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    • I followed your advice, step by step and now I have this:   Still, with black instruments and buttons are not working. This is soooo frustrating.
    • I followed the instructions on how to install Linda and to import the A320 Modules via the LINDA GUI. 
      I also found the action.lua file. The code is more or less easy to understand (if you have at least a basic knowledge of programming).

      But I do not see any option in the GUI oder the code itself to bind one of these functions to a button on my keyboard. 
      I know how to bind the buttons of my Joystick to these functions but i have no clue how to bin the keys of my keyboard to them.   I can feel that the solution is near, but i cant see it yet.  '

      Thank you very much for your help so far.
    • Sorry, no timeframe given for the moment. It will be noted here in the forum, when the time has come.;)   Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
    • Hi Hans, So, you managed to load that YBBN YSCB file, fly for 5 minutes or so, then save the file via the Scenario tab. Close P3D, open P3D, and reload the saved flight with no issues.   It is one of those things. All our machines are slightly different. The majority of PC's are similar enough that their Win 10 and P3D and the Aerosoft CRJ build are within your machines allowable code range. I just need to park the CRJ and wait until the coding becomes broad enough to cope with my machine's combination. I just carried out the YBBN-YSCB flight plan and my dog harassed me for some thing at the crucial moment as I was on short final, only to lose too much airspeed and stalled when I looked back. Normally, I save my flights when in cruise and just before TOD. Obviously I could not do that in this case.    Again, thanks for trying.