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    • Juergen,   Did you set the number of thrust levers in the Configurator (be sure to run the Configurator as Admin)?   Are you using FSUIPC or P3D for control settings?  
    • Exercising pressure may not be the right word but you can expect something from a non-profit organization as a donor ..... And since Aerosoft is a big donor they can expect some progress ...
      And especially if you incorporate options in your devices where IVAO plays a role.
      Think of the weather options in the FMC, etc.
      A non-profit organization also has a future perspective or roadmap .....
      What can we expect from IVAO within the next 2 or 5 years? Who knows, can say it now ....
      This post was only a trigger to loosen something in the Flightsimulator Community .....   Sincerely,   Hans
    • Really?  You must be kidding.

      I get the distinct impression that nobody cares about finishing or distributing the update to the AN-2.  This reflects poorly on Aerosoft, unfortunately.

      Normally, I would not care but I really like the An-2 and wish Aerosoft would get this patch out because in its current state it is unfinished.

    • Hi Fabian, dann wünsche ich Dir viel Freude mit Deinem Neuerwerb. Solltest Du dann eine Frage über TARGET haben, dann kann ich möglicherweise helfen.   Ahoj -Uwe