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    • Also, in the first clip -- at one point you can glimpse the INS area of the DC-8, and it looks like there is an FMC there instead.  My guess is that they didn't have a 1960's era DC-8 cockpit available for the movie.   Who would notice things like that, except for us?
    • Perhaps you have a default flight with the sounds turned on?  The problem never arose during development or beta testing.  In any event, the code for these switches has been rewritten and the problem should go away when the next update is released.       Without an auto throttle and modern autopilots, it would be very difficult to fly these aircraft except by the numbers.  I put in a lot of time to simulate accurate EPR and fine tune the flight model so it could be flown like the real thing. 
    • Just wanted to share that I have now completely reinstalled my P3Dv4.2 after having thoroughly deleted all files (even in the register) and reinstalled.Now my DC8 is perfect BUT the NAV sound issue persists. The only way to avoid it for me now is to first load the tutorial flight and then proceed from there on.I was wondering:am I the only one to have this issue? Except for that,she is a real sweet airplane to fly.She even flies by the numbers.When I use the cruise tables and set the EPR accordingly,the mach speed is right on.Thanks guys for a great work of art!