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    •   They have said that the A330 MCDUs will be independent where the 3rd one will have the same function as the right MCDU in the current A320 series. I don't know about the rest.
    • Hmm,   I too am disappointed by the lack of support/updates. Certainly this is a warning to customers to avoid purchasing AES credits until the next update is published.    
    • TO fly RNAV approach with aerosoft CRJ is very simple: you just use the Vertical Speed - you can see the profile on FMS.
    • I don't when the boss will do another, but I can tell you what I'm seeing from working with Aerosoft and other developers. This is based soley on my own interaction with others.  I think it's important to say that the vast majority of flight simmers are not represented (they don't post) in any forums.   There are still a good number of people using FSX, in fact I was very surprised at the number I'm seeing. Based on my experience, I'd say that at least 50% of the flight sim community is still using FSX and why not?  The Steam version of FSX is incredibly stable and works on many older computers and graphics cards, while a jump to P3DV4 means a hardware upgrade of at least $600 U.S. for most people if they want to take advantage of things like Dynamic Lighting.   Far more people are hanging on to P3DV3 that I thought would be. I think the reason is that we had several years for people t transition to P3DV3 from FSX and previous P3D Versions.  I hear a lot that people wanted to wait before purchases V4 to ensure it was stable, while others said they wanted to wait until the first service pack came out before switching.  Remember that many of these people don't visit the forums regularly, and when they do they don't look to read all the posts about what has transpired.  Instead, they wait until hey feel comfortable the software warrants change.  Still others have told me that they were not ready to reinvest in purchasing aircraft and scenery by switching to P3DV4, despite the fact that up until now there hasn't been any cost whatsoever for aircraft or scenery when changing from previous P3D versions to V4.  Again, they don't spend time reading in the forums because of the time involved - and this is a prevalent answer.  Still another reason is there is no Airbus yet for P3DV4.  I think or good portion of these guys will transition to P3DV4 once the first update is released and Aerosoft releases the Airbus for V4 - a lot of eyes are on this!   I have no idea what FSW's sales are, and I since I don't support or work on any products for FSW I wouldn't hazard a guess as to what percentage of people are using the product - though none of he commercial airliner guys yet.... however FSL recently said they would take their A320 to FSW.  Sounds like they want to capitalize on the face that nobody else has done it yet, but who knows.   I don't know, I'm probably not even close to the real numbers!        
    • This is the route I plan to take. I hope it's ok: I'm choosing London Gatwick as my starting and finishing point. Here are the list of stops I'll be making, with all mandatory landmarks highlighted in red:   London, United Kingdom (EGKK) Nice, France (LFMN) Corfu, Greece (LGKR) Heraklion, Greece (LGIR) Port Said, Egypt (HEPS) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (OEJN) Dubai, United Arab Emirates (OMDB) Karachi, Pakistan (OPKC) Mumbai, India (VABB) Calcutta, India (VECC) Bangkok, Thailand (VTBD) Catbi, Vietnam, (VVCI) Hong Kong, Hong Kong (VHHH) Shanghai, China (ZSPD) Yokohama, Japan (RJTF) Yuzhno, Russia (UHSS) Petropavlovsk, Russia (UHPP) Adak Island, Alaska (PADK) Anchorage, Alaska (PANC) Juneau, Alaska (PAJN) Vancouver, Canada (CYVR) San Francisco, USA (KSFO) Denver, USA (KDEN) Chicago, USA (KORD) New York, USA (KJFK) Gander, Canada (CYQX) Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (BGSF) Reykjavik, Iceland (BIKF) Dublin, Ireland (EIDW) London, United Kingdom (EGKK)   Hoping all goes according to plan. I haven't filled in any dates because I'm not really sure myself what my exact dates will be.   Best of luck to everyone.