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    • Howdy, thanks for the response - yearly, I think 13 cycles?   Looked in "Account" on NDP updater, I see my email address and "Serial" are populated.  Rest are greyed out.    
    • Thank you Tom. So I assume I do not need to worry about this as I don't even have that file. As you can probably tell I am certainly not aware of this. All works well so I will leave it alone.
    • Good question Mathijs. This evening I will further review the possibility of semi automatic system. I may have overlooked this. Will report back.
    • Dear members of the management,

      I have a question regarding IVAO and Aerosoft.

      Every year, IVAO holds an event called "Crowded Skys" where Aerosoft is the main sponsor and a significant amount is donated to IVAO.
      On average, there are 3000 pilots longer than 2 hours in the air ... (if we can believe IVAO).
      I think that Aerosoft donates € 1 per pilot to IVAO so you can count on it ....
      I have been a member of IVAO for many years and have visited many Flight Simulator weekends in the Netherlands, even in the old AvioDrome at Schiphol and the AvioDrome in Lelystad.

      What concerns me now is the fact that there is little or no development at IVAO.
      They have been promising for years that new software will come with a nice demonstration at Flightsim events .... etc.
      The 64bits Flightsims are already almost standard .... with the MTLs far behind.

      How do you face this?
      Can you perhaps put some pressure on IVAO?

      I look forward to receiving your response


    • Hi first I want to congratulate you on the recent release of the a318-19 professional series. I love everything about this aircraft and she is such a joy to fly. With all of that being said this is probably going to sound very petty but I noticed this issue back in the 32 bit series and hoped that it would be fixed in the new professional series. This issue is that the engine pylon on the real airbuses is loner and doesn’t drop straight down like the airbus professional. I’ve posted two pictures below to show the difference between the real life thing. Again i don’t want to sound petty but I think this would be a great upgrade to the aircraft.    Thanks again for the beauty , Cale