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    • Friends, for PMDG Support, would you please use the PMDG Support forums on AVSIM?   Many thanks, and best wishes.  
    • The problem I've been having with performance is only when in the VC. The fps in the VC drops quite a bit and while I don't always like drawing comparisons, I have other more complex add-ons that are outstanding in performance in the VS and exterior.
    • HELLO I have a problem with SODE I don´t have the 12bpilot in programdata only in programdata x86 and I want to install a jetways. 
    • Hi Mike,   das PMDG_Setup aufrufen geht nicht ?   Ahoj -Uwe  
    •     I'm a little confused, though maybe this is just bad memory.   - When you say that the Nose Strut won't kneel all the way down...does that mean is starts to kneel and then stops? - I don't recall releasing a hotfix for this problem?   Can you please describe the problem in more detail? E.g. Are you (first) trying to compress the gear with the VC switch Nose Strut - Kneel, or are you simply pressing toggling the Take-off assistance ARM keypress [Shift+I] and letting the gear compress while it attaches?   The default test flight that I use is a carrier flight, so I've literally performed hundreds (if not low end thousands) of CAT launches with the F-14. The only memory I can really pull up on this, is that the an carrier is an AI vehicle and if the frame rates are low or unstable then it can cause bouncing between the F-14 and the carrier that really causes problems with the CAT attachment.