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    • October 22   This was a money making day with a delivery of 317 pounds of frozen turkeys from Hubli to Goa International Airport VAGO (I wonder if there will be an cargo of beef anywhere in India?).  The Goa Airport has a nice freeware scenery.  From Goa, I delivered 100 pounds of narcotics which I had picked up in Pune to Prasanthinilayam (VOPN), another 100 pounds of narcotics from VOPN to Bellary  (VO17)  This was another bare naked strip in the middle of town.  I ended the day by delivering 530 pounds of seafood  from Bellary to Chennai (VOMM).  Go figure, Bellary is inland and Chennai is along the coast.
    • October 20   I made an early flight into Mumbai (VABB).  After having damage to my landing gear repaired from a hard landing, I delivered 408 pounds of clothing to Hubli Airport.  Unfortunately, I arrived at night.  The runway was not lighted, so I was relying entirely upon my instruments.  I missed the runway entirely by at least 100 feet.  However, I did not crash into any trees.  In fact, Air Hauler rated my non runway landing as being positive.  Positive, my ass!  In any case, I lucked out and did not sustain any damage.   By the way this was another naked strip in FSX.  It should not have been.  Google Earth shows taxiways and even a few buildings. 
    • October 19   I left Karachi with 491 pounds of fruit bound for Rajkot (VARK) and picked up 361 points of fertilizer for delivery at Pune Airport (VAPO).  Pune is a short flight from Mumbai.  In fact, I flew over Mumbai on the way there.   Pune airport was a rather nice freeware airport, pictures below.
    • October 18   This was an interesting, but not particularly profitable day.  I started the day flying out of Dubai, heading to Izki Airbase in Oman with 479 pounds of fruit.  This was an interesting flight as I flew along range of mountains I dubbed the Mountains of the Arabian desert.  The airbase consisted of a dirt strip with no buildings.  This is one case where such a naked strip seemed accurate in real life, because Google Earth shows a naked strip with no buildings.   There were no loads heading the right direction, although I could have taken several loads back to the UAE!  So I deadheaded the flight to Seeb Airport near Muscat.  There is actually a commercial scenery from ORYX (not ORBX), which I have not used for an age.   There were no cargo jobs heading my way for the rest of the day.  So I hopped across the Persion Gulf to Jiwani, Pakistan (OPJI), and ended the day at Karachi, Pakistan.
    • October 4   Well, I spent about a half day sulking about the botched flight recordings, but finally decided to get back to work.  I was back in England, getting jobs on the way to delivering cold turkeys to France.   I flew a load from Southhampton to Exeter, since Exeter was kinda sorta on the way to the Cotswold Airport.  Then another load from Exeter to Bristol Filton Airport.  This put me a short hop from the Cotswold Airport.  But the deadline for delivery of the turkeys had passed, meaning the past two days had been a terrible waste of time and a diversion from my trip.   Time to get moving.  I hauled another load of turkeys to Le Touquet - Côte d'Opale Airport.  This was a night haul, but at least I was out of England.