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    • Hi all   I'm not sure how this happened, but my try to open the Fuel Planner, it tells me "Settings folder missing".   Now, there is on my desktop a folder for "Fuel Planner", containing folders for AircraftData and Loadsheets, and a form for "FuelPlannerSavedSettings."

      I assume this is the settings folder that's missing, right?  And that somehow, it's just got moved from its rightful place onto the desktop?   If so, great.  Shouldn't be a problem just to move it back to its rightful location, and in principle, everything should work just fine.   But where is its rightful location?
    • Honestly, I don't mind waiting cause it just gets me more and more excited thinking about the final product. Sure I would love to get my hands on it right now but this forum post here keeps me kicking through with excitement as the day goes by :). 
    • When I try to open the Fuel Planner, it tells me simply "Settings folder does not exist."   Now, I don't know whether this is connected, but there is a folder on my desktop for "fuel planner", containing AircraftData, LoadSheets and Fuel Planner Saved Settings.   I assume this is the settings folder?  And that it's just in the wrong place?   If so, great. I can move it back to the right place -- but where is that?
    • Hi sirs, Ive been using bali x for quite some time now and just now i flew there at night and there are no taxi lights and runway lights. The lights that i saw were taxiway edge lights and runway edge lights. Also everytime i ask gsx for pushback at either to the left or right it suddenly turns the aircraft 180 degrees. This is the only scenery that i experience this problem with gsx. i hope you guys can help me.   thanks  francis
    • Matt - did you manage to solve that model/lighting problem - where some of the wing surfaces weren't accepting aircraft lighting (or specular) values? I can't find the original posts!   Many thanks for all your amazing repaints!!!!   Adam.