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    • Personally I use a mix of all three. Envtex for the skies, REX for clouds, water, etc. and ASCA for the cloud models.   If I'd have to pick just one of the three I'd say go for REX. It offers the best balance between everything.
    • I'm still utterly dumbfounded as to how this product was deemed fit for release, I've never seen such backlash from the customers for an addon and even worse such denial and head burying from the devs. The thing was pretty much unusable at launch and to this day the LNAV issue is still on going. 
    • Hello together,   Me and a friend want to fly shared cockpit. We have hamachi startet as an administrator, also get a ping from each other and we also have the same version of the Airbus (We downloaded it just a few days ago again). Now when we step into P3D V3,4 we select the same livery and start the flight. Standing at the airport, we switch into the turn arround state and get into the second MCDU to connect. I select Master he selects slave. I enable the connection and so does he. Other than it should be it does not say Connected however it says "Not connected" in this white font. We have the IP 4 copied into the configurator and in the configurator we also have the exact same settings. In Hamachi we have the same port settings and have enabled all data traffic. I can't really see what we are doing wrong. Any suggestions ?

      Greetings, Lennart
    • Right now i have 3 options. ENVTEX, REX TD -HD and ASCA, what is the best for P3d, and why? I seem cant chose which one, but i am looking at ASCA, but also ENVTEX looks rather good too, but again, REX TD - HD id a little better then the other two, but again, what is the best?
    • No more old airline posters?  I love the ones you found earlier   Dave Britzius (Cape Town)