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    • There is an update to correct this issue. Run the Aerosoft Updater and it will do the job for you.
    • If this is not an issue for Aerosoft - just say so and I'll be on my way but don't leave it hanging.
    • Hola,   Hace falta más información para entender el problema, le recomendaría leer los manuales del complemento, probablemente muchas de sus dudas puedan aclararse al revisar la documentación.   Saludos,   Walter
    • In what seems to be a related issue, I happened into this situation on one of my recent flights:   This is on the OOSHN5 arrival into KBOS.  On two of the three times I've flown this (made a save at TOD), the autopilot went berserk on the tight LONEY-RODEE-EURRO turn.  During the initial flight, I quickly took over in selected mode.  The second time it did not happen (I was trying to figure out an ILS issue - which I reported here and resolved), however unlike the first time I was not running in selected speed (I'm not sure if that is important).  The third and final time, I was looking to ensure I had solved the ILS problem (which I had) and it went nuts - and this time only being a test, I decided to let it run its course and see what it would do.   Note that the managed speed is way too low (there's no reason based on the STAR or MCDU that it should be under the VNAV descent speed at this stage (say 280 kt), but I wasn't necessarily concerned in flying speeds to the tee.  I'm suspecting that is occurring as part of the acknowledged STAR/descent speed calculation troubles.  Given that getting this to happen seems to be somewhat dependent on managed vs. selected speeds, maybe the two are related and wreaking havoc on the autopilot prediction code.  But I digress - on to the pictures.   In the absence of video, I took several screen shots in quick progression:   After initially turning left per the LNAV path, things start to go off the rails just before RODEE - could it be because the sweeps from LONEY and EURRO were cutting RODEE "off" the path?     George finally wakes up and realizes he was heading the wrong way and now overcorrects:     Sanity returns:   Spoke too soon!     Returning to normal:   At this point, the Bus rejoined the path and flew the approach properly.
    • I had a same problem. And I noticed the engines was at idle at 31%. I thought that is a bit too much. So I went in to FSX settings and I changed the Throttle Axis sensitivity.
      As shown on the picture below.
      Now the engine Idle are back to 19.1% just like after start up.

      And don't need to apply the brake that often at taxi.

      I hope it will help.