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    • Hallo Otto, dessen bin ich mir bewusst. Bis jetzt hatte ich noch keinerlei Probleme. Muss dazu sagen, dass ich viele meiner Szenerien in einer xml zusammenfasse. Es gibt z. B. eine für FligthBeam, für FSDT, FlyTampa und auch für Aerosoft (Helgoland, Bergen, Oslo und bald auch EDDF). Die Scenery cfg bzw. library rühre ich nicht mehr an und rufe sie im p3d auch nicht mehr auf.   Mike
    • Thanks for that post.   Let me be very honest. We hate those cfg tweaks. They cost us a bloody fortune in support because ANYTHING you do in there should be done with a very deep knowledge on exactly what is happening.  Those affinity mask tweaks for example are fine example. Many people tweak that without even knowing how many actual cores (not virtual) they have. They got a friend online who believes he had great benefit of some mask and his friends all use it. The fact they don't have the same amount of cores seems to be lost in that communication. So there you are, with a super i7 with 6 cores and that mask your friend has DISABLED 2 cores.    Microsoft was not crazy, other than the highmem tweak every single tweak you do has side effects.  Lockheed is even less crazy and other then on very specific systems (8 core + SLI) I have never seen any confirmed proof that a tweak helped. Dovetails is also not crazy and they did some good work on tweaking FSX. I have literally never seen any tweak that did not have more negative side effects the positive effects (making it faster means doing things faster and thus less looking not as good). I know that people who spend months tweaking their sim will think I am crazy. But P3d V4 start on all of my systems when windows starts. And we done extensive side by side test on exactly identical hardware of all the major tweaks. We have invited people who written guides on tweaking into our office to show they could make systems perform better without affecting how things look. We simply have not seen it.   We honestly do not mind if you think tweaks make your sim better, we just ask that if you feel our software is not okay you test that on a system that is as Microsoft, Lockheed or Dovetails intended. I believe that is not too much to ask.    
    •   I think I expected some warnings and not moving controls... but now I have the Manual in front of me and if I get it right then is 3A powering most of the controls, so as  far as I dont trie to use a reverser or so all should work normal? 
    •   Oops, sorry I missed the DL label when I checked everything ... didn't realize that was specific to DL.   AI Aircraft will add to that count as will FSDT GSX vehicles, so if one has a lot of AI aircraft with EDDF's 180 it is very possible 250 has been hit ... you can test to see if more lights appear by changing the following: In Prepar3d.cfg (I don't recall the section off hand) MAX_POINT_LIGHTS=250
      MAX_SPOT_LIGHTS=250   You can change the value to anything you like, 500, 1000, etc.    Cheers, Rob.