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    •   Nothing to do with the topic whatsoever.   I suggest starting your own thread and providing more information.
    • I think we, the flightsim community are asking the questions in reverse.   Why do addon developers insist in using various flightplan formats for their navigation devices, why not use a simple text formatted ICAO/FAA route data ?   The same applies to navigation data, surely a single ARINC 424 database encompassing all available data to the simulation community would be more beneficial than a multitude of bespoke solutions.   The PFPX online weather is not platform specific and is accurate for planning. Is there really any need to use data from various platform specific addons.
    •   And to add to Emi: the mere number of open issues says more or less nothing about the status of a product, as another but equally important information is missing: the severity of an issue. A product can be easily and without any negative implications for the customer released with thousands of issues, as long as their severity is low enough. You would be "shocked" if you would be able to take a look into the bug tracking systems of all large software manufacturers if you would only look on the mere number of issues.     As said: no reason to panic, that's just standard software development (which includes of course testing)    
    •   It's a little bit more, but that happened since we got a new tester who will of course also find some new stuff or post suggestions (which may also be counted as issues).   Be aware however that 209, as much as it may sound, can be a lot or can be close to nothing. It depends on the nature of the bugs reported. Many are quite easy and can be solved fast and then there are the harder ones. There are days where you can fix 20 bugs in a short time and there are weeks in which you can't even get one bug solved. Most days are those where you can actually fix a lot
    • Hi guys!   WOW! The Tomcat is unbelievable! Congratulations for this update!   The F-14 runs so smooth and "feels" ;-) so real!   Awesome job!!!   All the best to you! Bernd