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    • Hi Rob,    you are absolutely right, usually there should have been a post in the Releases forum letting you know about the release.    But the forum went sort of crazy with the release. Instead of the 100 or so posts per day we had like 100 per hour. Personally I have never seen something like this happening over several days in the row in the last years here in the forum.    Things are calming down again and I am sure Mathijs will find some time now for that post. Although now you know it already  
    • am i missing something ? i moved the rotary button to CKPT but yet no camera ....suggestions?
    • Yes, except that your antivirus should have a function to restore and exempt the file from Qurantine.   Best wishes.    
    • Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
    • P3DV4.3?  If so, I would reinstall the aircraft, and then run the updater.   To uninstall:   1. Uninstall via the Windows Program Manager,
      2. Remove any remaining Airbus Folders (where ever you installed it to, default location is the Documents folder where you'll find two (2) folders).
      3. Reboot
      4. Disable computer security software.
      5. Run the Airbus Installer “As Admin”
      6. Reinstall the Airbus and Reboot.
      Hopefully this resolves this for you.