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All support and discussion for the Airbus X Extended (2012). Please note this is NOT the same as the Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319 and Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 products


  1. Airbus General

    Discussion that does not fit in one of the other categories

  2. FAQ

    Standard questions and answers

  3. AutoFlight

    All about FMGC, FAC. MCDU and FCU

  4. Diverse Systems

    Engines (FADEC), Flight Controls, Fuel, Electrical, Hydraulics, Communication, Equipment, APU, Doors, Landing Gear, Web server

  5. Hotfixes, updates

    All possible hot fixes and updates

  6. Indicating / Recording Sytems

    PFD, ND, E/WD, SD, FLT Recorders

  7. Navigation

    ADIRS, GPWS, RAAS, Radio Navigation.

  8. Right MCDU / Checklist

    All about the right MCDU

  9. Tweaking

    If you like to change things, come here first!

  10. Invitation only

    In this forum we are working with invited customers to sort out issues we can not recreate in our development offices

  11. Holgers Liveries

    Holger Sobl is a highly prolific repainter for the Airbus X (and a great friend of Aerosoft). In this forum he can inform you of what he is doing, what's available and what's planned.

  12. Software Development Kit

    Any question on how to link your hardware or software to the Airbus X Extended? Here's the place!

  • Posts

    • CTDs and blue screens
      By Roy3103 · Posted
      Tom, Must be since i checked everything yesterday. An other thing i find out during my 12 hour tests yesterday is that when i use unlimited on the frame limiter i face troubles but as soon i put it on 30 no blue screens or other problems. Doesn't change the fact that my bus i behaving strange on long flights. The longer the flight the worse it gets. Legs like an EHAM LFPG distance is fine though Roy
    • Plan G will nicht mehr....
      By Heinz Flichtbeil · Posted
      Hallo Martin, so recht weiß ich jetzt auch nicht mehr weiter.
      Was ist, wenn Du einfach mal eine 2.Kopie von X-Plane 10 anlegst (mit dem Installer/updater aus dem Preferences Verzeichnis). Dort dann nur XPUIPC installierst und damit dann Plan-G testest.
      Damit wir der Sache näher kommen. Wenn das funktioniert, dann liegt es nicht am XPUIPC und nicht am X-Plane 10. Dann muss bei deinem aktuellen XP10 irgendetwas stören oder nicht mehr in Ordnung sein. Gruß heinz

    • A330 preview
      By SeifZahran · Posted
      When the A330 comes out , the A320/A321 will be annoyed at me
    • Hilfe
      By bavella · Posted
      Stimmt nicht, 4GB Karten bekommt man als GTX 960 bereits ab ca. 210,-  EUR zzgl. Versand! Die ..20,- Euronen (ca.) würde ich immer investieren!
    • Nassau preview
      By Nuno Pinto · Posted
      Incredible... Nice airport choice!
    • The record!
      By mopperle · Posted
      btw. this brings up the idea of a honey pot
    • The record!
      By Rafal Haczek · Posted
      They are too stupid to even consider such a question in their minds.
    • AES 2.40 verfügbar
      By Delta777 · Posted
      Oliver, könntest du dir bitte nochmal LGSR anschauen? Wir (Alby und ich) haben festgestellt, dass beim (De-)Boarding keine Busse erscheinen, das ist in Santorin aber so üblich.
    • The record!
      By mopperle · Posted
      I thinky you can ask them now, as it will take ages to see them act.  
    • The record!
      By Mathijs Kok · Posted
      Ahhh actually this one is fun and as said, it's good to gather these emails....