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    • Hallo zusammen, seit dem letzten Update habe ich das Problem, dass egal welches Flugzeug ich nutze sofort der Push anfängt. Egal welche Taste ich probiere keine Chance ?? Parkingbrakes set egal er fährt  Vielleicht kann mir von Euch einer helfen. ?   Danke
    • I tried to use the Aerosoft Launcher Joystick Configuration to reset my throttle axis.  It is telling me I do not have the correct FSX path when I have have P3D V3.4 with the newest hot fix. I also tells me that It cant locate my standard xml. I had t reinstall all the Airbus Extended and reinstall teh Aersoft Launcher because the switches stopped working and they work now but now this because I have basically started all over trying to get it set up just right with my hardware.  Please if any of you know what I am doing wrong please let me know. Thanks Kyle
    • First I have to say, that I really like your idea of Connected Flight Deck. The only "complicated" or "annoying" thing about it is the connection via Port Forwarding or Hamachi. I would prefer an easier solution if there is one. Apart from that I really enjoy it!
    • More like sub $60-50 even. 
    • As you know Connected Flight Deck is at the core of our more complex aircraft. We feel it is hugely important because the single most unrealistic part of flying airliners for most people is the fact they do the job of two people and the whole aspect of crew management is missing. It's just wrong. Our advanced semi intelligent checklist solve part of that but nothing beats actually flying with a real person.   We are at this moment overhauling that part of the Airbus code. It will used for our Airbusses but also for the CRJ and one other airliner projects you don't know about right now.  We like to know what you would like to see different from the current version. What new features would you like, what made the old one hard to use?