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    • Ok. Thanks Mathijs, but I installed 4.3 from scratch on a clean win10 install on a less than two months old PC. After watching several YouTube vids of the bus since the release I have seen the same behavior for everyone. So not only me but everybody is experiencing the "rocket climbs", but I think I am the only one reporting this, which leads me to think that everybody but me sees this totally normal.   I think there are two big issues: 1. Pitching up aggressively / sudden / fast  (a lot) 2. Really high pitch (easy +5000fpm does not seem to me something “normal” at all with a high load).   Two different issues that I do not know if they are related to each other. I hope the update of the VNAV can smooth things a little bit because now I feel like flying a fighter jet with 134 dizzy passengers on board. I also watched vids of the P3D 3 version and they climb as would be expected, no such a high pitch there. (I thought for a while to install V3 again and test, but I think it's not worth it).   BTW, many thanks to all the team, I really appreciate the daily feedback here in the forum for all sort of problems and questions we may have.    
    • I found out the Issue also happenes under those conditions :   Flight from doesnt Matter to Vienna ! FL370   Venen Arrival..   I program the star and the Transition, then i set the ALT Constraint for MASUR to be on FL170 ! okay, everything good so far..   Then i get a Direct to MASUR and not following the Route.. Waiting for the Top of Descend. Then when the Aircraft reaches the TOD the airplane starts to descend, and in this case something is wrong because the bus thries to force the aircraft down to FL170, with a descend of 7000 !!!   Thats just not real, thats not a fault of the Sim either..

      If we need a clean install, does it mean the bus is just working with any defaults and whatsoever ? and ofcourse i didnt follow the Programmed route, sometimes you need to deviate, sometime on VATSIM/IVAO you get a direct to somewhere !
    • ORBX England has an option to tick in its control panel if your using Aerosoft mega airport Heathrow if you are un aware.  Shouldn't be the cause of your problem though.
    • Habe heute Bescheid vom Support erhalten. Das geschilderte Problem sei bekannt und werde voraussichtlich mit dem nächsten Update behoben.   gruzz remo
    • and what for a professional product? :D