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    • Well, if this is the bare minimum then I'm curious what there is to gain with more vram. It certainly doesn't feel like the bare minimum, it feels like a lot more. I'm running P3D v4 at reasonably high settings with a good number of add-ons (ORBX Global/Vector/OpenLC, Rex SkyForce 3D, PMDG 737NGX, a good number of quality add-on airports (Aerosoft, FlyTampa, etc) and it's all running pretty smooth. FPS are good, it's all loading fast, etc.
    • oh ok, mathijs asked about the exact msg i get when it crashes thats why i wanted to post a photo. then i will just write the msg and of course the details of the event viewer . thanks
    • Please don't take photos with your phone. Just copy & paste the details given in the event viewer in here.
    • thanks i will do a test later and i will try to take a photo with the mobile phone and upload it here.
    •   But mainly we need to know what is shown when the sim crashes.