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    •   So let me get this straight: you get a wrong calculation because YOU are clearly not capable of using PFPX properly, but instead asking for help where the problem is in a decent attitude, you start trash talking about 1.28.9c being the worst version of PFPX ever and that there are a ton of bugs in it? Are you serious about that?   Second:     So, Fokkers and ATRs are funny aircrafts? Would you tell that real life pilots, too? You do know how old TOPCAT is and that it was released in a time where many of us were still using FS9 where these aircrafts were pretty popular add ons? Besides, all the Boeing aircraft you mentioned are covered by TOPCAT except for the B77W. Even the PMDG aircrafts are covered with specific profiles. So no reason to brag about it.    Keep in mind that there are only 2 people developing PFPX and TOPCAT and they do it in their spare time because they still have a real life job to do. People ungrateful like you are the reason why developers like PMDG and ORBX treat their customers like garbage, and I'm not even surprised about that.
    •   Yes, that's what Tom meant.  
    • Ref: Tom A320 I have changed from NavDataPro to Navigraph using the Airbus Configuator. That made no difference. Cannot find a Sim Base Folder\Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback\Navigraph\ There is one C:\ProgramFile (x86)Navigraph, and one in FMS Data Manager\Navigraph. Should there be one in the Steamapps FSX Folder? because there is'nt. By simbase folder, do you mean whatever program you use ie. FSX-SE in my case. Col Buster
    • That looks really f***** nice already!
    • Hello,   i guess since the creators update, i got black Screens while running xp11.   Windows error: Fehlerhafte Anwendung:X-Plane.exe Ausnahmecode: 0xc0000409 Feherhaftes modul: nvoglv64.dll   X-Plane error:   is_64bit 1
      mem_free_virt 140737117433856
      mem_malloced 98674026 mem_largest_blk 138806746148864   it Looks like a Memory leak.   Has anybody an idea what i could do?   I checked now several nvidia Drivers, all the same result.   my System:   i7-6700k 4.4 Ghz Asus Z170 Motherboard Pro Gaming 16GB RAM GTX 970