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    • "there is actually a very reasonable and good update offer. Just check the product page:"   I keep seeing this quote mentioned in a few posts but there is nothing on offer on the actual product page.... I have the 1st 2 versions and would like to get the latest if there is a good offer on its sale.....and hopefully the MCE will work with the latest version. Plz reply with offer on upgrade  TIA                  
    • VAS and FPS are totally different things, in regard to VAS it depends on your system, have tested both  with PMDG 737NGX  and have 1GB free vas, ( VAS USAGE  2950 MB) while other people receive OOM errors. it is a total sum of products used at the same moment when flying. have myself disabled ORBX Vector over western europe, what brought me extra 400-500 mb free vas, so no more OOM issues.    
    • It depends on the altitude.   I am far away from my working computer, but I have a paper with the list of various flight modes on my A320-214 profiles with 5B4/P engines (please see the photo below under the spoiler). Here you can see the full list of cruise modes at Mach numbers. The numbers you can see in the brackets mean the minimum altitude for the corresponding mode. Lower of any of these altitudes we have LRC.     UPD. The FCOM on A320 that I have around tells us that in the ideal world the optimum altitude for 186 nmi flight should be FL280-FL320 (depending on landing weight) assuming that the aircraft flies in LRC mode for at least 5 minutes. What altitude has PFPX computed for you?