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    •   Just for my curiosity, is there a reason you prefer the flightdeck to look 'pristine'? 

      It's a (small) place where two work for hours on end. We asked our befriended pilots to make some photos of the flight deck as they use it. These show often a huge mess, from Mac Donald wrappers via magazines to laptops, cameras etc etc. We have a large collection of flight decks that are almost comically full of 'stuff'. As this is how a flight deck looks in reality we feel it should be part of the simulation. As I said if you prefer a simulation product that focuses only on systems this is not for you, if you want to experience flying an airline, this will work.   It's not on the 'Leaving the cockpit' checklist but there should be something there that makes sure pilots clean up after themselves!
    • Well, modelling coffee cups is the 3D department while the cold&dark state is the guy who programs the systems. It's a bit like comparing apples to oranges. The modeller had enough time to include the coffee. However, the systems programmer is the one with the longest bug list (that's not because of him - it's the case in every aircraft project), and that's what he focusses on.   One point is right about the coffee though. Only feeble pilots drink coffee. Real pilots breakfast with Jägermeister. Coffee had to be modelled because of the minor age customers (Jon from spanish support just said that on Skype)
    •   What airline are the pilots from that have to start from Cold and Dark? The advisory pilots we use in this project (all flying for the major airlines) are not used to that.   Beside, do note that it still work, you can still start from Cold and Dark, there are just a few tweaks we might do that we are not focussing on now.  And indeed many (if not all) systems are done with far more detail, but that is completely in line with what we intend to do. Making the systems better means the crew tasks can be done more realistic.
    •   Sure, don't extend the tray table and all those animations will not show. But do note that pilots almost without exception fly in cruise with the tray table extended.