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    • Haha no I don't own AccuFeel =)   Windows 10 64-bit i7-6700k@4.0GHz 32gb RAM GeForce GTX 1080 P3D is installed on an SSD drive   It's the latest P3D V3.4, Airbux X (Only A320 and A321 installed) FS2Crew Button Control, some ORBX Scenary. VoxATC though wasn't using it. The Flight1 Panel as I said but I wasn't using it. I have the A2A C182 installed, but shouldn't be a problem. 
    • Hello and good evening from Barcelona.   What a nice must have airport. You can find him as FSX version here: Landing on this airport with the aerosoft / Digital Aviation CRJ is a real dream ...   ... but of course only with my painting  
    • Please also give the full specs of your system (hardware and software).    How many FPS do you have in these moments? 
    • Indeed, will follow up.
    •   I am not going to answer that directly. What I can tell you that this project is on the front burner. I mean really the only thing that matter right now for me. The whole team has worked the whole weekend at full blast.    The first coms this morning was at 08:02 and it is now 19:26 and we are not yet done. On a Sunday.