Andras Meridian Airlines

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Andras Fields Virtual Airline.

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    • Sometimes things happen in real life that are even more important than flightsim ! Not many things though ūüėä
    • Just did some testing with different factors. My findings suggest that PTA does not cause this bright lighting (perhaps even slightly improves it?) but in fact the Dynamic Lighting when turned 'off' in the EGLL config menu causes this bright lighting. The screenshots below show this with the different factors (HDR is on at 0.8 in all screenshots) ¬† Dynamic Lighting on, PTA off: . ¬† Dynamic Lighting on, PTA on: ¬† Dynamic Lighting off, PTA on ¬† Dynamic Lighting off, PTA off ¬† ¬† As you can see, the lighting is very bright as soon as Dynamic lighting is turned off.¬†The lighting is darker and better when Dynamic Lighting is turned¬†on (still too bright however).¬†¬†In both cases PTA does not make a difference to the brightness of the terminals.¬† ¬† Because the Dynamic Lighting is FPS hungry, is there a way of having the lower brightness on the terminals¬†that mimics the Dynamic lighting being on without it actually being on?
    • This is indeed great news, both the addition to your family as well as to PFPX. Hopefully TOPCAT will get a much needed upgrade as well. ¬† Congratulations to Christian and Judith! ¬†
    • Ich lasse den Topic hier ruhig bestehen denke ich. Wir l√∂schen nur sehr ungern Topics unserer User ... Vielleicht ergibt sich eine ordentliche Diskussion... Obwohl die Nvidia RTX 2080 ja wirklich noch sehr neu und sehr teuer ist ¬† Gru√ü Heinz
    • Aber leider auch einige Probleme schafft, weil manche Szenerien (wie z.B. die X-Europe) nicht korrekt erkannt werden.
      Hab etliche User die blind darauf vertrauen anstatt mir zu glauben