Airshow photos

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We know that a lot of our customers and friends take love to take photographs of aircraft. In this forum you can show them off.
Of course Aerosoft will never use any of them without asking permission (but a lot of the images on our boxes show photographs made by our customers!

Please only upload images you have all rights for (so photos you made yourself or have asked permission for).

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    • Danke für die Info. Es gibt wohl doch noch Licht am Ende des Tunnels, dass die 777 weiterentwickelt wird, wäre echt schade,wenn das nicht so wäre
    • Your best bet is to add your request over at this site.
    • Who remembers these days ????
    • @scorpio2001de Halt zurück! Doch nicht alles klar:   Das stimmt so nicht, denn von den genannten VFR Add-ons sind in x-europe z. B. Günther Kemps VFR-Objekte oder auch der Flugplatz Herzogenaurach nicht enthalten! Insofern sind die Angaben auf der WEB-Site nicht ganz zutreffend. Da muss eine Nachfrage schon erlaubt sein, ob auch die Forests sind, oder?
    • After getting this many request on the TwOtter I thought I could give it a try again.
      My TwOtter paintshop is reopened, but it will take time to get through the list. Sadly I can't consider all requests (it's just too time consuming doing all of them).   Here's the first one I started working on some time ago:
      Loganair - G-BVVK
        I really would like to see Aerosoft getting back to the Twin Otter Extended and make it Extended Extended (really like that topic, btw).   Liveries I plan on doing:* Skybus - New Color (nice color theme, like it)
      Winair - PJ-WII Update, PJ-WIT, PJ-WIP, PJ-WIJ, PJ-WCD
      Air Seychelles - S7-AAF, S7-AAR (to complete the series) Harbour Air - C-GQKN (Westcoast Air update) or maybe C-FGQH Nepal Airlines - 9N-### (no registration chosen yet)   *No fixed list, final released liveries could change!   Cheers, Daniel