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    All discussion and support about the flight model, FBW, autopilot flight etc.


    All questions and discussion about navigation, the Navigation Display, Weather Radar, Terrain Display and ECAMS

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    All discussions and questions about the MCDU.

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    All discussion on the Right MCDU that contains all options on checklists, sounds, views and many other settings.

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  11. Holgers Liveries

    Holger Sobl is a highly prolific repainter for the Airbus X (and a great friend of Aerosoft). In this forum he can inform you of what he is doing, what's available and what's planned.

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    • Any update on still have 1.0.5 on the download page?
    • Hello, just wanted to report two bugs in the Performance Sheet printed by the AIDS PRINT. - The indicated UTC Time is my local time, not UTC - The indicated temperature is not the outside temperature given by ActiveSky even if entered as GND TEMP on the INIT-Page of BOTH MCDUs - QNH indicates the set QNH, not the outside one, but that may be intended, Wind is correct   BTW: Great plane and very nice gimmicks!
    • I have an issue where when I have flight plan loaded with a STAR and an approach if I try to change one or both I am only able to change the STAR but no options for approaches appear.  Am I missing a step?
    • Ok Hans, I don't have any Direct X issues that I'm aware of and went to see if I could update the graphic drivers and I have the latest drivers. I figured I probably did as this is a new laptop. Today I bought the Aerosoft Airbus 320/321 and everything works fine. I don't know what else to do as every other plane I own that I bought payware work on this computer except the CRJ. I really wish it did as I wanted that model but it just won't work. I know it's not their policy to issue refunds but I will contact them requesting a refund as the plane is unusable to me. You been wonderful with your help and all your suggestions, I thank you! 
    • Man, I obviously missed something in the manual. Thanks a lot Joan. And yes it would, I noticed on my search for this that someone suggested an auto cabin lights. Perhaps sometime in the future. If it is controlled by Shift+L it should be too hard? Perhaps even FS2Crew could do it. Regards.