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    • Danke Philip!   Es funzt! Leider sind  alle Toiletten ständig besetzt. Aber es ist ja zum Glück ein Mittelstrecken Flieger!   Wenn mir jetzt noch jemand erklären kann, wo mein HUD abgeblieben ist, ist das Wochenende gerettet! 
    • Huge difference though.   Virtual Cockpits didn't require Special hardware.   And especially not special hardware that's trying to be the exklusive deal.   Right now we got SteamVR, Facebook, and some a few other Standards that compete with each other.   And especially Facebook jumps onto "Everything should be exclusive for our system!"- Bandwagon. Which won't help VR at all.   At the end it will likely end up the same way as 3D TVs did.   The huge gigantic majority of People still doesn't care for VR. It just returns every couple years and gets hyped, before it dies down again. It's still to inconvenient in  to many cases, and to expensive, to take off anytime soon.
    • Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
    • Thanks to you, Judith and Christian, to get this problem fixed that quickly!  
    • Sorry, now I’m confused. In one of your previous posts you had written, that you uninstalled ORBX Vector. Please, write us your current addons, show a screenshot of the library, screenshot of the insertion point in FTX Central and most important, what is the airport you are talking about?