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    • Is it the Aerosoft Payware EDDF?  If not, and you're using a default EDDF then it's almost certainly that the airport frequencies don't match your AIRAC.   If it is the payware version, please bear in mind that not all runways at EDDF have an LOC/ILS.  The payware EDDF Professional is one of my favorite sceneries, and I have most all payware airports for the US, the UK (thinking ahead to March) and Europe.   Best wishes!  
    • Hello again, it worked. All good.  
    • Good evening, Airport since today downloaded from Aerosoft server and reinstalled. Everything without problems except for the different version number. Is that so normal, see picture. Will update now to the latest version.
    • Understand my friend.  These types of CTDs often have nothing to do with an addon, or even P3D.  If the problem is repeatable it's possible it could be a third party livery, though it could easily be Dot Net related, or something entirely else.  The AVSIM CTD Guide is a great place to start if you're able to reproduce this (with a different livery).   Best wishes!  
    • Hallo zusammen,   vor ein paar Tagen habe ich die neue Version von EDDK gekauft und in P3D 4.3 installiert. Jetzt habe ich ein (Verständnis-) Problem mit der ATIS-Frequenz. Laut Handbuch sollte die Frequenz 120.15 MHz sein. Diese Frequenz kann ich in den von mir bevorzugten GA-Fliegern (Baron oder King Air) gar nicht einstellen. Auf den anderen ATIS-Frequenzen von EDDK (122.10 und 132.12 MHz) tut sich nichts. Es wird nach wie vor die ATIS-Frequenz 119.02 MHz genutzt. Kann mir jemand diesen Umstand erklären?   Viele Grüße, Guido