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    •   "If you invest $300.000 in getting the normal stuff done correct, you triple that to simulate a single source failure (we are up to close to a million now).   Are you up for the extra cost of a failure?   I would hazard to guess that not many who purchase the Airbus Suite from Aerosoft are able. 
    • I could download and install the update for the boxed Version of the PMDG 737 NGX base pack from the download site, Can you please tell me when the update for the Extension pack for the 600/700 versions will be available? I purchased this Extension pack as download. In the download site there still is the old version from 2016.   Best regards Michael Schuch
    • REX? ORBX? FTX? FSX? Öhm  ... du bist hier im Bereich für Fragen zu X-Plane 11.
    •   Well, regarding the systems then yes, maybe. The 777 is an EICAS driven airplane so all the systems and all possible failures are connected to a dynamic ECL and the EICAS. But as far as some basic autoflight functions go (FLCH VNAV) or even the flightmodel itself, it is not very accurate (lack of proper power-to-pitch moment, overshooting targets by a 1000! feet and the list goes on.) Might just be the limitations of a desktop sim (as is the case with any addon for FSX/P3D/Xplane) but other devs seem to get such fundamental things right - "an aircraft that actually flies like one, uhm what?"   Let alone the fact that in the 747 you can still hear the engines during cruise loud and clear from the flightdeck...yeah right "proffessional recording equipment".    While such "study level" addons may be nice if one wants to dive deep into systems they are rarely 100% accurate, not even 80% in most cases. Currently there are a lot of study level addon aircraft that do one specific thing very well (be it systems, flight model, sounds, immersion) but I have yet to see one that has all of them right. Some come pretty close, though.    From an operaional standpoint the AS busses are very neat and based on your statements above, Mathijs, are getting even better when it comes to the accuracy and detail of normal ops. Especially the CFD and the Virtual Copilot make flying the Airbus much more authentic and immersive. After all that's what most people want from a desktop sim - an immersive and authentic experience of flying a [insert aircraft category] - be it tubeliner, classic prop or small GA.     
    • Very good news. Thank you