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    • Hello all, I flew a portion of my first flight in the Aerosoft A321 yesterday and I LOVE it! However I was unable to finish the entire flight yesterday so I saved the flight yesterday with the intent of finishing it today using the vanilla FSX Save/Load function. When I loaded the flight today it had reverted to the default panel state and all of my flight plan information had been erased from the MCDU. Is there any way to use the FSX Save/Load function with the Aerosoft Airbuses. (I don't know what the plural of Airbus is ) Any help is appreciated, thanks!
    • Forgive me if this has already been brought up, but I didn't see this problem in any of the threads.  I was trying the tutorial and having an issue dialing in the COM frequency.  It appears that turning the small knob for the decimal portion of the digits, when passing 9 on the 5th digit, it changes the 3rd digit and not the 4th digit.  So in essence, its impossible right now to change the 4th digits value.
    • They are nice folks and taken a lot of our money, use my name, lol.
    •   Just a quick note, two users voted this post down. I asked them for an explanation about that as this is a factual, correct and polite post. Er!k did absolutely not deserve these downvotes. If there is not reasonable explanation the two users who voted this post down will be removed from our forum.   Update, I seen one of these users has been warned and asked about this before. He did not reply to my polite message and is thus removed from the forum. If you dislike somebody for some reason using downvotes is not the way to fight.