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All support and discussion for the Airbus X Extended (2012). Please note this is NOT the same as the Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319 and Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 products


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    In this forum we are working with invited customers to sort out issues we can not recreate in our development offices

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    Holger Sobl is a highly prolific repainter for the Airbus X (and a great friend of Aerosoft). In this forum he can inform you of what he is doing, what's available and what's planned.

  12. Software Development Kit

    Any question on how to link your hardware or software to the Airbus X Extended? Here's the place!

  • Posts

    • loadlibrary failed with error 87
      By Jonas Scholz · Posted
      Dann bitte einmal den Support von Flightsimsoft direkt anschreiben, zu finden unter:   Jonas
    • REX Essential Overdrive mit SP3
      By Jonas Scholz · Posted
      Kannst du mal den Report aus dem "eventvwr.exe" posten?

    • trim bei A318 geht nicht
      By Jonas Scholz · Posted
      Also auch auf dem Ecam ändert sich der Wert der Trimmung nicht?   Jonas
    • A330 preview
      By Tom A320 · Posted
      Hello TAX1. Aerosoft don't follow the deep systems simulation approach of PMDG. The upcoming A330 will be no difference to that. It will simulate the daily business of a pilot, that means SOP. As failures are rare and not SOP they are not implemented. That also enables Aerosoft to keep the price of the product far lower than for example PMDG. Aerosoft is aiming for a different market, and the success of the A318/A319 and A320/A321 proves them not to be wrong with that. If you are looking after a full systems simulator none of the Aerosoft buses do fit or will fit you expectations. In that case you might be better off with something like this:   And as a side note: when spending more than a million Euros into the development of a product it is hard to imagine that it will not be a "professional". 
    • Mega Airport Zurich V2.0
      By HardrockCafe · Posted
      Wow, wasn't aware of this. Very nice. 
    • airbus a318-319
      By Tom A320 · Posted
      Hello fltnut, what software version of the Airbus do you have installed? The latest version is service pack 3 (1.30), and there is also a hotfix (1.30F) available. 
    • A330 preview
      By TAX1 · Posted
      Hello Gents. I just hope that this product (A330) will be professional and realistic as the PMDG B777 ( very nice to operate in all phase of flight ). So take your time dev and learn from PMDGhigh standard please.If you follow this elementary rules the project will be a sucsess. Thank you AS and thank you PMDG to be so real.  
    • Airbus A320 hangs
      By Tom A320 · Posted
      Hello JIyHaTik, are you able to connect this problem to anything you are doing at that moment? Something like pushing LSKs on MCDU or the FCU?
      Or does it happen totally randomly without any interaction from you?
    • Yaw Achse einstellen mit Gas/Bremspedal
      By X-Friese · Posted
      Ich denke Zupper hat das Problem, dass er eine Hardware einsetzen will, die für die Simulation eines PKW gebaut ist, und nicht für die Flugsimulation. Daher hat er vermutlich drei individuelle Achsen für drei Pedale (Kupplung, Bremse, Gas, v. l. n. r.). Er möchte aber zwei Pedale, die nur in einer einzigen Achse koordiniert das Seitenruder ansteuern. Bei einigen Modellen wird dann so auch das Bugrad gesteuert, wenn dem Nose Wheel Tiller keine Achse zugeordnet ist. Man könnte das Seitenruder aber mit DataRefs überschreiben und mit einem kleinen Script das Anliegen umsetzen. Für einen vermuteten Neuling (Zuppers erster Beitrag) ist es allerdings nicht auf Anhieb trivial wie man das macht. Bei Wünschen zwei Achsen auf ein einziges Seitenruder zu programmieren bitte im Forum zu FlyWithLua nachfragen.
    • On to legs 31-40. Who's made it to Lima?
      By pasterke · Posted
      Leg 32  SUMU - SAZB  Boeing 737/800 Foggy departure at SUMU