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    • I do not subscribe to the hype about the other (Non Airbus) A320. I, like you (J VAN E) have all the options I need and I am not willing to pay a significantly more amount of money for things that I will not use. I do not think either plane competes against each other as they represent two different markets. I am anxiously waiting for the A318/19 as It's my go to plane. I have not even bothered to install my P3Dv4 yet as I cannot bring myself to give up the the A319. The one thing that cements my strong belief in the Aerosoft Airbus is that all the platforms (Except X Plane) are covered for the same price and that Aerosoft only charges for upgraded files. Anyway, back to waiting. I know it will be worth it. 
    • @datguythoSo the BARO is the minimum altitude, I always thought it was a backup altimeter reading, ok I will try that thank you
    • Yes. On the approach page enter the minimum at the BARO (in this case 396 feet) if its an altitude. You can look up the necessary minimums at the approach charts.
    • @Frank Docter Thank you for your reply, your solution sounds good however I do not mess around with the "incorrect minimum" so is this in the approach page with temperature, winds, baro etc?
    • Optimum Stepclimbs still doesn't work. (Optimize Altitude/FL - min.Time, - min.Fuel , -min.Cost also pointless)   again back to 1.28.8. (Opt.Climbs works in 1.28.8 but often with high discrepancy. Aircraft Template Profile is set correct.)