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    • Much appreciated Herman ...  I'll keep you posted.   Ken
    • OK.  Your Quick Fix did indeed fix the tsc files.  I now have wall to wall wind turbines in the water and the expected offshore platforms and the Mittelplate oil rig is now populated with equipment.  Thanks for the update.    I fully understand the cost of high res scenery is prohibitive for small and inexpensive scenery add ons.  So I am guessing that you shouldn't mind if the AFS2 users upgrade their copies with the free FSET scenery. Here is what it looks like at 1m level 14.  Only problem is the files size are rather large.  4 tiles = 723 MB.   Regards, Ray
    • KASE for AI version 1_3 has been released. It implements a more robust solution to a problem that had resulted in AI aircraft freezing after exiting the runway, and it removes extraneous fillets from between the runway and taxiways. The latest version can always be downloaded from FSX Links KASE for AI version 1_3.zip
    •   A very good find, thank you! It remains I mystery to me why no one has seen this on the final checks, but attached is a quick fix. Unpack those into your install folder and delete the two existing files. That will make them visible again.   I will also ask Aerosoft to update the installer accordingly.   My apologies again: This should have never happened.   Bests, Sascha Helgoland_AeroflyFS2_Quickfix_2018-02-23.zip
    •   I wish it would be that simple. Licensed aerial/satellite imagery doesn't simply fall from the sky (at least not for most German states), it is something that large sums need to be paid for as we did for the small part around EDXB and Helgoland itself of course. The lowres imagery used here is imagery used from Sentinel satellites (see manual's credits) with water masks added and color corrected. Its resolution is a lot higher than default Aerofly FS2 but still not overwhelming.   We are certainly considering a range of VFR products for Germany with highres imagery covering the whole country. But for that to happen we need to see the sales potential of Aerofly FS2 first.   Bests, Sascha