have given an "admin" a "downvote" 
    • We tried that a lot of times but everytime the tone deteriorated rapidly. As long as the system is correctly used ( and we do check) it serves as a way to promote posts that are useful and to demote posts that are not useful.