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    • ALT SEL is one of the worst ideas of all time. No idea what would cause someone to think it was a good idea. They harped and harped on that dumb button when I was at Horizon flying the Q400. Thank goodness that plane is only a memory now and I don't have to worry about it on the 757/767.
    • Dear FlyingAxx,   Damn, a GREAT thanks for this superb work done. Could  we get your newly dveeloped addon of HECA ? I was using the version 2 (maybe the version 1, I'm not 100% sure) of the HECA addon payware developed by SDG (Sim Design Group) that I bought one or two years ago (when making a virtual trip around Africa). Yes I knew that HECA guys were changing quite hectically their ramps and taxiways and ways of taxiing VERY frequently...  But anyway, I landed on the 05R runway (the one at extreme right on your pix) and I was asked to go to gate H4-3 (or 43 in short) which is on the ramp at the extreme left of your pix ... almost 25 min !!!!   Philippe
    • Basically I took the information from this video:    I unfortunatley do not have any information on reducing texture sizes.
    • Yep, confirmed!   Thank you for pointing to the right thread masterhawk!   I applied 1) of the link, and proceeded straight ahead to the install process. SODE was installed on my sims folder ( not under C:\Program Files (x86) ) and set the Mesh resolution in Prepar3d v3.4 to 1m.   Beautiful follow-up to my old Madeira X, now in the smooth Prepar3d v3.4 :-)
    • After some uneventful flights a nice one: from Larnaca to Kastelorizo. Kastelorizo is a small Greek island off the Turkish coast. http://ourairports.com/airports/LGKJ/   Is a barren rock with on it's northern side vegetation and a natural bay used as a harbor by the town perched along it and the steep rock hill behind it. The airport is a single runway carved between two rock hills, it's 2600ft runway ends bordering on steep cliffs. Not a runway for large and/or fast aircraft and an approach not for the faint of heart. After circling the town I lined up on rwy 13 but came in too fast and steep, so floated too far along the runway to make a safe landing. Go-around, again around the island for another approach. Now on full flaps and bordering a stall I put her down, still going a good 100kts. I landed just over the fence and did the brake pedal dance to get stopped just behind the only parking spot cut out in the rocks. Love this little Aerosoft field!   Now off to a wild and wicked party at the bay, seeing my slightly unconventional cargo of beer, guitars, fishing gear, personal electronics and women's clothing .