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    • Have you looked here: https://support.aerosoft.com
    • Both URL's are presented as 'unsafe', so no HTTPS-connection. This is with AV (Bitdefender) and PIA disabled.
    • A possible reason for CTD caused by terrain.dll is use high scenery settings in a weak hardware. Thenikos try to reduce your scenery settings.
    • The following entries in aircraft.cfg create some issues with 3rd party addons for me.   1) the [general] section contains two conflicting lines, atc_model=DC8 and atc_model=DC-8   2) The payload stations look like station_load.0=0, 46.5, 0, 2.3   compared to the following entries for the CRJ: station_load.0=419,-21.3,0,-1 station_name.0="Pilots"   This mean, the weight of all stations is zero and they don't have a name. Are you planning to change this in the future? If not, I suppose it is safe to edit these entries by myself?   Thanks, Peter  

    • Before installing this airport, the default buildings were very bustling, skyline are everywhere. (the first five pictures) But after installing the airport, they were turned into bungalows. (The following five pictures) Can you keep the default building? Due to the proximity of the two airports, it may be necessary to modify a portion of the SBGL.   Default:   After