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    • Hi,   I have installed the newest installer and hotfixes of the crj. Upon setting ac states with Dave, i cant get engines to start from cold n dark. Top line "configuring aircraft, please wait" does not disappear. How to solve?
    • hello,   just seeing the update for Bergamo pro. Will it be actualised via the Aerosoft Updater or do I have to download the complete order? I bought via Simmarket so I hope they will have the update available too.   mfg Kai
    • Hi,   Many thanks for so good help!  . I took the time I needed to reinstall P3DV4 and install and everything else in add on and the bus of course. After fired up after installation and a couple of t/o I can say it works as normal. Handfly, use a/p with checklist and without and it works now. Again many thanks for help.    Regards Folke Ekeroth
    • Edit: The new version should now be available to all of you. Please check your shopaccount for: (DD_EPKK-KRAKOW-X_V2_FSX_P3D_FSXSTEAM.exe - 12.11.2018 07:23:00 | 558 MB)    
    • I am having the exact same issue and been in email contact with support, who seem, are under the impression that the latest version indeed is the one dated 13/09/2018 which would appear is an interim version supporting P3D V4 but still based on 1.4 and EPKK 2012, which is not the same in my opinion as the new EPKK Krakow V2 which only was released on November 10th 2018.   Either confusion, or lack of attention, or for that matter interest at Aerosoft's side.