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    • I don't get any email when someone replies my posts....
    • I have a question for Xplane 11. I want to buy the ATR 72 500. But it is only for Xplane 10! Would it work if I bought if for my Xplane 11? If it would, what is the best website to buy it from? or   -Sebastian
    • Are you on Windows 10? There have been an update lately that introduced font problems into Windows. In the meantime MS has released a fix for that. Please check, that if you are on Windows 10, you are on the latest status of all available updates for it.
    • This problem just showed up out of the blue. Loaded up an Airbus 321, started my set up for a flight and no readouts on my radio or ATC. (See attached photo), Not everything is out, the autopilot works fine, (also see attached). Anyone have a solution or experienced this before?   This happened over night. (No pun intended), finished a flight session, closed down all my programs, shut down the computer for the night. Next day...."poof" Big problem. Loaded a 320, then 319, and 318, same problem. I wanted to see if other aircraft had the same problem that I have in my hanger. QualityWings 757, and RJ 70, 85, and 100 had the same thing, no radio and no autopilot display of numbers. My PMDG aircraft are fine, as well as my Capt Sim aircraft.   All of my software is up-to-date, so please don't ask. I fly on P3D v3.4, and FSX, same issue in FSX as P3D.  
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